Reacting to my Old (Cringey) Videos

Reacting To My Old (Cringey) Videos

Reacting To My Old (Cringey) Videos

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Reacting To My Old (Cringey) Videos

Taylor and I react to my old videos. This is my first time watching them since I uploaded them, so awkward haha.

Reacting To My Old (Cringey) Videos


Reacting To My Old (Cringey) Videos

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Reacting To My Old (Cringey) Videos

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Reacting To My Old (Cringey) Videos

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Reacting To My Old (Cringey) Videos

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25 thoughts on “Reacting to my Old (Cringey) Videos”

  1. Oh my God you two should do reviews on everything together that was fucking hilarious please do movie reviews food reviews anything that was great do more of those

  2. PLEASE DON’T EVER BREAKUP! It would be really hard to choose what mom to go with T___T ! Lol! But seriously, you two are bff goals.

  3. I was expecting maybe like a scene kid stage or like more weeb stage but you were fine. Past you seems like a nice person to know.
    I feel like I should go watch the old videos for my Japanese study since they have subtitles lol
    Thank you for suffering for the video (≧∀≦)

  4. I love how Sharlas reaction to the bug is total excitement and happiness and Taylor is just like ???????????!? thefuckisthis

  5. you two are so cute, lmao. and literally everyone is cringe-worthy. even right now as i type. it’s just that you two have the guts to publish it and work with it! dab on ’em haters, lol!

  6. OMG hahaha I was trying to remember what the first video i’ve ever watched of you was, and it was the japanese bread is so good one!! that made me nostalgic as hell wow

  7. I’ve been with you since I think a month or so after that very first video, and watching this made ME feel so old! XD I mean, I think you and I are only a year a part(I’ll be 30 in January), but realizing how long ago I started watching you is insane! I remember your kabuto! I miss him! He was really cool, and I loved all your videos and updated on him. AND THAT BREAD IS DELICIOUS NO ONE UNDERSTANDS! XD I don’t find any of your old videos cringe worthy at all. Same with Taylor’s. I love seeing how you’ve both grown and matured through the course of making your videos. Especially with you, given how close we are in age, and so many of the Japanese and Korean vloggers I watch are quite a bit younger than me. So have felt myself grow with you, if that makes sense? But once I get my channel up and started on here, I’m sure I’ll cringe at my first videos in a few years! XD

  8. I almost never comment on videos, but I’ve got say that I don’t think that you were cringey, I think you were shy in front of the camera. The first video I ever saw of you was “Japanese bread is SOO GOOD AHH” and I liked that you were so laid back while sharing something you really love, and I would say the same for every video that you’ve made since then; so here I am, several years later, still watching your videos for the same reason.

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