President Trump Wants An IQ Test

President Trump Wants An IQ Test

President Trump Wants An IQ Test

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President Trump Wants An IQ Test

James talks about Donald Trump's IQ test challenge to Rex Tillerson, the 'Liddle' Bob Corker tweet, and everyone's new fascination with porgs from Star Wars.

President Trump Wants An IQ Test

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President Trump Wants An IQ Test

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President Trump Wants An IQ Test

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President Trump Wants An IQ Test

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President Trump Wants An IQ Test

38 thoughts on “President Trump Wants An IQ Test”

  1. Trump’s IQ analysis : He spent 20minutes looking at the orange juice box because it said “”” #concentrate””

  2. America is so boring now, it’s been a year and this is all their entertainment Industry has done.
    Please don’t elect him for another term so we can get some new jokes please.

  3. Amazingly Tillerson stays on, not because he wants to work for DT anymore, but because he actually fears that WW3 may break out unless he stays on as Secretary of State to stop the madman in the WH.

  4. Controversial opinion: his IQ might be fine, he’s just a wilfully ignorant narcissistic spoilt brat.

  5. Trump on Puerto Rican crisis: ‘This is an island surrounded by water, big water, ocean water’

  6. Saadman Tareq, if Trump did take an IQ test, the headlines the next day would be, “President Trump fails IQ test.”

  7. Yeah… kinda proves he is smarter than you. Moron. He has words, he has the BEST words. You are just jealous.

  8. he has a low IQ, is uneducated PLUS the other stuff… and don’t forget all the people, who voted for him… 🙁

  9. they would keep him distracted by giving him a shampoo bottle and tell him to follow all the directions but he doesn’t know how to read.

  10. starlinguk im sure a billionaire president has a higher iq than some low life liberal trash on the internet.

  11. Careful, James. Pointing out someone’s grammar error online will get you accused of being mentally unstable.

  12. RicstarB of course your not from this country. Your worried about our entertainment industry, most of us are seriously worried about our country. Don’t let it fool you, it’s not funny when you live it.

  13. +SOCOM. Trump is billionaire because he is daddy’s boy: took the billions of daddy and the company of daddy. But sure… do think he is a genius, and vote for him like all the geniuses like you who made him president. Someone who knows he is intelligent, even with an oversized ego, would just pay no attention to people calling him stupid.

  14. +Aleza: I think it was irony… I’m not american myself but I also have mixed feeling: this guy is a joke and it’s quite funny to see how out of his depth he his, but surely he is also a threat for the stability and future of everyone. I wouldn’t complain much if he just fucked up the US inner situation and the US leadership (it was time to stop following every US moves) but I’m not really reassured at how risky and amateur his foreign policy is (not to mention how stupid he is to deny the role of the US in Global Warming).
    I feel sorry for all the reasonable americans though. But it would be an opportunity to show all western democracies the price of electing a populist. I just hope he won’t start a new war in North Korea or Iran…

  15. OMFG. Why is every fucking single comedy show in America promoting Star Wars? No wonder you have a fucking moron as a president. The US is a sell out.

  16. Trump’s iq is higher than most of the people making fun of him. And that’s kind of obvious.

  17. 02:20 accurately a smart analysis of the statement. “If a GROWN MAN, challenges another GROWN MAN, for an IQ test.. we don’t really need to see the results.. they’re both IDIOTS.” – that point of view is so valid.

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