New Rule: Get It in Writing | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

New Rule: Get It In Writing | Real Time With Bill Maher (HBO)

New Rule: Get It In Writing | Real Time With Bill Maher (HBO)

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New Rule: Get It In Writing | Real Time With Bill Maher (HBO)

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New Rule: Get It In Writing | Real Time With Bill Maher (HBO)

In his editorial New Rule, Bill Maher argues that Trump can't be trusted not to violate the unwritten rules of the Presidency.

New Rule: Get It In Writing | Real Time With Bill Maher (HBO)

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New Rule: Get It In Writing | Real Time With Bill Maher (HBO)

It's HBO.

New Rule: Get It In Writing | Real Time With Bill Maher (HBO)

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New Rule: Get It In Writing | Real Time With Bill Maher (HBO)

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87 thoughts on “New Rule: Get It in Writing | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)”

  1. I think we have to get rid of the electoral college, it didn’t do it’s job and gave us trump

  2. Keep up the good work Bill Maher my man! Not only is Bill funny but he’s smart and well informed of what’s going on and what Drumpf, the manchild in chief, is doing to this country.

  3. The rest of the world is as frustrated as you are Bill but for us it is also incredibly funny since we don’t share a country with the orange.

  4. Trump hasn’t got the brains or the balls to pardon himself. Why would he? He’s too focused on his ego and his pride. He thinks he’s proving something but the only thing he’s really proven is how big of a joke he actually is.

  5. I’m Loving how liberals terrorist sympathizers are losing their freaking minds over trump LOL. BEST Present EVER !!!

  6. I know what 4:35 was. It was Trump using the last Palantir ‘seeing stone’ to commune with Mordor.

  7. Zachary Xavier Right…. Trump can do whatever he wants because he can control Ryan and McConnell. You Americans voted for all those Republicans and are surprised that things are going to hell when their puppet in chief comes into the White House. You failed to deal with Republicans on a state level, how would you stop them in a Presidential one.

  8. Does the Constitution require the President to be human? It sure seems to. Does D.T. qualify? Are you sure he’s really from this planet.

  9. The Electoral College was meant to stop mentally unstable people like Trump from becoming President I think WE THE PEOPLE should sue the Electoral College for reckless endangerment .

  10. This guy is disgusting racist and xenophobic against russians. Why would he equate nazis to russians

  11. No,a president cannot pardon himself, same reason why a judge can’t pass a sentence on himself/herself. The conflict of interests must not exist because if it does the ruling or sentencing is fundamentally flawed. It’s why a PM cannot interpellate himself.

  12. D.E.B. B how hard can that be? Spout off a bunch of crazy rhetoric that makes people crazy (Hitler, Mussolini, Trump) and prey on their fears. Just got to have a lot of money behind you.

    I asked my great grandmother when I was a kid “What would you do if you won the lottery?” Her reply “Buy a judge and a politician”.

  13. D.E.B. B how hard can that be? Spout off a bunch of crazy rhetoric that makes people crazy (Hitler, Mussolini, Trump) and prey on their fears. Just got to have a lot of money behind you.

    I asked my great grandmother when I was a kid “What would you do if you won the lottery?” Her reply “Buy a judge and a politician”.

  14. Look people: you can blame Trump or the electoral college all you want. The problem is the presidency itself! It gives one man way too much power and simply assumes that this man will be rational and honorable. We came close to Vice-President Sarah Palin and we don’t know who else might make it into the White House. As long as we give POTUS the power to rule the country like a dictator for four years, we shouldn’t be surprised if he does run the country like a dictatorship!

  15. It’s a little sad that Antonin Scalia is dead, because it would be hilarious to see him try to figure out the “Founder’s intent” on the issue of pardoning yourself. For the record, my understanding as a historian is that they believed in the following principle: “If the president attempts to pardon himself, he is to be immediately hanged by the neck until dead.”

  16. Because both continue to attack our country using different methods. Sure, the average Russian is not so bad, but they are complicit in Putin’s robbing them of democracy and financially, while destabilizing Eastern Europe. They use cyber crimes and propaganda to pursue their goals of rebuilding the Soviet Union. And yes they did hack tge election on behalf of 45.

  17. justachannel, Dear God! If there is some planet populated by Trumps, let us PRAY they don’t decide to invade!!!

  18. Why would Trump try to pardon himself if he is not guilty? He says there is no involvement with Russia, BUT then he wants to pardon himself. What!? If he is not guilty of anything then there would be no reason to pardon himself.

  19. Mysteria 5+ Trump doesnt need to pardon himself, god have already pardoned his sins, for you liberals, torment is waiting!!!

  20. Dope New Name+ ofcourse you dont share the country with us, thats the point.. we dont want to live among bunch of filth and unclean goyims!

  21. Justachannel+ whats up with you liberals, are you asking for god to send the flood again?was it not enough for your ancestors to be wiped out?

  22. Manny1up+ Year right? im just waiting for the next flood to take them away so we can relax from having such stupid people among us!

  23. I won? How did I win? I’m not Trump, nor do I support Trump. Well, I support him now that he’s president, as should all Americans. I love how Americans want him to fail. That’s like having a surgeon you don’t like performing a surgery on you and hoping that he fucks it up.

  24. It’s not funny in the UK. Kim of NK started threatening US, yesterday! WTF did WE do?!! Also, does the world actually need another dictatorship? Also, he’s insane – so even if NK doesn’t bomb us there’s always a chance that DJT will. Just, you know, because he can. Also, he’s trying to turn back the sum of human knowledge on the use of fossil fuels. Also, he’s a figurehead for racism, sexism, etc. and isms know no borders.

    It’s grimly fascinating but I wouldn’t say it’s funny.

  25. wtf 001 Hillary Hillary blah blah. Shrs been nobody for 7 months. Please worry about who is in the White house, today.
    Hes damaging the country, today.

  26. I’d love to know what’s on your dictator checklist, Mark. Does Trump need to start personally and summarily executing individuals he doesn’t like? Are you waiting for him to install a shark tank under the oval office?

  27. Trump said he “never settles” lawsuits, yet has settled hundreds of times. He bled 20+ million to settle his fraudulent university scam op, which in retrospect should’ve landed him in prison under certain consumer protection statutes.

    He only has pride on-camera.

  28. Michael Ramon I just checked The Federalist, n. 74, but there is nothing specific. Although, to be honest, I agree with you on mwhat Scalia’s opinion would have been.

  29. Well

    You forgot about Mike Pence

    By becoming acting president while still being vice-president. Temporal issue aside. He could still partdon Trump

    It would mean the end of his career as politician, but due to current events and no respect for the Constitution. It could very much possible happen. Then you enter Banana Republic though.


  30. Then his wacko base would turn it into a conspiracy. They would say Obama poisoned him or something.

  31. Future historians will be utterly baffled that in 2017 people were pulling down statues of bad people who died 200 years ago while saying next to nothing about bad people who were alive and well and blowing up their fellow citizens.

  32. My comment was in response to Trump’s firing of James Comey, the practical impossibility of impeachment and his power and obvious willingness to fill government positions with his own family members. I’m fully aware that POTUS is paradoxically the most powerful position in the American government and a very weak one, at the same time. If Trump intends to introduce or change a piece of legislation, it needs to go through the House, then through the Senate and then the Supreme Court is still in place. I believe that his failure to repeal Obamacare, get Congress to approve funding for the wall and the judge’s veto on the Muslim travel ban are evidence that POTUS basically does not carry the power of a dictator. But then again: most dictators begin to rule as presidents and only once they’ve been in power too long and have granted themselves way too much power does it become obvious that they have become dictators. Although I doubt that Trump will actually manage to stay in power for more than four years, I’m quite certain that he’s the sort of narcissistic person who would have no problem becoming dictator for life.

  33. _”The electoral college is a disaster for a democracy.”_
    — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) Nov 7 2012

  34. magmablock why would a stupid human listen to a comedian about politics?
    Then you wish the man death?
    So let me ask you a question?
    Why would you go against Trump when he ain’t never did anything wrong to America?
    You never in your life heard of Trump doing bad things until he attacked the establishment!!
    Get with the program you low life scumbag
    Hopefully your whole family dies of a heart attack

  35. Ben Buckreis good news He can’t pardon him self. must be convinced before you get a pardon. and when he is convinced he loses his office

  36. Brian Baer Art of war:

    “Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and When you move, fall like a thunderbolt.”

    *”He who knows when he can fight, and when he cannot, will be victorious.”*

  37. Do you mean convicted and not convinced. Your spelling and grammar don’t exactly scream “LAW STUDENT!” so I’m not sure I believe you.

  38. He can’t. Not anymore than a judge can throw out a case against themselves, no more than a boxer can fight himself and claim the championship.

  39. Tomi Trump is getting away with everything, including just pardoning a recently sentenced criminal.

  40. dasea If you live in America you live in a democracy this is the same democracy our four fathers built they didn’t mince there words . Stop with the alternative facts Trump cocksucker .

  41. Cronus If you view god as the cause then I’d say its a lot more likely than fairies. Just saying. – an Agnostic 😛

  42. kuman30 You people are really stupid .No matter what Donald Trump does you will support him . Little fact for you Trump idiots China is quietly taking over America and your stupidity is only helping there cause .

  43. Ben He can’t, but he won’t have to because Pence will pardon him. And that will kill whatever chance Pence will have to get elected.

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