Monologue: Teleprompter Trump | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Monologue: Teleprompter Trump | Real Time With Bill Maher (HBO)

Monologue: Teleprompter Trump | Real Time With Bill Maher (HBO)

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Monologue: Teleprompter Trump | Real Time With Bill Maher (HBO)

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Monologue: Teleprompter Trump | Real Time With Bill Maher (HBO)

Bill looks back at another erratic week in the Trump presidency in his Real Time monologue.

Monologue: Teleprompter Trump | Real Time With Bill Maher (HBO)

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Monologue: Teleprompter Trump | Real Time With Bill Maher (HBO)

It's HBO.

Monologue: Teleprompter Trump | Real Time With Bill Maher (HBO)

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Monologue: Teleprompter Trump | Real Time With Bill Maher (HBO)

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80 thoughts on “Monologue: Teleprompter Trump | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)”

  1. Hey American folks, here in Europe we have our extremists too, so we know you’re not a monolithic society, and we see your everyday political fight.
    Let us all stay tuned on our respective issues, and we will defeat these fascists together as usual.

  2. Trump will probably resign. Before you say his ego won’t allow him, it’s exactly his ego that’ll make him resign rather than get impeached and removed. Kinda like “You can’t fire me, I quit!!”, because he’s a fucking child.

  3. Oops, Bill used the word “schizophrenia”. Ice Cube will be coming on next week sulking underneath baseball cap at how schizophrenic people are insulted.

  4. 3:04 “This war has been going on for 16 years”. So it’s just the Republicans is it Bill? There was no Democrat in the White House for 8 years?

  5. oh hey man I live in Arizona and it so lovely here. I love living in this dry heat with these low IQ Trump supporters all around me.

  6. “Bill Maher is only popular because of ME, terrible jokes, sad people. KFC chicken is delicious, so juicy, they never give you enough wetnaps. JOBS!” – D J Trump

  7. The Antifa commies started the violence in Charlettesville. This is an undeniable fact, though I don’t expect any facts from the left.

  8. nelson 100 yea..sick when white Nazis yell sligams in German at Trump rallies too..Then they run to the mens room to pound a gloryhole

  9. It’s because the Americans cultured as they really are still unable to perceive the evil of their government !! and still
    holding on the picture that when their army invades a country and brings it to a situation of total chaos and decay along with civil wars that never end after it was finally moving towards development and prosperity the Americans are still convinced even in that case that they are the good guys an illusion – one would argue – greatly fostered by Hollywood and the media.

  10. +Zao Medong
    I beg to differ. I see no point in having a president. In Germany they have a president which is completely ceremonial. I doubt anything major will change when they just remove him.

  11. *dry heat* they always say. It makes living in desert seem somehow more palatable. My buddy recently moved there & HATES it.

  12. Zao Medong I bet you think that Mexico is still going to pay for the wall, don’t you? You poor, pathetic person.

  13. I like cube. Although he has sold out to Hollywood in recent years. Not any worse than those who make career out of making fun of trump. He fought for freedom of speech and told truth against those who tried to suppress.

  14. Too bad you need a reason other than you being butthurt, sorry but this is the real world.

  15. Illegal immigration is down 78%, all Trump had to do was make an example out of a few and the rest got the message, we have a president with a pair of balls now and leftists can’t stand it, which is why you ignore facts and throw insults, you’ve got nothing left.

  16. Yes, because capitalism is fascism, a man is a woman, and a politician is a scientist. The mind of the average leftist is a modern day wonder, a result of successful brainwashing, useful idiots who clap like seals for maher and other late night talk show hosts without doing a lick of research on their own, mindless followers who also believe they have the intellectual high ground, irony at its best.

  17. Obama dropped more bombs than anybody, and they gave him the peace prize, the democratic party has become a joke, all you have left are these late night talk shows that lie to you and stroke your little egos, your party is dead.

  18. Deutschland is my city And thats why in Trumps budget plan Trump promised to increase military spending by ~60 billion right? Didnt he also promise to pull out of Syria before pledging to make Assad pay? If you put your faith in a man who lies around 50% dont be surprised if he doesnt hold his word.

  19. I lived in that hellhole for 2yrs,never again.Yeah it’s a dry heat,but so is an oven and I’m not sticking my head in one.

  20. Hey I can spout baseless numbers to: 80% of Trumptards have an IQ below 110.Where did you get that 78% from: Fox “news”,Breitbart, or some other right-wing propaganda source?

  21. You brought guns to the protest like you gonna kill everyone. Take some responsibility. This is a fight you racists will never win.

  22. @kornofulgur- I feel like we’re in the same boat in a lot of ways. Appreciate your support, we’ll keep up the good fight over here

  23. Foot L Johnson The Russian investigations are still moving full steam ahead. They are not going to release any information until they collect all of it from everyone involved. Get it? It will be huge .

  24. @Foot L Johnson

    Capitalism and fascism have fuckall to do with each-other. I think we can all argue to which degree we want capitalism implemented but few of us are willing to say it’s without merit or consequence. You may not agree with with my opinion in favor of a public option for education or healthcare, but I doubt you’d argue for police, military, fire departments, border patrol, highways, etc being privatized. More importantly, I think we should all agree not to accept fascism in any form and maybe look twice before dismissing a percentage of the population calling attention to it.

  25. Whatever. In two years we will be watching Trumps lawyers on tv explaining how there is no law saying Trump has to leave office just because he was impeached and removed from office.

  26. “as usual.” Every single Fascist leader until now has been removed through the effort of The US and Europe working together. Also, the US couldn’t go fascist and take over the planet because the people inside the US would destroy the fascist regime, especially this one. Actually, I’m pretty sure Trump is one wrong sentence away from getting assassinated by his own secret service detail.

  27. Yes, it is just the republicans. Obama spent all his time extricating us from this war. Now Trump wants to rev it up again.

  28. Foot L Johnson Immigration is actually down 40% and that’s because it’s been going down every year for a while now. Also, America sucks a lot more with a little duschebag for president.

  29. Could well happen. But, it is a Constitutional issue, I think… not a law issue. After an impeachment and trial with a guilty verdict, if the Chief Justice administers the Oath of Office to the VP, then -he- will be the President, and Trump will be escorted from the White House. And, he will still get Secret Service protection for himself and his family.

  30. 50 % is better than someone who lies 100 % of the time, like everyone in the democratic party.

  31. Europe has a growing right wing movement that grows larger with every Islamic extremist attack. My sense of Europe is that people there are scared and fed up. Brexit should have been a wake up call. LePen and the FN WAS a fringe party and gave Macron an actual run for his money while trouncing traditional leftist candidates. Everyone is waiting for the next thing, the Italian or Spanish debt crisis, another Islamic terror attack, the failing British economy, French unemployment, etc…

  32. Lemming Herder
    Kim Jung Il is a dictator. The United States has elections. Incumbents have an 80$+ chance of being re-elected. Americans then consume oxygen complaining about the people they (re)-elected. And you call ME stupid?

  33. Daniel Gilfillan
    You must have missed my comment in which I cite five (out of many) examples of tr*mp making comments or taking actions that manifest his white supremacist worldview. Reading is a thing. I recommend you indulge yourself in it. Oh yeah, and I noticed your #whataboutism as well.

  34. UKG #DAB What, the electoral college you mean? Yes, I know how Americans choose Presidents. What I don’t see is any interest in abolishing it.

  35. Anna Bhe’s already campaigning for 2020, even taking donations for that, some news saying that this is how he paid his defense lawyers, he’s doing whatever the hell he wants, but its ok for his followers, just unbelievable

  36. Another Arizonan here, can’t stand the heat, dry or not 50 C (which it was earlier this year) is hot. I cringe when I see someone walking around with pistols in cowboy style holsters. Can’t think of a nice thing to say about the state, although, it is cheap to live in…

  37. Anna B no he has to registered for campaign or he has to give the donation back. Plus how else can he get money from the crazies.

  38. At this point, who knows? Of course, really, the question truly is “Who cares?” because much like the rally-goers, my interest is waning. He’ll have to step down anyway, because of his now worsening eyesight. He looked right at the last thing no human should look at-Steve Bannon’s eyes!

  39. Because he’s a narcissist. He always needs people to tell him how great he is (when he’s not doing it himself).

  40. having someone telling you how you do on tv, twice a day….youre a bit narcisistic…

  41. Wow fishhead06, that’s a too many words for most Americans, but you are spot on, and I thank you

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