Gerrymandering, Voter ID, Presidential Pardons | Overtime with Bill Maher (HBO)

Gerrymandering, Voter ID, Presidential Pardons | Overtime With Bill Maher (HBO)

Gerrymandering, Voter ID, Presidential Pardons | Overtime With Bill Maher (HBO)

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Gerrymandering, Voter ID, Presidential Pardons | Overtime With Bill Maher (HBO)

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Gerrymandering, Voter ID, Presidential Pardons | Overtime With Bill Maher (HBO)

Bill and his guests – Rev. Jesse Jackson, Paul Begala, Matt Welch, Nayyera Haq, and Frank Bruni – answer viewer questions after the show.

Gerrymandering, Voter ID, Presidential Pardons | Overtime With Bill Maher (HBO)

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Gerrymandering, Voter ID, Presidential Pardons | Overtime With Bill Maher (HBO)

It's HBO.

Gerrymandering, Voter ID, Presidential Pardons | Overtime With Bill Maher (HBO)

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Gerrymandering, Voter ID, Presidential Pardons | Overtime With Bill Maher (HBO)

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78 thoughts on “Gerrymandering, Voter ID, Presidential Pardons | Overtime with Bill Maher (HBO)”

  1. I feel bad that such a natural dissident (Bill Maher) is surrounded by a bunch of conformists and authoritarians. He needs better guests that are keeping up with the times.

  2. This show has become the most hilarious, uniformed circlejerk of 2017. John Oliver is up there, but at least he does actual journalism.

  3. That point about ‘but they’re not perfect, so I won’t vote for them!’ thing is a major issue. Sometimes you have to grow up, and realize that there is a difference between how the world *SHOULD BE* and how it *CAN BE.*

    If you abandon an otherwise acceptable candidate because you don’t like that they cooperate with the other side on some things, and throw your vote away on a pipe dream in ‘protest’.. well. you deserve the Trump you end up with.

    I mean lump you end up with.

    The problem is, the rest of us who didn’t act like a child and scream ‘If I can’t have a REAL My Little Pony at the birthday party, then I don’t want ANY ponies at the birthday party at all!’, get stuck with the shitty laundromat bulletin board clown ruining the party too.

  4. Trump supporters are the dumbest people going. This country is totally destroyed by that orange man child in power. what’s it going to take it to get it through you idiots’ heads?

  5. Maher wants normalcy, he wants to go back to the world of dangerous ruthless warhawks and lying robots like Clinton, Graham and George freaking bush because Maher is literally blinded by his hate for Trump.
    I hate Trump as well (when it comes to his policies and reckless statements) but that doesn’t make assholes like Graham any “normal”. These people are not normal, they are PSYCHOPATHS that are funded by defense contractors that want more war, all over the freaking world. On the other hand, Trump leaves everything to the generals, which is still bad, but alteast Trump hasn’t been funded by defense companies all this time, like all of these warhawks.

  6. lol love reading the Trumptard comments on here and you can tell who they are because they always use red herrings and strawman arguments for everything they don’t like hearing from a panelist. Plus they tend to resort to insults before presenting what they call an “argument.” ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  7. Bill I used to enjoy your wit and humour but for the last 10 months you have become this frantic run around banging into wall screaming banshee, get over it, trump is not going to kill you or the world… must be getting old you should check your T LEVELS , must be getting low or the estrogen in your system is to high… lighten up already… one more week like this week and I’ll unsubscribe you and promote others to do the same….

  8. I don’t think Mueller is going to let Trump pardon himself…if they can indict him on money-laundering in New York, that’s a state-level offense he can’t pardon. I’m not a lawyer, but pretty sure that’s true.

  9. It really shows how racist Dems truly are that they think every Trump supporter is white. Sad really.

  10. The scariest thing about Trump supporters.. is that they actually think they’re in the right

  11. Maher has zero objectivity on Trump, the sky isn’t falling and If Bill would pull his head out of Obamas a$$. He would see it

  12. R P that’s a reasonable proposal, it can totally happen just not that optimistic to see it happen in my lifetime but who knows man good talk was a pleasure one of the rare occurrences on YouTube chat 👍

  13. Roman King
    I am glad we totally agree on the main enemy – Political Islam, which is one of the most dangerous enemies of humanity today and needs to be attacked with the fury of a thousand suns, but first, just separate the ideology from the people. Its impossible to defeat an idea completely, but we can reduce its spread and effect by demonizing the idea mercilessly, just like we have demonized Nazism, Racism and Communism.
    I apologize for saying that you hate immigrants in general; you know how hard it is to have this conversation when most of the people online want to troll and get some sort of personal “win”.
    Have a fantastic day, brother.

  14. Bill get brown people on here who are Independent or Republican, I’m tired of seeing the cliche brown liberal, I don’t want to be represented like this

  15. I don’t know any liberals who think Obama fixed everything. In fact one of the main differences between Obama voters and Trump voters is that Obama voters were highly critical of some of the things he did. Trump voters critical of Trump? Not so much.

  16. @drums4life – I believe you believe this…. I truly do… but it’s BLINDINGLY stupid. Sorry m8

  17. I say we hunker down and just get stoned until the impeachment paperwork goes through and this all blows over. Then we can start rebuilding and elect someone better.

  18. Bill Mayer thinks he’s the voice of the left but in reality he’s the left of the center of the right wing. Not only is he a racist, homophobic islamophobe but he more than anyone in the main stream media fervently upholds the status quo in the US

  19. Russia is such a none issue that a grand jury is handing out subpoenas like candy, and the Trump camp still has trouble keeping their stories straight.

  20. kevinmuehl Muehlkevin each has the right to believe they are right, more people decided for trump. The people have spoken

  21. The most hilarious, uniformed circlejerk of 2017 is going on in the Whitehouse. How stupid are you not to get that?

  22. Obama didn’t fix everything but he did save the country from an economic collapse worse than any the US has ever even come close to. It’s accurate to say Obama saved everything, but not fixed everything.

  23. The best I believe we can hope for is that Mueller’s investigation digs up some financial dirt, so the Repubs can go to Trump and say: either resign or we’ll air your dirty laundry and destroy whatever is left of your business “empire.”

  24. You aren’t a lawyer, and you are wrong. Trump can Pardon just about any crime in the US. He can get impeached for doing it, but he can do it.

  25. OhNoItsGojira bruh my consciousness is well expanded, I know race doesn’t matter at all but I just want to see people who are from a similar background as me not say what they are supposed to be saying, you feel me?

  26. Darksand99 You’re funny. hahah these people are whiney cunts, and this show is nothing more than a liberal circle jerk..

  27. monokhem,…Everything you just said about Trump supporters also applies to people who supported Obama for the better part of a decade.

  28. When it is going to get through to you that anyone with enough intelligence to appear as a quasi free thinker is going to find nothing but fault in Trump? Bill has even had Coulter on his show on occasion, but nobody with half a brain can defend what Trump is doing to this country.

  29. Just because the words part your ignorant lips doesn’t make it true. Bill has on people he disagrees with constantly. I think what you’re seeing lately is NO ONE wants to go on record defending Trump, outside of his inner cult circle. Trump’s cabinet meeting is a circle jerk, FYI.

  30. The electoral college FAILED to do what it was established for, and that was to prevent a complete charlatan like Trump from getting into the white house. Now it is only a special rule giving a ridiculous advantage to unenlightened rural america. The senate is where the stupid should be protected from their intellectual superiors.

  31. Have you even looked at the demographics of Trump Supporters? They are predominantly white, male, christian. That is undeniable. Are some people fooled into thinking Trump represents anyone else, I’m sure there are people even THAT stupid.

  32. cbrown2578 they automatically assume we don’t have conservative values if we are even remotely slightly a darker shade of white, the majoritive of them are well intentioned but lead with their irrational emotions, and the right are somewhat insensitive about feelings but focus on practicality and facts… not fake assumption, now Roll out the trolls pinning the phrase alternative facts…ha!

  33. Mono, don’t cry cupcake, Hillary wasn’t cheated and blame the DNC for picking the wrong horse. Grow up and accept Trump is your President like most adults.

  34. Aaron N — Yeah, that Russian interference story is such a farce that 45*’s secretary of state, previously awarded Russia’s Order of Friendship by Putin himself, has condemned them for it—saying their interference in our election has “caused serious mistrust” and “damaged the relationship between the US and the American people and the Russian people.”
    But I know, I know, he’s just butthurt that Hillary lost, right?

  35. Ethan W awwe you missing FauxNews… I’d rather here truth than trump enabling lies… you should too!

  36. There’s debate, it’s just about the depth of how badly Trump is fucking the county, and that’s a good question.

  37. It’s not up to Mueller, it’s up to the Supreme Court, and at least 3 of the justices are in Trump’s pocket completely, and he may soon appoint 2 more to complete his set.

  38. I like how that’s the only thing you got out of it. I have little interest in the Russia story, but if it that what appears to be of such importance for you I’ll dabble into it. 17 intelligence agencies, a mass surveillance system that oversees everybody, 14-month long investigation and still no smoking gun tying Trump to this conspiracy. And I use the word conspiracy instead of collusion because it is a textbook conspiracy theory. What is it people are waiting for exactly? The Watergate tapes of Trump? A smoking gun in the form of an email, memo, or phone call message of Trump or a Trump associate asking the Russian government to hack into the DNC server (which they still haven’t turned over to the FBI btw) and John Podesta’s computer on their behalf!? Nothing of the sort has come out yet and will likely never come out at this point. I also like how the Russia story went from 24/7 coverage to almost none in light of the North Korea and neo-nazi stories. Shows how baseless it really is. The truth is, Russia was likely behind the DNC hack and exposed them for liars and thieves that they are. And why should anybody be angry for being exposed to the truth? As someone else simply put, “the Democrats are basically saying that if they had not been caught cheating they would be in power right now.” The Russia-Trump story as a whole isn’t high on America’s list of concerns and rightfully so. It’s largely just a manufactured lie that gives disillusioned liberals a glimpse of false hope that they don’t have to wait until January of 2021 to see Trump (or 45 for those who can’t bear to utter his name) leave office. If the case were to be presented against Trump in any objective court today, the prosecution would only have half baked circumstantial evidence to present against him.

  39. I would love to see Sean Hannity or the Fox and Friends crew on the panel. Would they accept an invitation?

  40. cbrown2578 There would be more diversity in the Republican party period if you cleaned up the party. It’s hard to be apart of a party especially openly when you’ve got some much overt racism.

  41. Criminals and the unemployed like Antifa also don’t accept things. Being a responsible adult makes you accept things you don’t always like.

  42. No dude . 70% of black babies are born to unwed mothers. That is not the same thing at all as saying the dads are not living with them. You don’t have to get married to raise a child.

  43. @monokhem Obviously you’re not a lawyer either. I read up on it after my posting….and Trump can only pardon Federal crimes as I thought. New York (and other states) have broad laws regarding money-laundering and racketeering. You should try a little research yourself before telling somewhere they’re wrong. (can I assume you’re just another Trumpeter?)

  44. Manju Nath Republican “tell”: the coarser your language, the more we know you’re bluffing. Trump and company are going to jail, and your fascist dreams are going down in flames (again). Deal with it, dummy.

  45. I’m old enough to remember a younger Jesse Jackson, who spoke with passion, intelligence, and a direction forward; but he succumbed to the power it brought, and used it to his personal benefit; I’m not singling him out, he’s just another example of- power corrupts …

  46. That being said, I still believe in his earlier messages that he borrowed from MLK. we can still regain our country and instill justice for all Americans

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