Frank Bruni: Liberal Censorship | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Frank Bruni: Liberal Censorship | Real Time With Bill Maher (HBO)

Frank Bruni: Liberal Censorship | Real Time With Bill Maher (HBO)

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Frank Bruni: Liberal Censorship | Real Time With Bill Maher (HBO)

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Frank Bruni: Liberal Censorship | Real Time With Bill Maher (HBO)

New York Times columnist Frank Bruni joins Bill to discuss identity politics and liberal censorship.

Frank Bruni: Liberal Censorship | Real Time With Bill Maher (HBO)

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Frank Bruni: Liberal Censorship | Real Time With Bill Maher (HBO)

It's HBO.

Frank Bruni: Liberal Censorship | Real Time With Bill Maher (HBO)

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Frank Bruni: Liberal Censorship | Real Time With Bill Maher (HBO)

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80 thoughts on “Frank Bruni: Liberal Censorship | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)”

  1. Keep up the good work bill Mayer. Wish I was famous so we could grab a drink sometime. You seem like a real cool guy from your interviews and shows I watch

  2. Many Liberals love their censorship. Also, no such thing as white privilege. And no, I’m. Not white. As if that would matter.

  3. While we all may not share skin color, many of us share in despair, poverty, and disenfranchisement. Start here. Work forward.

  4. “Liberals” like Bruni are nothing but white supremacist alt-right trolls in disguise. He is actually defending the racist Zionist “professor” who sabotaged the progressive event dedicated to understanding and demonstrating the herstory of segregation. Ironically, Bruni is making the case for exactly the idea that he opposes, namely, that the privileged group cannot understand the marginalized communities. Typical white dude. smh

  5. Freedom of speech is truly under attack. Gay, atheist and Middle eastern here, but so ashamed and frustrated of those so called liberals. those “liberals” are truly Fascists! Those “liberals” promote racism and sympathize with the fucking terrorists. Bill Maher, I truly support you!

  6. I won’t vote for the DNC no matter who they put, while I voted in the
    past for Obama I will support Trump in 2020. My reason is quite simple
    and it has to do with censorship I only see an attempt now from liberals
    to censor and shut down speech they do not agree with, I see the cancer
    of 3rd wave feminism even though I once respected feminism it has no
    meaning to me anymore. I don’t want to wake up tomorrow and hear about
    another of my video gaming franchise censored because of these far left

    I voted for Trump last year fully well knowing he is a racist and I will vote for him in a heartbeat no matter who they put to run for the DNC. I hope to one day vote for the DNC again but it will not be in the next 30 years or atleast until I see liberals start doing what they are known for which is defending free speech and free
    expression it is as simple as that. Trump is many things but most importantly he is an necessary antidote to political correctness. I will not stand for another liberal to lie to my face and tell me that Islam is a religion of peace, Islam is no different from the old Christianity it is a backward barbaric religion it is Anti Science and under no circumstances will I support anybody who thinks Islam has any place in a civilized society. Modern day Christianity is cancer but it isn’t the batshit crazy cancer that Islam is. I will never respect your religion so long as it is Anti Science.

  7. I thought he was very reasonable, you can disagree but he is not alt-right. I think he made sure enough that minorities are treated terribly. He just doesnt like some of the counter-reaction.

  8. Stikbits some of us know. But the reactionary right and fundamentalists don’t want the education needed to make that work available to all. We waste our time with things like the Texas board of education rewriting history books and Florida allowing just anyone to object to anything taught in any school.

  9. Ishmael Salazar
    They couldn’t find Hillary guilty of anything . Trump’s gonna need to resign to avoid prison after Mueller gets done with him .—– Cuckservative

  10. wcm5150 How is disabling comments censorship? People can still comment about this video on any other social network or a blog.

  11. Jessica Triplev you are either a FANTASTIC satire writer, or a fantastically awful human being.

  12. This is an important clip. Your identity is not a credential. The left is destroying itself, which is sad as I am a progressive. Human rights and freedom of expression is for everyone, even white males.

  13. looked into your channel, your descriptions literally says “jokes aren’t funny”
    guys, this account is more likely than not a satirical jab at liberal extremists

  14. So you’re voting against the loud idiots in one party and supporting the loud idiots in the other. The side-affect being that a terrible party takes office while the qualified party actually working to do something good loses. Note that the party in power has much more changing power than the loud idiots on either side and can either destroy or do some actual good.

    Another thought: am I wrong to say that religious groups are also into heavy censorship, usually by different means?

  15. King Hadu And by the way, republicans are also into censorship. The Trump admin is targeting government climate scientist about using words like “Anthropogenic Climate Change”. And who were the ones who censored swear words on television years ago? Good ‘ol God fearing conservative christians.

    My grandad was a life-long republican who voted for Bush twice, and yet he saw right through Trump’s bullshit. First time in his life he voted for a democrat. There are more important things in the grand scheme of things than a bunch of college SJWs. Like the economy, which the repubs have crashed, or the life of many people, who the warmongering repubs have destroyed.

  16. Peetar Ster
    and white males think they are the center of the universe The democratic party is not the party of the white working class. It stands for a bigger, broader group than that. Bernie writes it off as “identity politics” but it’s bigger than that because America, and the world, are changing. It’s not just about you anymore

  17. Vile Crocodile
    Reps only care about the rich , that’s why people wont put them in the white house they have to reply on the EC to throw them the win , like the EC have twice now in the 21 st century . Bush in 2000 and now Trump in 2016, Both lost the popular vote but got in by the EC ignoring the peoples vote .

  18. +wcm5150 If someone comes to your door and starts preaching some message you don’t want to hear, do you consider it censorship to close the door and walk a way? Disabling comments on a private website isn’t censorship. If you wanted to, you could make video on why Bill is wrong and hold your own discussion. Or you could head to any number of websites that let you have discussions on your own.

  19. Jack Grennan that what i said some. talking about people who veiw ron paul as not libertarian enough

  20. +Copykitty *”Trump is NOT an antidote for political correctness.”*

    Indeed. Vile and incompetent leaders embolden their opposition. If one dislikes censorship-loving, social authoritarian liberals (and you should dislike them), you shouldn’t vote for Trump. People probably can’t help but view them as less awful when contrasted with Trump.

  21. Maybe it’s a typo, dingus! The “y” is right next to the “h”. Sorry, brownie… Your trolling needs work.

  22. The problem is, when the pendulum swings back again on Trump, the people for whom the new opportunity arises will think they are justly punishing “the deplorables” or even “the GOP” as a whole. But this game cannot be played without the expense of the American people’s collective deference to history and the Constitution itself. Bush undermined Constitutional principles, Obama undermined Constitutional principles, now Trump undermines Constitutional principles, and his successor probably will, too. To get what they want, Trump and the modern GOP are incredibly close to outright agreeing with progressives that the Constitution is outdated and disposable. So how do they count as “conservatives” at that point?
    Therefore again I put the question, where is my representation? At this point, I expect the only good outcome from Trump will be that people of all politics will finally stop putting so much trust in the unprecedented power of the president, and maybe the federal government itself. You know, like the Founders warned us.

  23. King H.
    All religions are anti-science, because you cannot disprove religion. But at-least you voted.

  24. screwyootube1 Right?! I mean, brownie spelled “realize” wrong and I just assumed it was cause the “s” was right next to the “z”…leaving the apostrophe out of the word “don’t” was just lazy, though.

  25. “I have a pen and a phone” – a dictator says such things. Obama said it. Obama traveled to South America and told young crowds that if they like socialism, that’s what works for them. All while their vote is stolen in those countries. Pathetic display of throwback thinking on the part of Obama, who is an authentic Communist Elitist.

  26. Depends on wether you identify as a duck. According to these otherkin psychos and some freaked out SJWs, who support them, you ARE a duck, if you identify as one, even if you´re biologically a human. Yup, it got this crazy by now.

  27. Virus Killz, you´re so obviously a self-hating closet homosexual, it isn´t even funny anymore. Please seek mental help.

  28. Future historians will be utterly baffled that in 2017 people were pulling down statues of bad people who died 200 years ago while saying next to nothing about bad people who were alive and well and blowing up their fellow citizens.”

  29. We are talking about white male privilege that is the founding principle of this country (all men are created equal) in the constitution; white men. Black people had to fight just to use the bathroom, what other people on the 20th century American had to do that, the Natives had land, black people was not given nothing for there labor. Please don’t come at me with semantics. I am male therefore, privileged, that does not make me evil. White privilege is not evil in itself, but it came to be that way because of evil deeds (slavery, Jim Crow, apartheid, colonialism). Just as male privilege can about because of patriarchy and sexism.

  30. Locutus D’Borg Ok but your identity is an important factor in what experiences you have, and it’s perfectly acceptable to say experience is a credential.

  31. You young folk will change the world for the better. As Winston Churchill said, “Never give in! Never, never, never give in except on the condition of honor or good sense.” That probably is not the quote verbatim, but it’s close. Please fix the world, and start right here in the USA.

  32. I agree there is no white privilege but people on the left need an excuse to cover up their own life failures. I knew a woman that had 5 kids from 3 different fathers, drug problems, criminal record and she blamed the MAN for holding her down. Is America perfect? No but only weak minded [email protected]@s blame other people. Nobody is oppressed in America, grow up, go to school or work and be part of society

  33. People on the left [email protected]@@ on whites especially straight white males and they will only accept you is if you agree with them on everything and you feel guilty about being white. Working class and middle class whites don’t have a party. Republicans are mostly for the rich and Democrats care about the illegals and welfare/food stamp crowd.

  34. Maybe, King Hadu, the new head of the DNC will turn things around. They are just going to have to get free of Big Money and start paying attention to working people. I lost my job in 2009 and it was because of Republican Wall Street stealing and lying.It is why they will never get my vote. As for the Muslims, their religion is doing what Christians did when their religion was at the same age: the murders, tortures and so forth. In a couple hundred years, hopefully sooner, they will probably settle down and leave everybody alone.

  35. The DuCk said what a lot of people think. It is time to rid ourselves of the archaic electoral college by constitutional amendment. Also, voting in all elections should be done on weekends or online.

  36. Vile, if you were as old as I it would be plain why Democrats are “obsessed” with race. As a boy, I saw Black people treated like dirt everywhere you looked. There were “colored” waiting rooms in clinics, dentist’s offices, you name it. They had to sit in the balcony at the local movie theatre. All that bigotry is not going to disappear in one generation or two. You can’t legislate goodwill, but having a president constantly pressing the race button is something I did not expect to see in my lifetime. He is playing to his base as they say. “Voter fraud” is just a ploy to keep Blacks and other minorities away from the polls. Gerrymandering helps Republicans keep seats that they would otherwise lose. It is all very legal and quite troubling. Jim Crow is alive and well.

  37. Lol found the beta cuck… Americans are the only ones who really knows what truly is freedom of speech. Thats why is a CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT.

  38. It’s all around the world. Lefties have been doing this for around 10 years now. They created a generation of SJW’s.

  39. The fucking cancer ITT have proven both Othman Amin & King Hadu’s points, that they aren’t the reason for Trump.

  40. Yeah Brenda, it’s only the right & fundamentalists, sure. Keep preaching that narrative honey.
    Frank Bruni: *_**Liberal Censorship**_* | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

  41. Someone named ‘militant anti theist’ isn’t a reasonable, objective commenter. Say it aint so! If the west is so evil and racist why is everyone immigrating here. Why does every academic study of racism in the world conclude the west is the least racist place on earth. Why are all of the most progressive policies on race, gender, sexual orientation, and immigration in the world found in the west (even in western European countries with 95%white populations). Hmmm maybe because the alt left mo is the spreading of pure misinformation?

  42. bryoneill11 Because only ‘Merica has the freedom of speech, defined in the only constitution in the WORLD.

    HAHAHAAAAAAAAHHAHAHHHHHAHAHo;ufgi tuGuAG8a9yidf afg9ay9p rt5hfgkasdfasgadfh dj

  43. yeah oh right if you think white people will just go into the night without a peep, you are deluded! Trumps election was just the awakening!

  44. Horny Fruit Flies Normie republicans are coming around to our ideas. Because guess what? Our interests ARE heir interests!

  45. Yeah, the political ideology that lifted us out of squalor for all but the noblemen and clergy is cancer. Trump and youtube propaganda has done a number on your head.

  46. yeah oh right Lol, your racial blind individualism is only a white thing. Identity politics will never be over. Too many different groups jockeying for power. We will feed you to the wolves, cuck.

  47. democratic secular free society theocracy stinks Out ideas are more in line/nearly exactly the same as the founding fathers. Fact.

  48. Your reply has almost nothing to do with what I wrote. But I never for a moment suggested that “white people” (in reality a specific subset of white people in a specific geographic region) are wise enough to foresee the chaos that they’re sowing. I’m simply reporting that it’s not in the best interest of humanity to go down a predictably destructive path. I’m sure if “white people” stop being alt-right lackies, the left would take over in sabotaging our world with their OWN identity politics, but right now you’re the biggest threat so I’m addressing you. But if all humans ever do is sabotage their selves and trip over tribalist propaganda, then maybe we deserve perpetual chaos.

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