10 Hot Girls Who Prove That Skinny ISN’T Better

10 Hot Girls Who Prove That Skinny ISN'T Better

10 Hot Girls Who Prove That Skinny ISN'T Better

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10 Hot Girls Who Prove That Skinny ISN'T Better

Eliminating the stigma that being skinny is the ultimate beautiful. STRONG AND HEALTHY is the new beautiful!

10 Hot Girls Who Prove That Skinny ISN'T Better

Thanks to the mainstream media and models on Instagram, it’s hard to keep up with what is beautiful. But, it seems like being skinny is at the top of everyone’s list when it comes to what is considered stunning. Thankfully, these ten girls prove that skinny isn’t better.

10 Hot Girls Who Prove That Skinny ISN'T Better

Social media influencer Tammy Hembrow is known for her amazing body. But, after having her second child things changed a bit. While she still has dangerous curves, she shared a picture to her Instagram that proves that life after a baby bump is anything but glamorous. Watch the video to take a peek.

10 Hot Girls Who Prove That Skinny ISN'T Better

One girl who is changing the way people view body types and how they should function is teen ballerina Lizzy Howell. The dancer first made headlines when a video of her doing perfectly executed ballet turns went viral. Mostly because Lizzy happens to be overweight, which isn’t the usual body type for a ballerina. Thankfully, the teen isn’t let anything holding her back from what she loves, not even her weight.

10 Hot Girls Who Prove That Skinny ISN'T Better

It seems like the world is finally starting to embrace beauty and being big. These are two things that shouldnt be mutually exclusive. Models like Charli Howard, Iskra Lawrence, and Hunter McGrady are proof that you don’t have to be a size 0 to have a modeling contract, or to be considered beautiful!

10 Hot Girls Who Prove That Skinny ISN'T Better

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105 thoughts on “10 Hot Girls Who Prove That Skinny ISN’T Better”

  1. ⇧ *Don’t Do What My Name Says And Jeez **_Don’t Reply Or Like_** ! I hate Notifications* !!!

  2. Thanks for telling me that I’m not beautiful anymore. Can we all just stop saying that one bodyform is beautiful and make everyone equally beautiful?

  3. Maybe to you skinny isn’t better, but it’s better than being fat, a lot better
    Edit: I think I get the message all body curvy, chubby, thin (not *fat*) are all fine. I kind of misunderstood it there.

  4. *thumbnail is all skinny girls*
    Also don’t say that fat girls are better. All body types are perfect

  5. It’s okay to tell skinny people that they’re not beautiful but when we say it to fat people we get backlash? That’s so unfair.

  6. thanks for skinny shaming me, as if I haven’t had that enough

    Edit: Thx to those that understand what I’m trying to say and for the support

  7. I think people need to understand that God created us in his own image and that nobody’s perfect but we should accept people for who they are.

  8. I’m kinda getting sick of videos like these. It’s kinda like everyone is shaming skinny girls now.

  9. I’m actually not offended by this at all I mean they never said that any body type was better than the other all this video really says is that skinny isn’t better, the video never stated that skinny is ugly

  10. i’m skinny and now i feel bad about my body, nobody ever said that skinny people are better, but fatter people aren,t better either. now i really feel insecure thanks allot

  11. Wannnabee Jones its not skinny shamming. Plus size woman have to go thru that all the time it is showing you should love yourself for you. Not saying you shouldn’t be skinny its saying everyone is diffrent and beutiful

  12. skinny girls feel bad now bc they want to get fat bc they think there is something wrong with them… you could say all bodies are pretty.

  13. Well, I say that Anorexic and obesity are not okay, it’s unhealthy. Natural born bodies, or whatever are fine, like chubby, slim, etc.

  14. Ok I meant people in the comments, I saw one where someone said that real women have curves, I never said that the talko said that.
    Also I’m fucking sorry, Anorexia isn’t healthy, but people do that to themselves all I’m trying to say is that you shouldn’t feel uncomfortable in your skin to starve yourself. I myself have struggled with body image issues and few years back (and some now even) and all i want is for people to realize that they’re beautiful and should love themselves

  15. potato directioner2 when I think of some one ugly I think of someone really over Wight or someone too skinny.

  16. Άρτεμις Φ. Some Fat or thick girls still want to be skinny,I know that because me and one of my friends have been trying to get skinny and we just can’t 😔but what I really want to say is you should love yourself and if you are skinny just own up to that and I know it can be hard but just push through.

  17. Stormy Sarth i feel good with my self because i know i ‘m not anorexic (i eat like a cow) but still skinny ..and if you go to the gym things will be much better and for fat and thick girls bc fat will lose pounts and skinny will be stronger… but love your self

  18. Human Qrystal I think the point of your post was to say that having a healthy body is the best. If you’re healthy and skinny or chubby and healthy, that’s what matters most, being healthy.

  19. Άρτεμις Φ. I would literally binge eat until I felt like I would throw up and then choke down my puke so I would gain weight. yet I was still 110 lbs at 5’7 because that’s just what I looked like.

  20. Human Qrystal so you’re saying fat doesn’t make you beautiful?? Is it just me or is that some really poor taste

  21. Dude that’s rude cause you can be fat and eat veggies everyday and still be kinda chubby. And just because SOMETIMES it may be unhealthy still no matter what you are beautiful.

  22. Arianator_Moonwalker 4ever so you’re just saying it’s a BAD thing?? Who raised you like this ALL body shapes are beautiful NO MATTER the size

  23. Potato Potato hello I don’t know whybu keep replying yo people but people call me skinny all the time but what can I say huh

  24. it’s just shitty because skinny people aren’t allowed to feel bad about them selves. for instance, I said a was out of shape, and people went off on me because I’m skinny.

  25. Socially Hated Butterfly i was skinny.. now i compete at ifbb= international federation body building… trust me muscles are a lot better

  26. Potato Potato you should be greatfull because you get LESS body shaming? Like we dont have the right to demand NO BODYSHAMING at all for anyone?

  27. Laila Cassandra thats the thing ,everyones saying fat people got bodyshamed alot lately. Have you been on this side of the spectrum?weather or not which side exactly gets more negative comments, it should be stopped. All body shaming is bad.we should focus on that instead of the exact bodytypes.

    Some months ago a man with the biggest stomach of all time, yelled at me in the street: be carefull not to break! And my ex-co worker (which was very overweight) comented on my body negatively on any chance she would get.now i undersand these might come from jealousy or whatever, but they wouldnt make that coment if it wasnt socialy acceptable to voice such comments .

    We get lots of hate too.Only because fashion models are thin, doesnt mean the whole society accepts thin people. they dont. Some countries/states could be different but this just my experience.

  28. Human Qrystal ALL BODY SHAPES ARE BEAUTIFUL AND FAT IS BEAUTIFUL TO. FAT isn’t bad!!! Skinny ISN’T ALWAYS BETTER THEN FAT! So you should get that thought out of your head.

  29. I thought I was the only 1 struggling with This lol I cant gain weight myself and I do eat alotttt, ofcourse They arent saying skinny girls are ugly but I get told and reminded alot That skinny isnt pretty and skinny models arent ‘real’ How is That okay

  30. Hewo lol that’s really ignorant I mean some people can’t help their body weight and just because they’re skinny doesn’t mean they’re starving themselves we should all learn to love ourselves and stop body shaming others because it’s not right

  31. Gina Costello God doesn’t exist. People only have religions because they are scared of death

  32. It’s because everyone thinks that skinny people are better than bigger people. This video is saying that skinny people aren’t better. We are all beautiful.

  33. You are very right! Many people strive to be skinny. For some it’s natural and for others, it’s not. When those who are naturally thick, like me, try to lose weight, its hard to keep down and it’s emotionally, physically, and mentally draining. SO why not be happy with who you are because God makes NO mistakes! No complaints from me!!! Everyone isn’t made to look the same, that”s what makes each one of us UNIQUE! God Bless!!!

  34. God does not exist. God was a pathetic invention by humans to explain things they had no answer to. God is not real, he never was and he never will be and that you as a person, believe in god is pathetic and unbelievably stupid, you are using an stupid illusion to make yourself happier in life, while your slowly crawling to the end on an path of lies.

  35. Women can’t do anything. Men can’t do anything. We’re all just pathetic little creatures, moving on the earths surface, while wanting to live a life which is meaningful even tho there is no meaning in life at all.

  36. Laura Linn I think they just made this video cause a lot of curvy people get bullied for their wait and size more than skinny people….

  37. isadora i I agree. I’m so skinny and I try to get fatter because people call me a stick, I try so hard but I won’t gain any weight, I hate it so much

  38. Hewo lol lol skinny is starving yourself? Are you dumb? You’re basically saying that all skinny girls are anorexic? Saying that is basically me calling you diabetic. You are rude, some of US GIRLS ARE NATURALLY SKINNY! YOU MAY BE PRETTY OUTSIDE BUT YOUR LOGIC IS HIDEOUS

  39. don’t get me wrong I think if ur bodies unhealthy you should get better not encouraging things that r bad for health

  40. nick yes but now we are the weird people it’s hard enough walking down and being called skinny and they are literally saying if your skinny you must have anorexia or some other eating disorder and depressed skinny people are now seem like terrible people!

  41. Ana Paula Pedro pretty much saying we are bad influences that we must be unhappy with our life or body shape

  42. Stormy Sarth pretty much forgot time mark saying if your skinny you must be depressed and on some eating disorder and not be satisfied with your body shape

  43. Potato Potato You sure? How bout when they said skinny= your not happy I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been body shamed for being skinny or getting the bad “look” when I go out in public.

  44. Shaheer Sheikh I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been harassed and being yell at by people in public to eat more and don’t be a slut we also get harassed to you of course we are eating disorder freaks who are bad examples on everyone and it’s the opposite being skinny to society now=you have an eating disorder not skinny=OMG SO PRETTY blah blah blah I’m sick of it of being told I’m not good enough

  45. imani patrice People shouldn’t body shame anyone. It’s sad that they do. My mom did it to me.

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