Who Should Play The Joker? – MOVIE FIGHTS!

Who Should Play The Joker? - MOVIE FIGHTS!

Who Should Play The Joker? - MOVIE FIGHTS!

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Who Should Play The Joker? - MOVIE FIGHTS!

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Who Should Play The Joker? - MOVIE FIGHTS!

ROUND 1 What was the overall Best Movie of Summer 2017?
ROUND 2 Who should play the next joker?
ROUND 3 Pitch a standalone Jabba the Hutt film.
ROUND 4 What "Superbad" actor has gone on to have the best career?
ROUND 5 Which of Marvel's Defenders would make the best standalone film?

Who Should Play The Joker? - MOVIE FIGHTS!

1) Either:
a – Refresh the page
b – Turn your annotations off and back on (do this by clicking the gear icon on the bottom right of video's progress bar)
2) Scroll over the white circle with an "i" in the middle (aka The iCard) and cast your vote! You can change your vote as the round progresses!
3) Repeat each round!

Who Should Play The Joker? - MOVIE FIGHTS!

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Who Should Play The Joker? - MOVIE FIGHTS!

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Who Should Play The Joker? - MOVIE FIGHTS!

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57 thoughts on “Who Should Play The Joker? – MOVIE FIGHTS!”

  1. To fact check Joe Starr the person who voiced “TARS” in Interstellar is Bill Irwin who played Mr. Noodles in Sesame Street.

  2. Tom Holland for 18 year old Joker showing his start into crime, Bill Burr for late 40’s Joker smacking Harley out a window with a sword fish.

  3. My mind is legit blown. I have lived so long in a world where I thought it was Clooney. What else in my life is a lie?

  4. I may be in the minority for this but I didn’t think Wonder Woman was even the best superhero movie of the summer

  5. Loved Dunkirk.
    Liked Wonder Woman and Spider-Man.
    But Baby Driver was better than all of these selections imo

  6. James Eller Yeah, House of Cards, Se7en, American Beauty, The Usual Suspects. Kevin Spacey is AWESOME

  7. Well I won’t say atrocious but the way DCEU was before Wonder Woman, any acceptable or average film is golden to them. It’s overhyped because of “feminism” and it’s a really good film COMPARED to its other mediocre in-universe films.

    WW isn’t that great but it somehow looks like it when compared to other DCEU films. Marvel in the mean time has its bar set so anything below (even if it’s good) won’t be acceptable. We have a very godly Spiderman 2 to compare Homecoming while WW has close to nothing expectation given DCEU’s woes.

  8. David Bruh WW is good it’s great an ( A ) movie but it’s NOT top tier like Godfather or Casablanca or anything. BTW The Second Cap is Better than WW, Winter Soldier is amazing

  9. Tyler Spotts Yup Btw what’s your Favorite Comic Book Movie? Mines is The Dark Knight Rises I’m One on the 10% of The World that likes TDKR over TDK

  10. omar barakat The Dark Knight is my favorite. I know Watchmen isn’t technically a comic book but to me it counts and it’s my second favorite. I think it’s Snyder’s best film and highly underrated

  11. Tyler Spotts I Totally agree Watchmen is HIGHLY underrated but it’s Number 9 on My CB movies, sorry there are just 8 CB movies I prefer over it. But for real Though it is REALLY UNDERRATED

  12. Besides summer movie season, here are in my opinion, the 10 best movies of the year SO FAR. Please let me know your guys thoughts, would love to read some feedback.
    1. Logan
    2. Baby Driver
    3. War for the Planet of the Apes
    4. Dunkirk
    5. Free Fire
    6. Personal Shopper
    7. Wonder Woman
    8. Lego Batman Movie
    9. A Silent Voice
    10. Guardians of the Galaxy 2

  13. random man I Agree on Spider-Man 2 being Better than Homecoming. Now as for WW transcending The Genre, It did but you have to understand, Just cause it transcended The Genre doesn’t mean it’s one of the best movies of the Genre It Transcended. And the Reason people praise WW more than Spider-Man is because WW did transcend the Comic Book Genre its more than a CB movie and that’s really hard to do, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best Comic Book Movie and I’m not talking About The Dark Knight Trilogy.

  14. Tommy Truong Bruh Check Out V for Vendetta MOST OF ALL and then if you have time Check out Watchmen

  15. omar barakat I see what you are saying but when I think of transcending it I think of Spider-Man 2 hiding a brilliant character study in a super hero movie, Logan giving us the perfect brutal end to a character we love and the dark knight creating a crime movie The reason I just think Wonder Woman had too many cliches to truly surpass those 3 while it is a solid action movie

  16. Tommy Truong I Like It, I like how you’re about your opinion and don’t choose the obvious answer cause you want people to like it.
    My list:
    2-John Wick 2
    4-Wonder Woman
    5-Baby Driver
    6-Guardians 2
    7-Get Out
    9-Spider-Man H
    I give Dunkirk a ( B ), I expected more from a Nolan Film, the Story was Just off and the characters needed work, but the dialogue was good and it was beautiful to look at. BTW a War Film needed to be RATED R just sayin

  17. I respectfully disagree. Spider-Man Homecoming’s rubble scene is one of the few comic book movie scenes to make me cry. Tom Holland is the first Spider-Man actor to portray both Peter and Spidey perfectly IMO.

  18. Best movie of the summer: Baby Driver. Wonder Woman was really good and I still haven’t seen Dunkirk. Spider-Man: Homecoming was good too, but Baby Driver was better

  19. Not Jared Leto is an easy answer. The idea of a movie featuring him and Harley which were the parts deemed least appealing and removed from the at best mediocre, terribly edited for sure Suicide Squad is a terrible idea, except that those movies have still profited at such an amount that it doesn’t really matter. I’m glad that some fans enjoyed it because I think there will be sequels, but I thought it was super disappointing with great potential.ETA if it’s not clear, I hated Jared Leto’s portrayal of the Joker, and
    the relationship between him and Harley portrayed in theater cuts most
    of all.

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