Makeup Brands By YouTubers (EM Cosmetics, Jeffree Star, Pony Effect) – Tried and Tested: EP117

Makeup Brands By YouTubers (EM Cosmetics, Jeffree Star, Pony Effect) - Tried And Tested: EP117

Makeup Brands By YouTubers (EM Cosmetics, Jeffree Star, Pony Effect) - Tried And Tested: EP117

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Makeup Brands By YouTubers (EM Cosmetics, Jeffree Star, Pony Effect) - Tried And Tested: EP117

Shu An tries out makeup products by famous beauty YouTubers Michelle Phan (EM Cosmetics Infinite Lip Cloud, Illustrative Eyeliner), Jeffree Star (Jeffree Star Cosmetics Androgyny Skin Frost Highlighter, Eye Shadow Palette), and Pony (Pony Effect Brow Sharping Definer, Pebble Blender)!

Makeup Brands By YouTubers (EM Cosmetics, Jeffree Star, Pony Effect) - Tried And Tested: EP117

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Makeup Brands By YouTubers (EM Cosmetics, Jeffree Star, Pony Effect) - Tried And Tested: EP117

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Makeup Brands By YouTubers (EM Cosmetics, Jeffree Star, Pony Effect) - Tried And Tested: EP117

Makeup Brands By YouTubers (EM Cosmetics, Jeffree Star, Pony Effect) - Tried And Tested: EP117

60 thoughts on “Makeup Brands By YouTubers (EM Cosmetics, Jeffree Star, Pony Effect) – Tried and Tested: EP117”

  1. Dora is called Dora the explorer right? Right. But she actually isn’t an explorer because everywhere she goes she finds it on a map first.

  2. are you bais as these product is of youtubers…. i mean i used these and the products are not that good… specially jefry highlighter.

  3. Can we just hurry up at blacklist Jeffree Star? Jeffree is unapologetically racist and misogynistic, no one with morals should support his products.

  4. You can’t even spell his name right, it’s obvious you’re lying and have never tried Jeffree Star products. Clearly you’re biased because you don’t like him as a person. Go away

  5. 特使SXF_BestFriend_BanaShawol_Army that’s because it was a collab with smash box , everything she’s testing is YouTubers creating makeup lines and products 😀

  6. tpain I bought the Peach Godess by Jeffree Star, and I didn’t like it at all. I need a ton of layers for it to even look remotely like a highlighter. I’m a long-time subscriber of his.

  7. tpain you have no proof, and even if you like the product then you can just shut up. It does suck a wet n wild highlighter that was 5 dollars was better

  8. Cue the overly offended Jeffree haters. No one wants to hear it, guys. He made a mistake, who doesn’t? You better make sure you’re perfect before you call him out, hypocrites.

  9. Srimathy Muralidharan That’s a collab with smashbox, here she’s testing youtubers own brands 🙂

  10. I know that Shuan or Clicknetwork probably doesn’t know about Jeffree Star. But a Google search will reveal how rude he is. He’s rude to his fans or anyone who critiques him. He’s also racist and sexist. You can even look at his Twitter and just see how rude he is. I recommend not supporting him.

  11. Rose Evelin – yes, absolutely right. The palette looked so cheap,even the drugstore makeup palette are much better than this. ehmm..

  12. SkilletCrumpet it doesn’t matters whether Shu An or clicknetwork knows jefree star, they are just trying out youtubers’ makeup. She is not trying out the makeup for you, she is trying out for others that are interested. If you are not interested, you can just skipped that part.

  13. I think it’s just how she applies it that makes it under 8. Minus the beauty blender thing, I never fancy them. But how she puts on the eyeshadow and the highlighter, triggers me a lot.

  14. SkilletCrumpet You should move on and she already apologised and also it doesn’t affect the products of JS. If you don’t like her. Leave her alone and Make love not war

  15. Gunjan Singh i agree, jeffrees makeup isn’t very good, people support him becasue he’s a gender fluid? male ( sorry i really don’t know what he goes as) youtuber. there re many other LGBTQ+ youtubers who aren’t racist, and a all around nasty person..

  16. It’s not white people who need to accept his apologies. It’s the black and Latino/Hispanic community. The way I see him, he disgusting and only cares about himself. I’m not going to sit and reply to every comment on here bc my opinion is not going to change. Jeffree Star is racist, self-centered, sexist, and money hungry. He doesn’t care about his fans, he cares about his fame. I love Clicknetwork and Shu An and I’m not blaming them for any controversy surrounding them.

  17. SkilletCrumpet Yeah, like you said, let the countries and ethnic groups that are involves be involved. This is an Asian programme that is based in Singapore. Not everyone needs to be involved. In Singapore, we have laws that criminalize actions or words which promote feelings of ill will or hostility between different ethnic groups of the population, doesn’t where you come from have such law?

  18. I think it was the brushes/techniques she used to be honest. I have heard from a lot of people that his pallet is very pigmented, and I have seen multiple people do swatches that were 10x better, but I think it is because they are more use to American products. Shuan does her makeup very different than people in North America and the typical “American YouTuber.” Her style is very minimalistic while accentuating her look, which is (obviously) more Asian. This type of pallet isn’t really made for that look, and honestly it should really have a primer for the colors to really show. When I clicked on the video I had a feeling that she wouldn’t love the pallet that much, because of the way she does her makeup lol 🙂 And just fyi I don’t particularly like the pallet for myself, but I have seen it used easily and beautifully on others and that is why it is important to watch more than one review on everything! {No hate to anyone here 🙂 }

  19. Maybe you got a fake for the jefree start pallet because i own it and it’s nothing like that

  20. Jenna Reeder I’m white and I had never heard that language until I saw the videos of him. Also, have you seen how he currently treats everyone? In the last few months he has called multiple women of color rats over social media and used sexist and sexually violent words to attack women he doesn’t like. He hasn’t changed, his apology was an explanation as to why he used those words and painted himself as a victim, and he pretends like he is perfect and is constantly attacking other people. He never gives others the benefit of the doubt, he is always mocking, and he is always pointing fingers. You’re pretending he’s a victim of the kind of abuse he doles out. He is evil in my opinion and I will never touch his product or channel again!

  21. Jenna Reeder Also, why do you get pissed when people dismiss your opinion because you’re white and then dismiss a woman’s response because she’s black. HYPOCRITE

  22. Jenna Reeder oh honey, we might make racist remarks by accident or not. But this goes deeper then that. It’s about the white race controlling all other races since the beginning of time. I may not be black but I can feel their ancestors pain. Can you imagine how they feel knowing their families were raped killed just because the white people found it amusing. Imagine how blacks Asians etc feel knowing how their ancestors their grandmothers were treated then to have this white man or any one be blatantly racist at the age where they should know better it’s just disgusting. You can carry on watching his videos but never forget the pains from the past. This pain of black people along with many other races is not to be ignored nor to be forgiven. Sorry my grammar sentence structure just went to hell lol

  23. JayJay Young No we don’t have any laws like that. I wish we did but not everyone here agrees. And I know this is an Asian program. I’m not associating Shu An with Jeffree Star. She was just rating his products, which is fine. I’m just putting this comment here to inform people about Jeffree’s personality, in case anyone was thinking about buying his products. Aside from Jeffree Star I’m not trying to target anyone or be rude. I’m just here to inform.

  24. Anna Aiken he is not that person anymore , stop focusing on the past because that’s irrelevant now. Stop bringing up the past to mess up the future. He explains his past in a video called “racism” on his channel.

  25. Just because people buy his products doesn’t mean that they don’t have morals. I love his products I think they’re amazing and I feel like I get more than what I paid for. I have morals and I love his products

  26. those so called “apologies” are full of blaming him self. Not ONCE have i heard him say im sorry w/out the self-shaming.

  27. He still needs to apologize. Not victimize him self in every damn “apology” video he makes.

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