Here Comes My Arrow – Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 PARODY

Here Comes My Arrow - Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 PARODY

Here Comes My Arrow - Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 PARODY

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Here Comes My Arrow - Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 PARODY

The full version of Here Comes My Arrow from How Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 Should Have Ended. Since we read many many requests for the track, we wrote the rest of the song as a special bonus for you. Hope you enjoy!

Here Comes My Arrow - Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 PARODY

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Here Comes My Arrow - Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 PARODY

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Here Comes My Arrow - Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 PARODY

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Here Comes My Arrow - Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 PARODY

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Here Comes My Arrow - Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 PARODY


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109 thoughts on “Here Comes My Arrow – Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 PARODY”

  1. You should do how Miss Periguine’s Home For Peculiar Children should have ended, and have all the children join the x-men

  2. This was the BEST MUSIC VIDEO EVER!! I laughed so much during this. Thanks for this

  3. Actually, it’s “Come a Little _Bit_ Closer” by Jay & The Americans, not to be confused with “Come a Little Closer” by Cage the Elephant.

  4. Well played my friend. Was scanning the comments and thank you. Please listen to the original, because it shows how great a job HISHE did

  5. +Big Black Really? Considered there are hundreds of years of human development with thousands of creations made during that time, and yet this song tops every single thing ever created? It’s a great song, but not the greatest thing to ever have been made.

  6. Brickslayer it might be not beat the first one but at least it least sucky than other marvel sequel movie

  7. Well, I say Never is enough weirdness.
    Also, I don’t have enough English experience for use the word Fit, but still an acceptable opinion.

  8. Cosmic Space Bub thx😎😉😂
    It was actually John’s comment if you scroll up, I credit him

  9. I respectfully disagree. He does. Love him, but his peter jackson portrayal sucks mud. Its overly showy with no substance. Just straight up fanservise.

  10. Ziltch Not necessarily machines and there is some deviation. Just here’s what I’m seeing. Imagine a Gryffindor backing out of a chili pepper eating contest held by Ravenclaws that they weren’t invited to. They make a point of mentioning they’re Gryffindor. 1. Gryffindors are noted through their fearless/reckless nature. 2. Without an invitation, what were they trying to do? 3. There isn’t necessarily context to make it necessary.

    So while the person could still be a Gryffindor, you wouldn’t think them as a typical one. If you only encountered this one ever, you’d assume that they weren’t very brave or of a normal level. What I’m saying here is that this presents a situation in which it’s atypical to point out that you’re Ravenclaw. The demonstration of being a Ravenclaw in fact contradicts what it is meant to mean. So saying that Ravenclaw is the best makes a conflicting statement of logic. Either they are the best or they’re composed of people who want to be like those from the other houses is what I see as the statement. Just my brain starts trying to shift my viewpoint to see why this statement is made. As I like learning in case it’s ever useful.

    Each house is meant to be a stereotype. They can be broken as well. Just the action here speaks to the stereotype of other houses much more. If they’d said they were an atypical Ravenclaw instead of presenting an argument that Ravenclaws fundamentally have pride, I would have gotten that. Just that’s not the case. So I actually wonder if they understand themselves at this point. I know my personality shifts for example. Just I don’t know if they’re aware of who they identify with best. Many people go large portions of their lives thinking they’ll be happy with a goal and find themselves unhappy when they reach it. So learning about yourself is pretty important.

  11. if any harry potter fans in this thread haven’t heard of a fanfiction called Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality you should definitely look at it, especially if you are Slytherin or Ravenclaw. Disclaimer, it is not without flaws and it has been criticized for some of the common problems with fanfiction. However, I can assure you that it’s very good at times and the author without a doubt has the gift of mimicking JK Rowling’s writing style. Ridiculous things sometimes happen like in all fanfiction, but what differentiates HPMoR is the author writes in more than enough context and explanation to back it all up. If you have already read HPMoR and hate it, that’s okay I understand it is slightly “fanfictiony” in some parts and maybe you can’t overlook that. I think nobody should pass over it without taking a look, at least. There is a continuation/sequel written by someone else, Significant Digits, that in my opinion is slightly better (I think it has fewer “fanfictiony” moments), and if you can get there you’ve definitely enjoyed HPMoR.

  12. ๖ۣۜ♥๖̶tacokitten๖̶ Sounds interesting, but a long term goal to read. I’m a harsh critic at times as well. Like I wrote like 35 ideas for the HISHE Spider-Man fan HISHE ideas. So with an established canon, it’s harder to read something that doesn’t match. I don’t really care about my house, but I do know a bit more since it was said to be mine. I’ve also had enough of these conversations to know some things. I honestly used to look down on Hufflepuffs until recent arguments.


  14. Most Wanted Nothing’s better than Guardians Inferno. We even have Rooker dancing in a lion costume

  15. +EdgeLord666 Actually, I am real fun at parties, it’s just that Big Black comment was is stupid.

  16. The first one was good, but it surprises me that people and critics think the first one is better. This one has more substance to it, although it still suffers from the Marvel problem of making fun of every damn scenario, even when they should play it serious sometimes.

  17. Redflametrow I understand what you are saying and it makes sense but here is my counter argument

    I am a hufflepuff yet I am using slight logic here and I am not going around and being like “OH WOWWY YOU KNOW YOU ARE A REAL AMAZING PERSON OH LOOK I JUST FOUND SOMETHING” my point is everyone isn’t the same true the houses are split into base personality traits like loyalty and bravery but there is more sub emotions that might contradict other emotions people are complex and hard to understand at times but you’re argument is still a valid point

  18. Trent Powell
    1)Quicksilver is returning in Infinity War,you can check various videos of that.
    2)Iron Monger,Micky Rourke were villains and I didn’t say Villains don’t die.(except Loki ’cause he most loved,and he is also a hero in Ragnarok)
    3)Peggy Carter wasn’t a mainstream character and she died because of her age.

  19. Ortex 14 Yeah man After Guardians of the galaxy vol.2 Yondu was my 2nd most favorite character after Iron Man.They will have to bring him back.

  20. arsetothem forgot *Yondu* :is he cool and *Star* *lord* :he is (or something like that) and then *Yondu* :Im marry poppins yall!

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