Developer Update | Hero Balance Updates | Overwatch

Developer Update | Hero Balance Updates | Overwatch

Developer Update | Hero Balance Updates | Overwatch

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Developer Update | Hero Balance Updates | Overwatch

Game director Jeff Kaplan discusses upcoming changes to Mercy and D.Va which are currently available for testing on the PTR.

Developer Update | Hero Balance Updates | Overwatch

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Developer Update | Hero Balance Updates | Overwatch

00:12 – Big changes are coming for Mercy!
00:38 – Why are we changing Mercy in the first place?
02:28 – Resurrect is now Mercy's second ability (default: E)
03:17 – Introducing Mercy's new ultimate: Valkyrie!
05:35 – We'll be experimenting with how Resurrect and Valkyrie interact on the PTR
06:21 – We're really looking forward to your feedback on these changes
07:00 – Changes are also coming soon to D.Va's Defense Matrix
07:26 – Why are we concerned about Defense Matrix?
08:44 – We're experimenting with different options for D.Va on the PTR
09:26 – Hero balance is always going to be ongoing process
09:58 – We can't wait to hear your feedback about D.Va, too!

Developer Update | Hero Balance Updates | Overwatch

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Developer Update | Hero Balance Updates | Overwatch

48 thoughts on “Developer Update | Hero Balance Updates | Overwatch”

  1. When you use the singe Rez as mercy, do they still say voice lines? And if so, will they say skin specific voice lines?

  2. Mastersman Gaming I think she does but they’ve been reworked so they don’t sound as ‘epic’ as they used to. (Basically the same just w out the echoes and the weird audio) bc she’s just rezin one person.

  3. I’d rather have rez on a cool down and a ultimate. So I can 4 man rez, then oh no someone died, rez.

  4. To so cool and all but could we talk about how a good hanzo can 1 shot pretty much every character? What’s that bull?

  5. Mystic115 As a big fan of both tf2 and overwatch, I think that saying “oh this was stolen from that unoriginal 0/10” really makes the communities toxic and valve doesn’t own these mechanics and abilities, so any game has the right to copy or just (In this case) coincidentally have similar mechanics. Valve didn’t create reviving. Borrowing the good ideas from one game and leaving out the bad actually makes both games better. Now I’m not saying tf2 sucks as I still love that game to death but give everybody’s break and please don’t say things like this. You are hurting both communities.

  6. I am sorry i am being a little bit negative but i have to comment that resurrect was the staple of mercy and only being able to revive one player every 20-30 seconds just doesn’t cut it. I am not a mercy main, but if i was on a team and mercy was picked i would tell them to switch to another healer like ana because her nano boost is better. If blizzard wants to keep these changes i will not be super angry, but they should probably buff her a little more than it sounds like they did. Mercy being able to fly is cool but if the enemy team has a good mcree or soldier she will be taken out easily for she may be the only person in the air. Mercy only needs to fly if there is a pharah in the air and that is why there is the guardian angel ability used in the pharmercy strategy. I would rather have my team resurrected.

  7. The new rez is singular. So it would be choose who to rez out of 4 people. Then rez again once your 5th goes down

  8. Hi, I’m one of Mercy’s players and I love her and I’m very upset with her, and I hope you’ll get back to me as she was or I’ll go to another game

  9. Honestly I don’t care who stole from who, they’re both good games. Who said that if a game makes a character with a certain ability, another game can’t use that idea?

  10. brodie davies aww man, at least they didn’t touch Lucio’s Dead Eye, I will never be tired of him saying “It’s High Noon”

  11. I both agree and disagree. His flashbang is fine, but the dodge roll has never been useful to me.

  12. Why don’t you give it a chance instead of just shunning it because it’s something different.

  13. Madelyn Light they buffed her… her grappling hook now has a golden of 8 instead of 12, and enemies that trigger her Venom Mine now can be seen through walls (for widow only).

  14. The Sanitizer i disagree now that Doomfist is a thing. That roll has saved my rear from a charge and/or ult from him a lot.

  15. Can you guys fix the spawn I hate getting killed when I am behind the barrier not the heal barrier…

  16. I feel like she should have two reseructs like junkrat that are on separate cooldowns so your team gets wiped and you res your tank(s) andor dps to help regroup with your team


  18. U know how before an update even comes out you can tell its gonna break some things or ruin heros. And when it comes out guess what it breakes everything and you sit and wonder how the devs did not see this and yet we did and were not professinal developers. Well this is one of them most people dont think there is anything wrong with mercy and we all like her ult.

  19. Almost like game developers take good things from good games, and put them in their game so it”ll also be good

  20. overwatch is going to be pretty different once all the ptr stuff goes live. I’m excited

  21. Widowmaker can one shot almost every character too with a headshot, I don’t see no one complaining about that

  22. Classic mercy mains, all they want is to get the satisfaction of a Rez but now that it’s being Taken away they have nothing to fall back on

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