4 Month Baby Postpartum Update! | Alessia

4 Month Baby Postpartum Update! | Alessia

4 Month Baby Postpartum Update! | Alessia

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4 Month Baby Postpartum Update! | Alessia

Hi guys! This is what Alessia's been up to at 4 months old! Her milestones, what her routine looks like, how she's been sleeping and feeding etc. I also talk about how I've been feeling at 4 months postpartum and show you my tummy. xx Anna

4 Month Baby Postpartum Update! | Alessia


4 Month Baby Postpartum Update! | Alessia

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4 Month Baby Postpartum Update! | Alessia

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4 Month Baby Postpartum Update! | Alessia

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4 Month Baby Postpartum Update! | Alessia

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38 thoughts on “4 Month Baby Postpartum Update! | Alessia”

  1. Man Anna. I never really comment out of shyness but I need to say you motivate me as a person and as a hopeful to be mother eventually. Keep kicking butt! ♡

  2. If she is small she could have something called turner syndrome x I have it and it makes you have small stature x

  3. trust me Anna your belly looks a lot better then mine and i only have one baby 3 months old going to 4.

  4. I’m over here, not even pregnant or never have been pregnant and look like I’ve just eaten the pair of you😂😂😂

  5. You should one day get Jonathan to come on your channel and get him to do an update to see what he does with alessia from a dad perspective xx

  6. My baby daughter’s hair was dark brown and had highlights in in like she went to the beauty shop. Everyone commented on her long hair and the color. Then by the time she was three months it was Alessia’s color and by six months she was light blond. Everyone was amazed to see the change.

  7. That’s just loose skin not lumps of fat haha. I did laser for that and that helped a lot! Also you can do coffee body masks on that area and use a collagen boosting serum

  8. Anna I love your long hair, really does remind me of when you were having Emilia !! Love you 🙂

  9. My mom got a tummy tuck and she wasn’t totally happy with the results and says the scar always itches… and she got it done more than a decade ago. So please be sure you get a good doctor and know that’s definitely what you want… I don’t think your stomach looks bad at all and it’ll be even better once you get back to your normal weight. ❤️

  10. Ok people so much confusion… Italian dad, Irish mom of German origins. They met in the US. Anna was born in the US (which makes her American) and they moved to Ireland when she was 7 to be close to her mom’s family. A couple of years ago they moved to Surrey. 😀

  11. Hammie Life no she was born in America Maryland actually moved back to Ireland. Lived in Italy for a bit because of her dad’s job then moved back to Ireland. You can go on her blog which she states all of this and she has stated this in numerous videos.

  12. You seem like such an incredible mother. I hope when I have kids I’m as amazing as you are 😘

  13. Putting aside the adorable babies, you get more and more gorgeous with each baby! I love love the bow on her ❤️

  14. makeupyourmind2019 yes lol and in ireland people will always call her the american girl, even though she only live in the states for 7 years of her life since she was born. one of the reason i identify with her because that happened to me i move to the states at age 8. in the states because i wasn’t born here people will call me the Spanish Dominican girl and in the Dominican Republic they will call me the American girl so it was anoying because i felt like a girl of no land.

  15. Dear Anna Saccone Channel
    My Real First name is lauren and Nick name is Toy Collector and I am 23 years old and I am a American with autism and I will be at Meet and Greet thing and i will be traveling to all book stores from all over in United States and I will be there and I am more Richer then these losers and I do not support this family at all and plus in America you can only have 3 Dogs and 3 Cats only and I am more famous then these losers have 6 dogs and other pets too and I am going on Book Tour any way when they are around and no one can’t stop me from it at all ha ha

  16. Anna, I don’t think you hear this enough, but you are an amazing mom! Lots of love from the US!

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