1000 ROCKETS Launched off a BIKE

1000 ROCKETS Launched Off A BIKE

1000 ROCKETS Launched Off A BIKE

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1000 ROCKETS Launched Off A BIKE

1000 Rockets all set of at once of the back of a custom bike while i'm riding it….but its ok i have some foam strapped to my back and my safety tie on.
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1000 ROCKETS Launched Off A BIKE

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1000 ROCKETS Launched Off A BIKE

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1000 ROCKETS Launched Off A BIKE

1 Million
2 Million
3 Million
4 Million

1000 ROCKETS Launched Off A BIKE

Big thanks to Epic as they supply the Fireworks, Go visit them

1000 ROCKETS Launched Off A BIKE

Behind the scenes from the drone guy karl

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66 thoughts on “1000 ROCKETS Launched off a BIKE”

  1. i love your Vidios colin! I watched the ice bike and all of your Vidios yet. please can you greet me in your next Video

  2. sorry about my whead and bad gramatic(im a boy from germany wich is 12 years old) is my english good or realy bad? I hope you’ll get the 10.000.000 subscripers!

  3. Bеst vidео! Guys рlеаsе rаtе mу hоt vidео оn mу chаnnеl. Whо liкеd this vidео, сliсk likе)

  4. that was rather … anti climatic, they all went off so fast, it was rather like your first time having sex.. too brief!

  5. Is that really your safety concern for this video? I’m pretty sure there are other OSHA violations going on.

  6. All the work and dedication to build a project, to then have a finale only worth a couple of seconds. I feel his other firework projects were more successful, in my honest opinion. Each to their own.

  7. deadmansticks aylmao thank you for showing me my mistake and not asking me if “I can fucking read” like a normal human being because some people just hate themselves

  8. There are hundreds of electric longboard builds on YouTube. You should one-up them all. Build a gas-powered longboard! (or a jet-propelled longboard, been awhile since the last pulse jet or turbojet vid)

  9. About 10 years ago people started using this joke. Till this day it is still not funny, and as stale as it was in 2007.

  10. That was awesome you are one ☝🏼 crazy engineer I will give you high 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼let’s go 6 millón

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