10 Makeup Items That Went From Cringe To Cool

10 Makeup Items That Went From Cringe To Cool

10 Makeup Items That Went From Cringe To Cool

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10 Makeup Items That Went From Cringe To Cool

Makeup trends from the past that are cool again!

10 Makeup Items That Went From Cringe To Cool

The beauty community is always full of exciting new trends that makeup lovers can’t wait to try out. Throughout the years, we’ve seen many of these trends come and go. Some of them we were sad to say goodbye to, while others made us cringe whenever we would even think about them. But many of the makeup items and products that were once considered to be uncool have made their way back into our hearts. We don’t know how they managed to win us over, but we’re sure glad they did. From blue eyeshadow to black lipstick and body glitter, we’re about to show you the beauty items that went from cringe to cool.

10 Makeup Items That Went From Cringe To Cool

Frosted lipstick was huge in the 90s, but when the year 2000 rolled around, the pink and frosty shade took a backseat to subtle nudes. We never thought we’d see the day when frosted lips made their return into the beauty community, but they’re finally here! Another trend we used to despise that we now love is colored mascara. This product was huge in the ‘80s, and now, it has made its way back onto fashion runways.

10 Makeup Items That Went From Cringe To Cool

Cara Delevingne made us all love our huge, bushy brows; but guess who’s back to reclaim its throne? Skinny brows, of course! The pencil thin look was once frowned upon, but its back and better than ever. We’ll show you even more makeup items that were very cringe-worthy but are now cooler than ever, including draped blush, face decals, pastel eye shadow, and hot pink lips. Make sure to watch our video and let us know which of these makeup items you’re happy to see return to the beauty world.

10 Makeup Items That Went From Cringe To Cool

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10 Makeup Items That Went From Cringe To Cool

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  1. They should’ve changed the title to, ” from cringey to trendy ” cause it rhymes

  2. Hey there!!!!My birthday is on NEXT Wednesday I’m trying to reach 1k subscribers please sub to my channel

  3. 4:07 NOOOOO!!!!! I like “The Instagram brows” because I have them already. I hate “skinny brows” because I got bullied for my bushy brows in school. When Instagram brows were in trend, everyone loved my eyebrows, and suddenly everyone was jealous of me. I don´t want to go back to the dark era again.

  4. I don’t understand the stupid things people do to get likes like “the number of like is the person you are” or “1 like=1 year older” I mean seriously???

  5. I don’t use any of these things because I go for natural looks everyday. Also I still find them cringey. Can I get 150 likes for be honest? Just saying

  6. No no no! Say NO to thin eyebrows! Thick ones are gorgeous, feet to most people and help show off your entire face!

  7. Too bad for me, I can wear make till I’m 16 or older but I’m still 13 (is that even make any sence?)

  8. Ummm how did Gigi Hadid bring back glitter? We’ve been using them for ages.And don’t you dare bring back skinny brows

  9. My hand slipped and landed on the dislike button. Sorry about that.

    Edit: Sixteen likes? I’m grateful enough to post a cheesy thank-you here, but I’ll spare you this time.

  10. You edited yours lol I get it but why do you hate it or other people it’s not annoying if it is then how

  11. same I thought I was the only one…..but it’s only natural right? he’s mr. world wide handsome after all 😀

  12. anime Sartorius no ones talking about naturally thin brows, they’re talking about overplucking. Stop getting butt hurt

  13. face art? Gwen Stefani literally wore traditional North Indian bridal makeup and bindis, not “cool jewels”, just straight up cultural appropriation.

  14. XxNightcoregirlXx :3 I made one once but I didn’t beg for likes I just thought it would be a fun game

  15. yeah too skinny 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  16. Lize Vingamos after Reading this I feel bad of myself because I have skinny eyebrows

  17. Queen _ofLife I love having bushy brows and I think skinny brows make m cringe but i don’t know why glitter ended!!!!

  18. Snicker Doodle maybe we should start the trend of natural eyebrows. I hate when people say that only thick eyebrows are beautiful, because I have thin, clear eyebrows. So if we start the natural with no- makeup eyebrows everybody will be happy with their eyebrows.

  19. anime Sartorius for God’s shake! I never said I hate them I just prefer thick ones on me and think they’re easier to rock , Jesus! Don’t get so offended so easily! If you like them and think you look good in them congrats for you girl! I’m on your side!😜

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  21. Let’s just have no makeup day and be happy with our eyebrows,lips,eyes,bodies, everything that we have lets just love our bodies and to support that if you wear makeup to school and all that take days off and ignore the haters love yourself!

  22. Sarah Smith You need to act your age show your natural beauty I’ll be twelve next week on Tuesday and I don’t even wear lip gloss sometimes I’ll let my sister do my makeup but that’s like once or twice a year.

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