New The Last Jedi Vehicles Revealed, Exploring Lucasfilm’s Vaults, and More!

New The Last Jedi Vehicles Revealed, Exploring Lucasfilm's Vaults, And More!

New The Last Jedi Vehicles Revealed, Exploring Lucasfilm's Vaults, And More!

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New The Last Jedi Vehicles Revealed, Exploring Lucasfilm's Vaults, And More!

In this installment of The Star Wars Show, we reveal two new vehicles from Star Wars: The Last Jedi! Plus Dana Snyder (voice of Graballa the Hutt on LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures) stops by for a chat, we head inside Lucasfilm's vaults to check out what gems are stored away, and more!

New The Last Jedi Vehicles Revealed, Exploring Lucasfilm's Vaults, And More!

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New The Last Jedi Vehicles Revealed, Exploring Lucasfilm's Vaults, And More!

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New The Last Jedi Vehicles Revealed, Exploring Lucasfilm's Vaults, And More!

New The Last Jedi Vehicles Revealed, Exploring Lucasfilm's Vaults, And More!

108 thoughts on “New The Last Jedi Vehicles Revealed, Exploring Lucasfilm’s Vaults, and More!”

  1. All remaining comments will bow before the First Commenter (that’s us)! -General Hux (not really)


  3. I’ve been a Star Wars fan all my life, it’s amazing to see so many people still giving life to Star Wars. It truly is an incredible feeling.

  4. “Lucas film hasn’t officially announced it but we know it’s coming ” – sneaky reference to an obi wan movie…….?

  5. It’s pronounced “Ay-Tee Ay-Tee”, you don’t pronounce AT-ST as “at-ste”. I do admit I use “at-at” sometimes because it’s fun to say, like saying Tantive “eye-vee” instead of Tantive “four”.

  6. so the “new” ATAT and a “new” Super Star Destroyer, please The Last Jedi don’t be a re telling like Force Awakens was

  7. So… episode 5? Without the Master (George Lucas) Lucasfilm has lost it’s creative vision.

  8. Anyone else here who liked The Force Awakens? With the recent hate the movie has been getting I feel like I’m the only one who still likes it (but I know I’m not)

  9. Yay, more rehashes from the original trilogy. This time we got reskinned AT-ATs and Super Star Destroyers, how exciting…

    R.I.P. fun and original Star Wars movies and media 1977 – 2012.

  10. AT-M6 > AT-AT because I don’t let nostalgia control me. It’s obvious that the new walker is better, and looks cooler imo with the giant cannon

  11. Idrees Syed you seem like the kind of person to hate a movie that doesn’t even have an official trailer because of two ships

  12. Rogue one: *has an AT-AT thats basically the same as the classics*

    Last Jedi: “has a new style ATAT*

  13. No, don’t give us a new trailer because everything new we get gets “It’s just like Empire.” & “I’m not excited for this at all.” & “At least the prequels were original.”

  14. Absolutely not. But I’m not with you on that. The last movie left a bad taste in my mouth. This one looks to be going down the same path. We shall see

  15. Oh yeah “No No you will die!.” & “So this is how liberty dies, with thunderous applause.” Such great writing.

  16. disney has made me not care about star wars main movies anymore. ill only look forward to the anthology films now. obi wan and boba fett movies.

  17. Holtsar what the hell.. so you would also like to listen to 100 songs which have minor differences instead of 100 songs which are completely different but also include some you don’t like?

  18. Nope. Contrarians like to flood the comments, but the overwhelming majority of people are very excited for TLJ.

  19. Randy butler but that’s exactly what happened :/ It is yet to be reveiled who Snoke was but apparently he was an Empire supporter who massed the first order in 30 something years in the unknown regions of space. Later on he turned Kylo Ren, who is clearly obsessed with Darth Vader AKA mascot of the Empire.

  20. Julius Rutgers I get that ma. I really do. I don’t doubt that for the story. but to me I think it was lazy on the development side. I think they could have done better. I don’t like tfa and I’m not looking forward to this one but I’m still going to watch them because they’re star wars and I absolutely love star wars.

  21. Randy butler I agree 100% with this excuse that it makes sense because the empire did it so the new order is gonna do it again but bigger with more guns!

  22. Holtsar OK with that logic do you understand that if lucas made new hope a safe film and do what other fantasy films already did this channel wouldn’t exist because Star wars wouldn’t be what it is today? Jesus

  23. Henry Ambrose lies lucas wrote all of them he produced them as well stop trying to take credit from him

  24. Did all of you miss that the Obi wan movie was literally confirmed already and has been all over news sources talking about it? Lol.

  25. Gerry Blue because it’s deadlier, faster, bigger, and cooler. Therefore it’s better. Don’t get your pants up in a bunch because I said it looks better than the original

  26. Did the last atat have an artillery cannon on its back? I dont think so. If youre gonna hate on every new design with new weapons then you’re not a true fan.

  27. Lets just watch the movie and give thoughts of it afterwards. I say TFA was playing a bit too safe. But i also think that adding an artillery cannon on the back of a walker is a bit unique (slightly since it was a toy design once.

  28. Jack Atlas I understand the complaints of the vehicles being extremely similar, however story wise it makes sense that the vehicles would be similar but updated versions of past technology from the Empire because imperial technology was already pretty advanced and the first order most likely decided to just update previous models rather than create entirely new designed vehicles which would take time and resources that they would rather put elsewhere such as Starkiller Base and training new soldiers

  29. Guys, a couple of AT-ATs don’t make TLJ a remake of ESB. All Star Wars movies have some similarities, primarily because they’re all STAR WARS. Just because Revenge of the Sith and Return of the Jedi both have a badass villain that has a really anticlimactic death (Boba and Grievous), doesn’t mean Revenge of the Sith is a remake. Now, playing devils advocate, I will say this. One thing I have noticed is that exactly like ESB, TLJ has the wise cracking male character incapacitated in a weird form of suspension (Han and Finn). But it is too hasty of a conclusion to make based solely on trailers.

  30. Gerry Blue two words: Artillery Cannon.
    Those things could blast the head of an AT-AT from a long distance. We have all seen the power of artillery weapons in the clone wars.

  31. Fartsparkle well then calling them T.I.E’s?? As a little kid the commercial always called them ATATs since the toys launched. And that’s what they are.

  32. Robin The Master tactician the Gorilla walker isn’t too new.. the AT-AHT was very similar but also had turret cannons on all sides and top.. and slightly less a neck. And cooler looking.

  33. Dimitri Bitu There are three scenes-that-must-be-done in the second film of a Star Wars trilogy:
    1. A battle with walkers
    2. A training scene
    3. Someone losing a hand
    You’ll have your formulaic ques, and bits of fan service, but that doesn’t mean the story itself won’t go in a new direction, which The Last Jedi certainly seems like it is.

  34. Omg people stop calling it an SSD! Do you even Starwars?! Capital ships tend to stay in the 2-4km range, dreadnought is 5-9km super class star destroyers are 10-20km and everything over is insane.

  35. Fear (“oh god, another remake”) leads to anger (“another AT-AT, really? 😡), anger leads to hate (“I’m going to read some original Star Wars stories like the Yuuzhan Vong war or the Thrawn Crisis”), hate leads to…the realisation that the Legends EU is actually a lot better and more interesting than this sequel/reboot trilogy, and would encourage new fans to take their first step into a larger world of original Star Wars stories that inspired fans for decades.

  36. I love TFA. Has problems like any movie. But for me I think it’s a better film than Rogue One. Trust me, people who like Force Awakens are the majority. People online who hate it because it’s cool to hate it, are the minority.

  37. but at least with the prequels, george lucas did something new. this is disney playing safe cause they know a original trilogy remake will make the most money.

  38. This could just be a departure from the original Mandator 1-3, given the time gap and its apparent bombardment purpose so nothing to worry about 🙂

  39. Deadstar: The Animated Series Their are people who have actual reasons for why the hate, but most are just saying that so they can sound edgy and hip.

  40. This is the thing that bothers me the most tbh, explain to me how – from a story perspective – the first order can have things that are “better” and “cooler” than the empire when they are literally remnants of the empire, the same thing bothered me about starkiller base. It feels like the film is going “look, its that stuff you like but better and cooler (and will have its own merchandise)” without actually having any explanation for how it makes sense.

  41. Tyler MacGregor The difference is that superior sequels (I would add _Evil Dead II_ to the list) are mostly made by the same filmmaker trying to get closer to his original intention with the benefit of a bigger budget. With TFA, they did not try to get closer to Lucas’s intention or vision, but just to reproduce the superficial elements of the first movie.

    So long as the Disney sequels continue like that, we will see the law of diminishing returns as they will just be pulling out the same old toys from a finite toybox instead of adding to it by fostering the artists’ unrestricted creativity.

  42. I loved The Force Awakens, but I have to agree with you when it comes to the visuals. Just because something has a different name doesn’t mean it isn’t still an AT-AT.

  43. It looks awesome and is definitely an improvement on practicality of design. However, I hate the name. All Terrain –
    Megacaliber Six. Just kinda sounds like a child named it. I’d rather it be something like All Terrain – Heavy Artillery. Sounds much more official and less “look it has an awesome big megacaliber gun”.

  44. Not confirmed but hinted at a little. If these are the biggest similarities then I don’t really mind

  45. Jack Atlas Like the Doughnut ships (Death Star) and AT TEs (AT ATs) and Clone Troopers (Stormtroopers) and Venator Star Destroyers (Nuff Said) and a Boy from a Dessert Planet (Anakin and Luke) and an Underage Queen with Silly Hair (Queen Amidala and Princess Leia) and Guys in Black Swinging Lightsabers (Maul and Vader) and People Falling in Love in the Second Episode (Anakin and Padmé and Han and Leia)and Somebody Losing a Hand in the Second Episode (Anakin and Luke) and a Mandalorian Bounty Hunter in the Second Episode (Jango and Boba) and a Throne Room Duel in the Presence of the Emperor in the Third Episode where the main Character in tested and Either Succeeds or Fails (Anakin vs Dooku and Luke vs Vader); you know from the suddenly almighty prequels!

  46. So just the new At-At walkers and a new Star Destroyer means it’s a ripoff??? What about the story why don’t u guys think about that for once???

  47. I don’t know the First Order one looks badass, but I’ll say the SSD is better just cuz it’s a classic!!!

  48. Oh no, it’ll seem too much like Empire Star Wars is officially ruined COME ON!!! The movie isn’t even out yet *GIVE IT A CHANCE!!!*

  49. At least the design of the AT-TE was drastically different than the AT-AT. This is just an AT-AT with a big gun and gorilla fists.

  50. Jack Atlas wow they have to make everything brand new no one complained about the tie fighters in force awakens. Don’t call your self a fan every movie has a returning feature even if it’s a sequel trilogy

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