FULL SPEECH – PHOENIX RALLY: Trump Defends Charlottesville Remarks, Bashes Media, Talks Arpaio (FNN)

FULL SPEECH - PHOENIX RALLY: Trump Defends Charlottesville Remarks, Bashes Media, Talks Arpaio (FNN)

FULL SPEECH - PHOENIX RALLY: Trump Defends Charlottesville Remarks, Bashes Media, Talks Arpaio (FNN)

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FULL SPEECH - PHOENIX RALLY: Trump Defends Charlottesville Remarks, Bashes Media, Talks Arpaio (FNN)

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FULL SPEECH - PHOENIX RALLY: Trump Defends Charlottesville Remarks, Bashes Media, Talks Arpaio (FNN)

President Trump speaks at Phoenix Convention Center at 7pm PT. FOX News Now will cover the President's full time in Phoenix, and protests in support of or against the President. There is also the question of whether the President will pardon Sheriff Joe Arpaio after his criminal contempt conviction.

FULL SPEECH - PHOENIX RALLY: Trump Defends Charlottesville Remarks, Bashes Media, Talks Arpaio (FNN)

FULL SPEECH - PHOENIX RALLY: Trump Defends Charlottesville Remarks, Bashes Media, Talks Arpaio (FNN)

FULL SPEECH - PHOENIX RALLY: Trump Defends Charlottesville Remarks, Bashes Media, Talks Arpaio (FNN)
FULL SPEECH - PHOENIX RALLY: Trump Defends Charlottesville Remarks, Bashes Media, Talks Arpaio (FNN)

99 thoughts on “FULL SPEECH – PHOENIX RALLY: Trump Defends Charlottesville Remarks, Bashes Media, Talks Arpaio (FNN)”

  1. The ONLY reason he has these rallies is so he can feed his over bloated ego. He’s REPULSIVE, clueless, toxic and completely out of touch with reality. BTW Donald – you don’t need to have rallies anymore that WE pay for. You are IN THE F”ING WHITE HOUSE. God help us all!

  2. I guess those blacks holding signs for Trump are the ones he hired for $50 each from Craigs list.

  3. I want a fact check done on those statement he said he made denouncing those white hate groups. I don’t remember seeing coverage of that. I have a feeling he is embellishing his words from speeches he is acting like he gave on Charlotsville.

  4. President Trump puts on a bullet proof vest for all Americans the bravest man in America he loves the Creator and the USA ,his family And the USA that’s even you He has to report the news cause main stream media is allergic to any truth He is far more entertaining than Hollywood or dreary commie late night so called comedians boring whiners He will heal the divisions of the hateful vision of Obamas take on the very people that loved him such a worm Obama is

  5. hard to believe isn’t it? not really though. i think we all knew what to expect. The most disturbing part was the way the crowd reacted to his lies as if it were truth.

  6. I have to wonder – who are these people in the background, willing to stand right behind him, obviously in the camera shot, being broadcast across the country? Even a token uncle tom African American . . . Must be a bunch of out of work actors, bussed in from LA. . . .

  7. “I live in a bigger more beautiful apartment” lmao he sounds like a 5 year old bragging 😂😁👹💩😈🐖

  8. Trump is insane lmaoooo He has “little hands” but HUGE balls to alter his Charlottesville comments and dismiss them as Fake News when the damn press conferences were filmed LIVE! 😂😂😂😂

  9. It just sounds like a campaign speech, he is following hitlers playbook perfect. Everytime he falls in the polls he is going to hold a rally

  10. This was like watching. A train wreck… Sheriff Joe. Racist. Trump is a raceist. Alt right supporter

  11. He labelled his opponents “antifa” meaning he understands anti fascists are his enemies. Meaning he knows he is a fascist.

  12. fruitymentos Yes and everyone in the entire world who saw the original film knows for a fact that the man is a lier. He’s turned America into the laughing stock of the world.

  13. Dylan Weaver if you didn’t see the original press conference just say that Lmaoooo it’s no Liberal conspiracy, he lied!

  14. thats nazis – who were national socialists, fascists are something else, although they are also often ethno nationalists. anti fascist organisations protest both those groups regardless of their own political beliefs. be they anarcists on the black block side, socialists or conservatives.

  15. gullible idiot! step away from the indoctrination is my best advise to you and who ever else dumb enough to join your idiot “GolbalistView Popculture&Politics … MERCY!

  16. John Riggins no self respecting conservative takes Palin seriously. She was a brain dead GOP puppet whose sole purpose was to attract the women vote and only served to lose the election for McCain. Still the worst decision the Republican Party has ever made,

  17. LOL DUMBASS That venue was packed full.. there was a 3 mile line just to get in even AFTER it was full. LibFags are delusional

  18. Is that what Christ would do? He would probably spend a lot more time and money vetting these people to determine if they were coming into this country on good faith.

    And again, love thy enemy.

  19. +ladistar
    And Devos? After a disaster like Palin and Devos conservatives are not in a position to call the left “not intelligent enough”, then. Also, do I need to remind conservatives like Lisa T that science/tech industry are overwhelmingly leftist? “Not intelligent enough” should be the slogan of the GOP not of the left. Oh, and I edited my comment above because I forgot to add Trump LOL (“no one knew healthcare could be so complicated”, “I’m coming from the Middle East (he said in Israel…), looks at the sun during the eclipse, chose Devos, etc)

  20. Peter LorimerYes, Trump’s father was definitely arrested at a KKK rally in the 1920s. Like father like son.

  21. Lusael Merlin, you are ears deep in ignorance. Too stupid to breath. Where is this crestor? Is he a Nazi too?

  22. Markj6700. You talk tough and rude, but I doubt you have ever done anything good for America. Your words serve satan, and you life is sorrow.
    Repent Sinner! Pick up the Cross of Jesus!

  23. I’ve been to three rallies. They are always packed with lines larger than rock concerts and traffic backed up for five miles or more. You should go, it’s really quite epic and everyone is happy and has a sense of hope and unity! It’s really quite liberating! Nothing like a Democrat venue where the people don’t even shower or dress appropriately and have a strong aura of doom and gloom. Thank God not many show up though!

  24. markj6700, Maybe Canada wants you. A Judge breaking laws should not be swept under the rug like when Clinton had Fife Symington set up for signing the Arizona Safe plan manual
    into mandate that went on through the US house, senate, and US congress that would have convicted Clinton if he signed it. The Governor was in Kangaroo court and was waiting out Clinton leaving to file his appeal from prison and reverse it back onto DC and the Justice system committing Colors of Law Crimes . Clinton swept it all under the rug by pardoning Symington as his last act. Arapio caught the biggest illegal
    the USA has hever seen and has hard evidence on the criminal voiding
    all signatures. If Trump pardons him, he needs to put him second in
    command of the FBI, so when Wray leaves, Arpaio heads it up . Otherwise this corruption by the judge is swept under another rug. The Judge violated 3 laws and should go down for it. Aiding an abetting illegals is a Federal crime. Refusing to recuse over personal involvement in the case over his wife’s investigation is a crime. Refusing to allow a jury trial is a crime, under the US Constitution .

  25. b1itsjustme snopes is too busy spending money on hookers!!I am curious what you think hasn’t been fact checked?Everything he said and much more can be seen on YouTube.Antifa is violent,and actors were hired to cause trouble in Charlottesville and other places.

  26. That wasn’t a Black man.. That was Robert Downey Jr, reliving his role from Tropic Thunder.   JK.  That’s actually a SS agent standing directly behind the President to guard against ANTIFA  attacking from the left. I mean from behind.  The SS Agent over acts the part, but if you study his eyes, you can discern that he is watching the crowd and NOT the DOPUS.

  27. Omar Hisenberg actions speak louder that words, antifa is just their name but they are the closest to fascism in America.

  28. @Chris . So far the only swamp being drained is the White House….  Just one crocodile left I think.

  29. Do you not have eyes or ears? The President isn’t supportive of those kinds of people, despite your wishful thinking. There are awards Trump has received for his work for racial equality. There are video records of Trump being against the likes of David Duke, who for some reason, Republicans have to disavow every election cycle, even though Duke jumps from Republican to Democrat to Independent parties every so often, and Dems aren’t forced to condemn him. How about former Senator Robert Byrd, who was a recruiter for the KKK? He was one of Hillary’s friends and mentors, and even though he’d disavow his KKK past, he’d still make openly racist statements that have been recorded.

    There is more proof that the Democrats are the supremacists, and supporters of the KKK, than there is anything putting Trump in that category.

  30. They must be brave people – the haters have lost their minds they will be targeting them.

  31. They didn’t have to pay him, Obama made sure each of us chipped in a little for a big fat check for him and his wife and 9 kids.

  32. Fae Hansen The “black guy” is known as Michael Woodside or Michael Symonette.He appears to be a paid Trump stand in. He has appeared at several Trump rallies. Michael belongs to a dangerous cult along wih his brother.He has been found guilty of some very serious crimnal charges in the past.He believes that the Cherokee indians are trying to distroy America & that they founded the KKK. Watch him in action, appears to be a bit of a flake & so a good fit for Trump.

  33. They elected a Reality Tv star, they’re the type of people that think TruTv is a documentary channel. lol.

  34. @Bravo – ANTIFA & BLM are two different groups, genius…. Read for comprehension, stupid!

  35. @George – Is that the best you got? No reply. Nothing intelligent to rebut… just garbage…just stay on the sidelines…. anybody can type 8 words.

  36. @jestin burich “corporate news” and Trump praises FOX news? I don’t get your point.

  37. That’s a lie. I have watched multiple rallies. I have never seen him. Are you a CNN fan? lmao

  38. Mary Ann Russum + LMAO you mentally unbalanced liberals can’t seem to accept reality and the fact that after decades of New World Order puppets in the White House America finally has a real Patriot, it really bothers you to see the love that he gets, and gives to the American people unlike your last traitor obama.

  39. What is it with you leftist idiots? You see a minority who doesn’t agree with you and you assume he must be paid to be there or you call him an uncle Tom or something. You’re the racists.

  40. This dishonest racist crap is all you have. It shows you’ve lost!!!! The truth is there is racism on many sides. Yes, you can not like those words but deep down you know it is true. Shades of brown from dark to light we are all equal. Stop separating and let’s come together!!

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