Darcy’s NEW Autumn Wardrobe!

Darcy's NEW Autumn Wardrobe!

Darcy's NEW Autumn Wardrobe!

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Darcy's NEW Autumn Wardrobe!

A 'small' collection of Autumn pieces for Darcy's wardrobe!
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Darcy's NEW Autumn Wardrobe!

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Darcy's NEW Autumn Wardrobe!

Thank you so much to Joules and Monsoon for kindly gifting us some of the pieces in this video!

Darcy's NEW Autumn Wardrobe!

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Darcy's NEW Autumn Wardrobe!

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Darcy's NEW Autumn Wardrobe!

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50 thoughts on “Darcy’s NEW Autumn Wardrobe!”

  1. charlie thank u i tried so hard. it’s all i’ve ever wanted. i’d like to thank not only god, but jesus.

  2. I think every kid at school knows that one kid who is super cool and has an awesome mum and you always hope you’ll get invited round for tea or to their party….that is definitely you and Darcy! So cute she is so lucky to have you xxxx

  3. stolen, oh dear – by whom?!
    horrible when you find something you absolutely adore and then don’t have anymore – can never find something *quite* the same!

  4. Laura Barker i honestly have no idea, but it was really heartbreaking because the boots were very cheap and were the last ones in shop, it was awful to find out they were gone

  5. What are you going to call the new baby glitter because you already have a baby glitter. So is the new baby glitter gonna be called baby glitter 2. I love your channel Louise and darcy is very lucky

  6. The brown ankle boots reminded me so much of when Zoe took Darcy shopping & put her little boots on over those frilly ankle socks. One of my fav videos ever 😍

  7. Sara M I’ve gotten some really nice brown ankle boots in New Look in the sale, if you’re shoe size is 7 or less you could get boots out of their teen section too, I got two pairs for a fiver each last year in a sale 🙂 sorry your’s were stolen, hope you find another good pair 😉

  8. Britt Søndergaard thank u ill have a look through her videos
    ( ps love you profile pic)

  9. Now that Darcy’s not a baby I think we should just call her darcy and refer to the baby as baby pentland <3 Depends what louise wants to do obviously.

  10. I think it would be an absolutely AMAZING idea to get Darcy (and baby pentland 😉) into horse riding. I rode horses all my life and I am the person I am today because of it.

  11. I hope this isn’t to personal, but i was wondering if Darcy has a wardrobe at yours and a wardrobe at her dad’s, or does she take clothes with her?

  12. You can get sparkly/glittery trainers like those gold ones for adults from Kurt Geiger – I wore them to prom lol

  13. Sara M Feel the same with some of my childhood clothes! There were two dresses which I adored and I would wear them now if they would make them for adults. I almost cried when they were too small eventually 😭 I never found a similar one, even years later 🙄

  14. I’m pretty chill with her taking clothes or toys over but I think her Dad has his own style for her.

  15. Sprinkleofglitter thanks so much for liking my comment i will hopefully send some bits to ur po box soon xxxxx

  16. This is completely random and not about the video, but I have a feeling you’re going to call Baby Girl Delilah! I can just imagine ‘Louise, Liam, Darcy & Delilah’! So cute xx

  17. Sarah Xo that’s wonderful! I think all children deserve the responsibility to give animals as rewarding as horses and attention and love. It’s incredibly fun, and there’s no pressure in the sport.

  18. Louise: get yourself a family sized dairy milk bar
    me: well good thing I hid one under my bed today!

  19. Have you seen the glittery Kate Spade Keds?? They have laces, but they’re very pretty!

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