10 BEST Pranks For Back To School

10 BEST Pranks For Back To School

10 BEST Pranks For Back To School

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10 BEST Pranks For Back To School

10 Hilarious ways you can prank your friends at school.
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10 BEST Pranks For Back To School

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10 BEST Pranks For Back To School

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10 BEST Pranks For Back To School

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10 BEST Pranks For Back To School

If you consider yourself a class clown, then we have a pretty eclectic choice of pranks you can pull when you head back to school. From replacing the filling of Oreos to dipping onions in caramel, these are ten pranks for back to school.

10 BEST Pranks For Back To School

Have you ever had someone ask for an oreo, and you give it to them knowing you didn’t really want to share it? Well, you can gladly hand over your last Oreo after seeing the prank we show you in this video. That isn’t the only dessert inspired trick we have to mess with your friends. There is also one that swaps caramel apples with onions, and the results are sure to be hilarious.

If those seem like child’s play to you, just wait until we teach you how to turn a watermelon blue. Though the internet calls blue watermelons, moon melons, they aren’t actually real. That doesn’t mean you can’t fake it with our sneaky prank to trick your friends!

And for those of you with a strong stomach, we have a prank that will make your friends question your sanity when they see you eating cat food! Don’t worry, it’s not real, but you might be able to get a friend to chow down on the real thing!

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  2. My friend hated BTS. I hated her. I hoped she got hit by a bus She got hit by a bus. I lost my bus license

  3. Talko: Best pranks for back to school!

    Thumbnail: Blue Watermellon

    Me: I…. don’t think it’ll work

  4. Omg I luv this vid it’s perfect 4 back 2 school speaking of back 2 school can u plz do a life hacks 4 tweens cuz I’m not a teen yet but I’m not a kid either so yea also u should do a vid on how 2 survive fifth grade or middle school cuz I’m gonna be graduating in a year so yea also I literally just luv ur vids ur amazing and so creative

  5. Actually I just looked it up on Google and if ur 8-12 years old then those r ur tween years so yea

  6. The best prank is putting windex in a blue Gatorade bottle and give it to your friend

    Or put bleach in a water bottle.


  7. im going to try the cat food one cause.. i known for being a cat person cause of my personality. i even have a friend that thinks i can turn into a cat at night, and secretly has ears and tail.I also love cats, so the cat food prank would be a awesome prank on my friends, thanks for the advice!

  8. You’ve never seen a Dr. Pimple Popper/cyst squeeze video?

    What’s it like..living under a rock?

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