Quickie: Spider-Man Homecoming

Quickie: Spider-Man Homecoming

Quickie: Spider-Man Homecoming

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Quickie: Spider-Man Homecoming

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Quickie: Spider-Man Homecoming


Quickie: Spider-Man Homecoming

Quickie: Spider-Man Homecoming

Quickie: Spider-Man Homecoming
Quickie: Spider-Man Homecoming

76 thoughts on “Quickie: Spider-Man Homecoming”

  1. I perfer the Raimi universe too. Glad that I’m not the only one since everyone’s craving over this one now.

  2. 1. Spiderman 2
    2. Spiderman 1
    3. Spiderman Homecoming
    4. Spiderman 3
    5. The Amazing Spiderman
    6. The Amazing Spiderman 2

  3. Honestly, I absolutely loathe Marvel movies, I find more enjoyment in starting at a wall.
    They are much more manufactured than created, they are like a meal from macdonalds, yeah, it tastes passable enough and it’s familiar and does the job of entertaining for a bit of time. but really, what is the point.

  4. I agree with the cinematography being quite uninteresting and I wish it had more character. I feel the mcu films all seem very similar when it comes to production style

  5. Loved the movie, but I absolutely agree with how “factory-formed” the movie (along with pretty much every other MCU film) feels and that, in a way, it feels more like an MCU film than a Spiderman film.
    Although one good cinematographic shot was during the scene where Adrian Toomes (Vulture) is driving his daughter and Peter to the prom and realizes that Peter is Spiderman. When he first realizes it and subtly questions Peter about it, his face is illuminated by the red traffic light, giving him a sinister look; after Peter sort of answers him, Adriean slyly smiles, and the traffic light (and therefore, the light illuminating his face) turns green, the color of the Vulture’s eyes.

  6. Why does a bunch of my conservative friends keep telling me this an “SJW movie” can we just enjoy a fucking movie this year without someone making a political message about it? -_-

  7. Nicholas Borg if you could collapse the universe, into like a tube, you would end up with a very long tube, extending twice the size of the universe because when you collapse the universe it expands and uuhhh…you wouldn’t want to put it in a tube

  8. Anonymous Potato wow, back to 2010! So yeah, views gets registered at a different pace than rating and the while still keeping tracks of the number there is a delay in displaying it to counter bots and such. Let’s do the time warp again!

  9. You aren’t being original! Go back into your hole! Find something new to say! So I don’t make you pay!

  10. MadBadSniper he brought it up because there’s a scene in the movie where one of the characters says he’s watching porn as a distraction

  11. This is why DC is better. The films look amazing and the directors have full control. I am praying they allow infinity War to be well shot and take its self seriously.


    In my opinion, caring for his family was a good motivation, but the way it was executed was poor, and it showed him being more a “muaha i’m evil” type that didn’t fit? As in, they could have added something else that makes him be willing to attack people and lose some sense of morality, with the way he was disposing of people and ready to kill Peter by the end. Some of his actions (selling the guns) fit the motivation, but imo it needs something to justify the others.

    Sorry if it’s a bit redundant I’m not good at writing my thoughts.

  13. Jedyismisback He never really harmed anybody though, the only guy he killed in the whole movie was threatening his whole operation, he has no interest in hurting anyone, but he will if they interfere with his business. And he only wanted to kill Spider-Man for the same reason, he even learns his lesson by the end and spares Peter’s identity.

  14. Well-Mannered Nate as long as they weren’t pushing an sjw narrative I don’t see how the movie is sjw. It’s one sjw character it’s just showing a specific type of person. And her scenes weren’t even that long.

  15. Majikn to each his own. What works for some people won’t work for others. I’m not saying you’re wrong for not liking the movies, but I’m explaining why a lot of people aren’t bothered by them.

  16. Yeah that’s fair and not what I take issue with. Many people seem to take a harder stance, though. The people saying “to each his own” aren’t the people saying the original is the best and anything that doesn’t follow the Raimi universe is something to be bashed. I’m just somewhat curious as to what those people would say about the original movies to defend them.

  17. Comic Fan Nick this new actor I think did peter and Spider-Man best, or at least found the best balance between the two.

    Maguire was a great peter Parker, Garfield was an ok peter Parker but a much better Spider-Man and his and Emma stone’s relationship chemistry beat Maguire and dunst’s by a mile.

    On the other hand, it’s worth noting that peter in this movie is a bit more toothless than the previous Spider-Man portrayals, but that makes sense when you realize this marvel cinematic universe makes more sense than many comic series.

    Obviously in a world with superheroes like the avengers, Peter Parker is going to have his work cut out for him, especially when he was brought into the fold the way he was, at the age he was, and in the time period he is.

    Few comics from before several years ago actually showed us a world affected by superheroes and their past actions affecting the world

  18. Yeah I knew they wanted the motivation to be a “family man” type of thing but they pushed the limits of his character and it came off badly. Having one job taken away from you would likely not turn you into an alien arms dealer. The suspension of disbelief that all these guys are smart enough to make the stuff is hard enough on its own, but then add in all of his evil motivation that seemingly comes from nowhere… It’s just not my favorite character. His story needed to be hashed out way more or changed just a little bit.

  19. Snorlaxation I agree, he did have a pretty good balance. That’s a good point about how he came in late to the game, he’s always been one the first superheroes, so it makes sense he’s not as cocky as usual.

  20. Peter Benjamin Parker the only problem being that he is making and selling weapons without any real consideration to who is getting them. Maybe he isn’t evil but he’s certainly neutral at best.

  21. Daniel G Which is, as Vulture said, exactly how Stark made his fortune. I’m not trying to say he has the moral high ground, but he does have a legitimate gripe.

  22. I get what you’re saying but political messages make the world go around. I love it when directors piss off a certain group of people.

  23. Think that was kinda why that joke was so dumb. There was no need for it and didn’t fit in the context of the scene. People probably thought it felt forced and as if the writers were trying to push this race war agenda.

  24. Suicide Squad is awful however MOS, BvS and WW are all better than any film Marvel has put out to me.

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