How Max Landis Would Fix the Star Wars Universe

How Max Landis Would Fix The Star Wars Universe

How Max Landis Would Fix The Star Wars Universe

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How Max Landis Would Fix The Star Wars Universe

Max Landis tells Jenny how HE would fix the Star Wars universe in this week's Millennial Falcon!

How Max Landis Would Fix The Star Wars Universe

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How Max Landis Would Fix The Star Wars Universe

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How Max Landis Would Fix The Star Wars Universe

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How Max Landis Would Fix The Star Wars Universe

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How Max Landis Would Fix The Star Wars Universe

75 thoughts on “How Max Landis Would Fix the Star Wars Universe”

  1. Max Landis is like the first guest to actually feel at home on this show. His sense of humour matches Jenny’s very well.

  2. Talking about Star Wars while wearing a “Very Cool” shirt on another channel is kinda funny. The rest of the video doesn’t even matter.

    Very cool… Very Cool

  3. By not making everything extremely dependent on the OT. Sorry guys, that’s the truth.

  4. Man, I feel sorry for Screen Junkies, they have some of the dumbest subscribers. How people still aren’t getting satire and sarcasm in this age is just depressing, I bet most of the dislikes are people who think The Onion is a legit news source.

  5. *It does not matter what you think of the guy. He is passionate about what he does, and is very true in his works. He has written one of Superman’s best stories in years, as well as being one of the few in Hollywood who tries to do original things. Not everything he does is good, but at least it’s different. I’d love to see him working on Marvel, DC or Star Wars movies.*

  6. I just watched that Video because of Max Landis. I really don’t get all the hate for him.

  7. Okay that Jar Jar trailer idea. I WOULD KILL to be in the theater if that was a legit movie just for the audience’s reaction

  8. He kinda fixed the Dirk Gently tv show with his own version (not that the first one was terrible, i just prefer his), and his Superman American Alien comic definitely fixed the shitty new 52 superman run.

  9. What I mean is she’s trying to push that ‘lol so random, we’re having a typical nerd conversation’ feeling too hard. I also love how Max has a RLM shirt from The Nerd Crew which is basically a parody of her entire shtick.

  10. Why not?? I don’t understand this weird hate for Max.. Have you read American Alien??? That’s the best Superman story in the last decade.

    Seriously, don’t y’all realize that he’s one of us??? He’s just a passionate nerd like the rest of us, and he’s actually talented. Do I disagree with him on stuff? Sure, but that doesn’t mean he’s not smart.

    His work speaks for itself. Not his butchered work (Victor Frankenstein), but his actual work (Chronicle, Dirk Gently, American Alien).

  11. They should write a movie or tv show together. At the start of each episode they’d have to have a disclaimer about the dangerous levels of sarcasm the viewer is about to experience.

  12. I agree. The SW universe has so much potential for new ideas, yet everything always comes down to “destroy the Death Star”.
    There are also two things that I hate that are by now ingrained in SW through movies, shows and the EU and that is: they feel the need to show how every single aspect of everything happens, there is nothing left to the imagination. Young character X stories or this is how this part of the OT happened are very lazy storylines, considering you have an entire universe of stories and characters to visit. Related to that point, I hate the “everyone is related” trope. If Rey is Luke’s daughter I’ll be very disappointed. Why can’t she just be some girl in some random planet? Why does the story have to revolve around the same characters ALL the time?

  13. Di7manya because if Luke didn’t have any kids that would be a huge slap in the face and the literal end of one of the most powerful force family users in star wars history. Personally I don’t want her to be his daughter but if Luke has 0 children that’s just a very bad move.

  14. Very cool
    Very cool
    Very cool
    Very cool
    Very cool
    Very cool
    Very cool
    Very cool
    Very cool

  15. They should star in a TV show together as a married couple called
    “The Awkwards”

  16. Stephen Montez it’s because he just isn’t funny but he tries so hard to be. I absolutely LOVE chronicle, I can’t stand following Max’s Twitter tho. He just isn’t funny.

  17. i get it, he has strong opinions and he voices them, and people who disagree don’t like it

  18. is this a reference to something? googling “star wars very cool” doesn’t even come up with the t-shirt

  19. She’s good but she needs to let the guest talk for more than 5 seconds before interrupting them.

  20. Redlettermedia have a satire of “Nerd Podcast” shows that some have said references SJ.

  21. This! I don’t usually hate but jeez jenny really bums me out. she makes really interesting content unwatchable. but people seem to love her.

  22. imagine if they somehow tied that series to All Star Superman, which it really drew upon creatively, and making it into a mini series.
    American Alien has some Sandwichy stories that you can put in between any superman origin story and you will not notice the tone change, because it understands the characters so well and doesn’t bother with flashy epic plots.

  23. Jenny used to make my little pony abridged fan videos, she likes plenty of stuff but this is kind of a character she does for this show.

  24. Knowing what sarcasm is, is like having common since and not being offended to what people say. Two traits that less and less people have now a day.

  25. He is actually more disciplined in this video. See him in previous vids with screen junkies and he has rainbow hair, acting like he had no parenting as a kid. I actually am glad he is acting more respectable.

  26. Well me personally, I thought this movie broke new ground. Even though the movie hasn’t come out yet, it’s an 8/10 movie. Very Cool

  27. 100%. That’s the problem with millions of subscribers. SJ has to figure out who their community is. Cause you’re right, some of the comments on their videos are absurd..

  28. While it’s not my favourite episode, Max had a totally different way of communicating with Jenny, which I found extremely refreshing.

  29. i’ve seen that video before she had done but didn’t realize that was her . still that video wasn’t that great to warrant her a show.

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