Designing My Own iPhone 8 From Scratch!

Designing My Own IPhone 8 From Scratch!

Designing My Own IPhone 8 From Scratch!

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Designing My Own IPhone 8 From Scratch!

Here's the iPhone 8 I'd want Apple to make. The iPhone is probably the most iconic name in tech. Instantly recognizable the iPhone changed the face of mobile computing. Now it's my turn to imagine my very own iPhone… My dream iPhone 8… My ultimate iPhone!

Designing My Own IPhone 8 From Scratch!

I teamed up with Concept Creator to dream up the ultimate iPhone 8. I thought about some of my favorite smartphone features and design aspects and Concept Creator helped bring them to life. The iPhone featured in this video is strictly a concept and features the following attributes.

Designing My Own IPhone 8 From Scratch!

– Triple Lens (Standard, Zoom, Wide)

Designing My Own IPhone 8 From Scratch!

– Stereo front facing speakers

Designing My Own IPhone 8 From Scratch!

– Fingerprint embedded in screen

Designing My Own IPhone 8 From Scratch!


– 3000mAH battery

– Sim / microSD combo slot

– Wireless charging

– 5.8 inch screen

– Angular design for more confident grip

– Bluetooth 5.0

– Maximum screen to body ratio

– Texture on volume up button

Designing and manufacturing a new iPhone is an incredibly difficult process. This video is simply a creative exercise. I decided to focus on a small set of features instead of listing off every possible specification. Some of these features are aspirational for an iPhone (for example I don’t see expandable storage or stereo front facing speakers happening anytime soon). Imagining an iPhone 8 from scratch proved to be a cool challenge and something I’d like to try again in the future. If you worked as head designer at Apple what would your dream iPhone 8 look like?

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92 thoughts on “Designing My Own iPhone 8 From Scratch!”

  1. My dream phone: Android 7.1.1, 1tb HDD, 256gb SSD, 64gb RAM, 4k display, 8k camera, Intel Xeon processor, Titan X graphics, holagraphic display, built in projector, hand warming pad on the back, 144hz refresh rate, custom built-in watercooling, 7inch display.

  2. when your trying to describe your dream iphone, but really your just describing a samsung

  3. Mootje The design is more practical and a standout from the trend of curved unibody phones. At least from my point of view

  4. My dream phone would be:

    1. Android 7.xxxx

    2. Quad Core 3.0 or above…and i mean not one processor dual 1.8 and another dual 1.2 but one big processor with 4 cores.

    3. 1″ camera sensor and if possible optical zoom but wiht inside vertical mechanism in order not to have pertruding and extruding lens and RAW image save option

    4. Front facing high quality stereo speakers.

    5. 4k display

    6. Wireless charging

    7. 256GB storage plus sd expansion

    8. 4GB+ RAM

    9. Nvidia graphics

    10. NFC and WiFi Direct

    11. GPS transmiter

    12. 3500mah+ battery

    13. Waterproof up to 10m

    14. Multitasking with multiple windows at once so you can work on all of them at once

    Hope everyone agrees 😃

  5. Who else thinks that Apple and Samsung should work together to make the best phone ever

  6. 1998: we should have flying cars and the cure to cancer by 2017.
    2017: we have a loser talking about a concept when he said he made an iphone 8.

  7. My phone: 1000 mega pixel camera with f 0.8- f200 35mm, intel core i7 7700k, dual amd vega graphics cards, 400 watt sub woofer, mechanical key board that slides out and expands and display port 3.1 with 10 petabyte 17k rpm hhd, high bit-rate wav audio playback, windows 10pro x64 bit, 200hrz 16k display with full srgb adobe rgb and pro photo rgb support on a 5″ display and an optional laptop keyboard and display to dock in to. Also can’t forget vintage anologe synths that somehow fit in the 0.4mm thick, 0.001 mm bezel brushed titanium body

  8. It sounds like you got paid for this comment. Cuzz Samsung isn’t even close to Apple. It’s not even a competition. iPhones don’t catch on fire. The only people who compare them know nothing about technology.

  9. Brian Evans 7 inch display? Why not go a little larger, so you can add a Blu-ray drive? I’d buy that!

  10. +Hybrid Synapse My parents told me not to smoke or drink because it might give me cancer, but I got it anyway from reading your comment.

  11. Hybrid Synapse there is no way that you aren’t trolling because nobody could possibly be that dull.

  12. Savage corn bread they should watch an s8 ad then try to copy it badly and release it as an iPhone 8 at a premium of $600 extra ….. ohh wait….. awkward…..


    Who says he should do a video explaining the origins of the infamous jack

  14. if apple wanted they would make the craziest phone ever, they won’t because they will run out of ideas. I’m sure they know what they will do for the next few phones too

  15. Brian Evans I would want my phones storage to automatically upload to the internet so that yes there would be minor lag but I wouldn’t have to worry about storage

  16. the.abhiram.r exactly. Apple for the iPhone 8 or x whatever is called went to Samsung and asked them for their oled screen. And they agreed. And for the iPhone 9 Apple is going to be using Samsung’s processor. And in the past Apple has gone to lg for them to make their lcd screen. All the big companies are using each other in some sort.

  17. Stelio Kontos they’re already working together they just don’t want anyone to know, Samsung always making parts for Apple

  18. TriBe Crucial it’s coming, I’m waiting too. However, I’m hoping Google is trolling with the no headphone jack thing.

  19. yea after buying a dac I don’t really need headphone jack anymore
    except it has balanced out like Onkyo granbeat

  20. Samuel Huppert you havent watched anime if you havent heard of cha-la head cha-la or du wirst unbesiegbar sein

  21. Samuel Huppert it can happen because terrorist would steal flying cars and crash into our beutiful sky scrapper and land marks making one of the greatest inventions possible but also as a 3,000 pound flying machines that Carry flammable gas with enough room to put bombs to make a bigger splash damage. Cancer maybe

  22. my boy…. Apple is leading nd Samsung is second…everybody knows that! Whenever u ask anybody what they think of first when they hear the word ‘Phone” , they answer Apple IPhone. Not Samsung. Not LG.

  23. Thename Doesn’t make sense, as long as technology evolves there will be always something better. If you make the best phone you can think off right now you can still upgrade it next year. Make the best goddman phone every fucking year and next year you can still make something different. If they do what you say they do, the ideas they are using now, they had them years ago, so what are they thinking now? What will they think 2 years from now?

  24. Nvidia graphics? Really? Does Nvidia have a Micro GPU architectures that can fit into a phone? How effecient are they compared to Adreno in Qualcomm devices?

  25. At number 14.. This became a troll. You’re either talking about a tablet idea or a laptop/desktop PC. I mean phones are now powerful enough to eventually be able to dock and use as a PC. Would be awesome if Google did this!

  26. XxTheGingaNinjaxX He specifically said he created the render, this was never the plan B. No one actually knows what the iPhone will look like.

  27. TheGamingDildacorn Apple is the only company that uses premium materials like freaking aero grade material in their phones.

  28. I agree with 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13…The others don’t make sense in terms of power savings.. well unless if #9 could happen. I mean I guess anythings possible.

  29. VenoXj1 um have you heard of micro verses were u collect power from a tiny universe the size of a battery so infinite power, until the micro verse developes there own micro verse.

  30. +Pregananant Have you seen the LG G6? That phone is beautiful. Or what about the HTC u11, or the Galaxy s8, or the Huawei p10? They’re all great looking. The iPhone has a really tiring design that has remained static since it’s conception. I don’t hate the iPhone design, it’s just a very uninspired one.

  31. Samuel Huppert He didn’t claim to have made an iPhone. The title clearly says “Designing” not “Making”.

  32. You forgot to mention the miniature nuclear reactor necessary to power that thing!

    But seriously, do you think some day mobile tech that powerful will exist? Crazy to imagine…

  33. +Your God Rosè Apple is the only company, to not even include a full HD display on a 2016 phone. I can get a full HD resolution on a phone less than $200. That’s pathetic

  34. Mike G it would be pretty cool but unlikely, transistors can only get so small so eventually computing power will require space, never know tho this power could be shrunk to the size of a phone.

  35. The reason why all those phones have nice metal bodies is because Apple did it first. Their design is still one of the best by a long shot. Its not static, how does the iPhone 7 look the same as the iPhone 1? The design has not been static at all… It is a very inspiring design since companies love making similar looking phones.

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