Back in Canada with my Family

Back In Canada With My Family

Back In Canada With My Family

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Back In Canada With My Family

I'm back in Canada for a while so my sister and I went out to Thetis Lake for a swim!

Back In Canada With My Family


Back In Canada With My Family

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Back In Canada With My Family

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Back In Canada With My Family

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Back In Canada With My Family

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39 thoughts on “Back in Canada with my Family”

  1. I love that you & Taylor are in Canada at the same time (unintentionally). Good on you for going for your grandpa, that’s so lovely. I hope he recovers well xxxx

  2. Lisa G sadly Tyler is 3 day drive from Sharla. I live near TO n most ppl from ontario take a plane out west bc it’s so far from us lol.

  3. STOP WITH THE TALK OF YOUR PERFECT VICTORIA WEATHER. I’m melting over here in Toronto. 28c+ days, and it’s been ages since the temps dropped below 20c at night… :/

  4. I think Taylor is from Ontario. If so, they are very far away from each other lol

  5. I hope your grandfather’s surgery goes well. *hugs* Is it wrong I’m excited that we might see Shay in a video? 😊💞

  6. omg 24 degrees??? such a culture shock bc the part of australia i live in 40 degrees is considered a warm summer day LMAO it must be freezing in Victoria in the winter

  7. I knew they probably wouldn’t be close but I still think it’s cool that they’re in the same country at the same time 🙂

  8. Hey Sharla do your research on chiropractors … new studies here and there hehehe just research more before you continue treatment …

  9. Welcome back Sharla!!! It’s so neat knowing you’re in my city at the same time as me! The weather has been amazing this summer, you came at the best time! You’d never guess but Thetis completely froze over last winter- I’m standing on it in my pic!

  10. I would be cautious going to a chiropractor especially when neck manipulation is involved. The twisting and shearing of your neck could result in something called vertebral artery dissection, (microtear of neck vessel, resulting in clot formation and stroke as it travels up to your brain.) I’ve seen the debilitating effects with patients of mine who went to seek a chiropractor for neck pain. Even young people such as yourself. Stay careful.

  11. Probably a 4-5 day drive, since Sharla is on the island and she would have to wait for the ferry, and travel time through the Rockies is a little slower. If you reallllly push it, 4 days. It’s a 5+ hour flight.

  12. cliffoconda Not at all. Victoria barely gets any snow in the winter, just lots of rain. Victoria is actually the warm part of Canada

  13. cliffoconda We have 40+ degrees only 4 hours east of Victoria BC. But Victoria doesn’t get that cold in the winter because its coastal.. so it is moderated by the ocean and doesn’t really get below freezing.

  14. MyLittleGreenHairdedMermaid Yeah, they’re more than 40 hours away if you were to travel by car 😅 lol

  15. Wow! I’m from Australia so I know allllll about long distance travel! I hope to move to Canada one day though! Thanks for the insight guys!! 🙂

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