Markiplier’s July Charity Livestream for EBMRF

Markiplier's July Charity Livestream For EBMRF

Markiplier's July Charity Livestream For EBMRF

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Markiplier's July Charity Livestream For EBMRF

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Markiplier's July Charity Livestream For EBMRF

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Markiplier's July Charity Livestream For EBMRF

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Markiplier's July Charity Livestream For EBMRF

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Markiplier's July Charity Livestream For EBMRF

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Markiplier's July Charity Livestream For EBMRF

70 thoughts on “Markiplier’s July Charity Livestream for EBMRF”

  1. “Some people went really deep into the lore of it-”
    *raises hand* Guilty. Four paragraphs on a five-minute video. And proud.
    Good job on the charity, to, you guys! I didn’t know about this disease until this, and I’m glad so many people were able to donate to help find a cure to such an awful disease. You guys have really good hearts. <3

  2. Why does it start at 4 hours? I missed the stream but I bet it was amazing btw!!

    Edit: Thank you for all for the replies! I can now view the whole stream from the beginning, after waiting awhile. Have a lovely life everyone

  3. MARK pleaaaaasssse do a  FIBROMYALGIA CHARITY LIVESTREAM!!!! I have it and my mom, and I know a handful other people who does too. It’s an illness not many acknowledge because there are no physical signs you can see and most of the tests come out clean. It’s incapacitating, frustrating and most of all, FREAKING PAINFUL. There’s no cure and no origin has been found. I’ve gotten to the point that I wanna take the pain away by ending my life. I’m in treatment but being in pain all the time and just THINKING that I will feel worst as I get older makes me not want to reach old age. We need better treatments and more knowledge about it, for the patients and the rest of the people too. Please help to spread awareness of this condition.
    My Medicaid plan is failing me. Help me cover my health expenses. If you can’t, at least share this link please:

  4. yull never gu fester den mi! NEVER!! WOAAAAAAH WOAH WOAH WOAHWOAHWOAHWOAHWOAH!!!!!!!!

  5. Derpy Playz Playz Hey, I have a question. I don’t know if you saw the part where he will want moderators and such, and stated it would be in his sub-Reddit. I have never used Reddit, so I don’t know where to go. I am curious about this opportunity, and i would like to check it out. Would you happen to know where I need to go to get to his sub-Reddit? I would really appreciate it 🙂

  6. I was here for the whole stream! Had it playing on my TV. Ordered a shirt. But wasn’t able to pay attention to the whole thing.
    Trying to go back and watch it again, but it’s only showing the last two hours of the stream D: Whyyyyyyyyy

  7. Pixle Plays I think that Anit and Dark in the videos were just copies. Cause normally Anti wears black earrings and Dark wears a tie and is well dressed. And if you didn’t notice, neither of them were dressed like that. Sooooo I think Anti and Dark are still alive and they’re gonna be angry knowing that someone tried to be them. Idk

  8. Both of Anti and Dark weren’t the originals. The are just wanna be’s created just for a joke.

  9. Magda Ramirez I might not be able to do much, but I’ll make dua for you, mashallah. I hope the consideration is noticed. Please, take care.

  10. ExtremeMusicLover222 Due to the size, it’s probably rendering on youtube’s end. I’ve seen this in the past. They’ll leave the last two hours up, then by tomorrow (if Mark allows it), it’ll be up in full. Cross your fingers!

  11. Okay, to clear it up in one explanation:
    The stream kept on having issues and would just stop at random points before picking up again, and they decided to just pick up on the second half tomorrow, and I think they might be trying to fix the connection issues tonight.
    Tomorrow, the stream is supposed to start at 10am their time. If you don’t believe me, Mark tweeted about it just a little bit ago. He was saying toward the end of this stream that he’s going to be doing it by himself completing Dream Daddy.
    And the last thing, don’t complain about the length of the livestream. It doesn’t matter how long he streams for. The attention should be going to the reason he is streaming for the first place, which is charity. It’s not our place to tell them that they have to stream the entire day for it to be worth it. Especially since, no matter what they’re doing during it, it must be mentally exhausting to be live to thousands of people the entire day just once in someone’s life, let alone monthly. Everyone needs to support what it is for and enjoy what is given rather than be upset that the stream was 6 hours instead of 12.
    No hostility meant in this. I just wanted to clear things up and try to stop future arguments from occurring.

  12. jesus christ. How about you stream for 6 hours straight? They are human. Not robots that work for you. They need rest. Wether it’s sleep or just alone time without thousands of people looking at em.

  13. I’m so sorry for you and everyone who has it. Spend as much time as you can with friends and family. My heart goes out to everyone who has this illness. Even if you don’t care, I’ll be praying for everyone who has this illness and others. Love you.

  14. Actually, there is someone on YouTube that has the channel name The Collector, and they record Markiplier and Jacksepticeye’s streams and post them just in case something happens to the original so that Markiplier or Jacksepticeye can download them and post them on their own. I think they’ll end up posting it the day after part 2 of this stream ends so that both days are in the same video. All of the other monthly charity livestreams are there too if you’re interested.
    And maybe you already know about them and this comment was a waste. Oh well XD

  15. Sneezy Cheeseloaf I once saw an online post with a link to a heavily researched 15 page paper on War Thunder reserve biplanes…

  16. I want to buy the m board in the background but his entire name above my bed just hanging there who else is with me on that


  18. 一抹薄荷 MintyMint 😢😢😢😢😢 o..k..😢😢😢😢😢


  19. 一抹薄荷 MintyMint *sad claps* MY PHONE wouldn’t let me watch it…every time I loaded it had a,”Sorry,An Error occurred,” on the Screen.

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