LGBTQ In The Worlds Of Doctor Who – Doctor Who: The Fan Show

LGBTQ In The Worlds Of Doctor Who - Doctor Who: The Fan Show

LGBTQ In The Worlds Of Doctor Who - Doctor Who: The Fan Show

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LGBTQ In The Worlds Of Doctor Who - Doctor Who: The Fan Show

We mark 50 years since the partial decriminalisation of homosexuality in England and Wales with a special discussion of LGBTQ in the worlds of Doctor Who. Subscribe to Doctor Who for more exclusive videos:

LGBTQ In The Worlds Of Doctor Who - Doctor Who: The Fan Show

If you or someone you know needs support for issues about sexuality, there are organisations in the UK that can help. More information can be found at 

LGBTQ In The Worlds Of Doctor Who - Doctor Who: The Fan Show

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LGBTQ In The Worlds Of Doctor Who - Doctor Who: The Fan Show

LGBTQ In The Worlds Of Doctor Who
I mark 50 years since the partial decriminalisation of homosexuality in England and Wales with a special discussion of LGBTQ in the worlds of Doctor Who. Featuring Waris Hussein, Benjamin Cook, Bethany Black and Alex (TorchwoodBoy) #50YearsLegal #LGBT50

LGBTQ In The Worlds Of Doctor Who - Doctor Who: The Fan Show

Presented, produced and edited by Christel Dee
Shot by George Shankster and Jack Belford
Series Producer: Chris Allen
Doctor Who: The Fan Show theme is composed and performed by Blair Mowat.

LGBTQ In The Worlds Of Doctor Who - Doctor Who: The Fan Show

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93 thoughts on “LGBTQ In The Worlds Of Doctor Who – Doctor Who: The Fan Show”

  1. As a bisexual guy, the LGBTQ support shown in Doctor Who has always helped a lot in my life – I can’t thank this show enough for how amazing it has been in my life and how it helped me open myself up. So thank you! This show has the best representation <3

  2. Would prefer if the equality undertones weren’t as strong as they were in the last season. I mean I’m all for equal rights but I’d prefer doctor who stayed away from anything that could cause backlash to the show.

  3. stop with all the gender and sexuality things in this show, im all for equal rights and human rights,but i just want to hear about the doctor and his/her companions. show me a new trailer or behind the scenes footage.

  4. I think a lot of people criticizing the BBC of “shoving the whole gay thing down our throats” thing are missing the point. Every year, there will be another generation of young children beginning to watch Doctor Who who may not yet be aware that gay sexuality exists. Doctor Who is able to give childen and unbiased view towards gay and lesbian relationships. So, while older fans may be tried of hearing the same gay awareness thing over and over again, just remember, this isn’t just for you, it’s for the next generation.

  5. Ok, I see a problem with the “decriminalization problem”

    According to this
    In its ‘Integrated Household Survey’, the Office for National Statistics asks 178,197 people about their sexual identity – and the vast majority of them choose to answer.

    93.5% of people said they were ‘heterosexual’ or ‘straight’, just 1.1% said they were ‘gay’ or ‘lesbian’ and 0.4% said they were bisexual. The small fraction that was left either refused to answer or said they didn’t know. Altogether, amounts to about 545,000 homosexual and 220,000 bisexual adults in the UK.

    You are part of 1.5% percent of the population. I don’t think the other 98.5% of the population should have to accept what you believe to be true. Now I do think we shouldn’t be hateful to you, but this recent change in DW is targeting the minority. This just isn’t a good business decision, as the other 98.5% isn’t part of your club, and probably won’t enjoy at as much as what we had before. Now you can call them “intolerant” if you like, but people have free will to choose what they will and will not watch. If you make DW a LGBT show you are turning off the majority or your audience. I would rather watch Star Trek, or Marvel shows than watch a Bisexual female fight aliens because I don’t relate to the LGBTs at all. Now for you folks about to tell me that the Doctor isn’t a LGBT, we have clear proof that she is. She is married to River Song. River is dead technically speaking yes, but we have seen her project herself when she wants to, so she really isn’t in terms of the show.

    Personally, I will be reserving my judgement of the actor till after we see her do something. Maybe there is a wonderful explanation that will explain everything. If there is I’ll be happy, if there isn’t I’m going to go watch all of Classic Who and stay away from this new stuff.

  6. I’m not saying that I’m against equal rights and I truly believe everyone should be treated the same regardless of their sexuality, gender, religion etc. But I watch Doctor Who for the adventures and the time travel. I wish this show would focus more on the time travelling and adventures aspects of the show. I don’t think anyone cares about the companions sexual preferences or about The Doctor’s romantic life.

  7. Well the stuff about having more women writers to fill a quota rather than the writers who are the best is a great example of why I disliked this video. Also the argument that gay characters shouldn’t be killed is an example of how the ‘progressive’ direction of the show stifles it creatively.

  8. I will find it hard to watch the Dr and his adventures now. I have been watching from the 3rd Doctor who (John Pertwee ). I now find it sad that the left wing lunatic liberal political correct brigade have got hold of it. I hope I’m proved wrong.. But I think this maybe the downfall. The Doctor maybe be facing the final countdown.

  9. If Rose, Donna, Amy or River has a relationship or flirts then it’s fine, but if Bill does the same people say “STOP MENTIONING YOUR SEXUALTIY!”
    Some fans have weird logic.

  10. We don’t want the show to become a propaganda, I’m ok with Jodie who is great, but not all of that

  11. Think it says a lot when a fictional character has a few lines about being gay and people seem to feel threatened by it.

    Gay people have had heterosexuality forced upon them for years, but hey ho.

  12. Sorry Doctor Who, after this years X-mas special, no more. I was gonna give the 13th Dr a chance, but because of your cowardice in deleting all negative and critical comments, you’ve pushed it. Goodbye, my favourite show, a show I once adored, is now dead to me.

  13. Grani Chon Oh, so actual good storytelling that features all types of characters? A focus on story and a well rounded character with whatever characteristics suit the character and not any particular agenda? Imagine that.

  14. well I’ve watched every single episode since unearthly child on VHS and also listened to the audios of the lost episodes so I’ve listened/seen every single televised episode and I’m gay and having seen over 50 years worth of Doctor Who I’m glad that I’m finally getting representation and I don’t see the problem it’s still Doctor Who.

  15. but is that the point of DW? Is the goal of DW to comfort as many people as possible regarding their sexuality? This is not the only, nor even a suitable, platform for this. How about we let scifi be scifi first? If you want to make a show all about LGBTQ lives and relationships and political / social challenges etc, then make one. Lets not sacrifice yet another amazing franchise

  16. I couldn’t care less about someone being gay or straight or whatever in between and beyond, i just despise lazy writing and agenda driven choices.

    I’m not 100% fixed on my sexual preferences yet, tho i’m not homosexual i don’t think it’s a far stretch to feel like if i were to be a lesbian i would take offense in my favorite serie doing such a poor job of portraying my sexuality like this, making a character who’s only redeeming quality (shown over and over on screen) is who they allow in their bed.

    If Bill happened to be interrupted by the doctor while making out in the start of an episode instead of awkwardly shouting at some uninterested male “look, i’m lesbian uhhhhhh” then we would know she’s lesbian without having it pushed down our throat… again, “Show don’t tell’

  17. It’s ironic that the vast majority of people against gay representation on Doctor Who are straight people who think they know everything about what homosexuals go through.

  18. No offence but this is weird, and I’m gay myself. Doctor Who is a show liked by people of all sexualities and all races. Why is there a video about why LGBTQ people like Doctor Who? I represent the G in that, and I do not believe I am any different from a straight person who likes Doctor Who. It’s a show. Why are you trying to single out a group of sexualities with a show?

  19. Why is it that whenever the show talks about or references anything that isn’t to do with white straight males, people get mad? It’s getting boring honestly, the show doesn’t revolve around you and what you want to see, it’s about diversity and promoting being different and it always has been.

  20. You are describing literally EVERY other video on this channel. They make a video ONCE, specifically for LGBTQ fans of the show and you can’t cope? Just skip it. One video. Is it so difficult?

  21. btrigwel yes it is difficult. impossible even. it’s very hard to see this on my feed and not click on it just to complain about it. there must be some time lord technology forcing the subscribers to view it and suffer from how innocuous it is.

  22. btrigwel or maybe they should watch the video, and attempt to see the world from another person’s perspective. It might just be an interesting and enriching experience. After all, variety is a key part of the human condition.

  23. FOURJUANTWO You complain about shows forcing these types of “things”, but TV has always pushed messages. In the 80’s Doctor Who tackled Section 28, soaps tackle topical issues, Star Trek is famously one of the most progressive shows in history. This isn’t new, it’s as old as the medium itself.

    This needs to continue – visual media acts a lens through which we can scrutinise our own society and reflect upon what we see, do we like it? Do we see something that needs changing? Look at when the Doctor brings down a Prime Minister with just a few words – is it right that one person, however well intentioned, can end another person’s career with nothing more than rumour? How about how we are willing to blindly follow anyone who promises great things, despite warning bells – Harold Saxon/The Master? Fiction allows us the opportunity to look at difficult topics in a detached manner.

  24. Jake’s Thoughts The most liberal and progressive shows with many LGBT people having real relationships are actually the British soaps. It really baffled me, I didn’t expect that.

  25. El Patron You may not accept it, but that’s how life is. When something makes an achievement it deserves to be celebrated. Representation matters in TV, it allows for children to grow up knowing that one day they can be just like a character on TV. A series just full of white males would be such a disappointment in this modern society that we live in. A video like this, highlights the achievement from doctor who, it doesn’t threaten any other groups of people, it literally is focusing on one element in the show of doctor who. People have varied connections to this subject depending on how you feel, however you should accept the fact that this is important to some people.

  26. They didn’t say LGBT characters shouldn’t be killed, they specifically discussed how this is not ok. At the same time, killing only gay characters as was the practice in many shows before is not ok either.

  27. These people in the LGBT community are the only people I’ve seen mentioning killing off the gay characters. I saw no backlash about Bill’s death anywhere. These people are manufacturing controversy that just isn’t there. It’s these people that bring it up in the first place as if its intentional that make it a problem. Please tell me the shows you’re talking about where only gay characters die, because they don’t exist.

  28. It’s their own fault for clicking on the video then. If they’re mad, no one to blame but themselves. 😂

  29. It is propaganda because they keep mentioning bill is gay at unnecessary times and videos like this they won’t shut up about gay people even though no one cares

  30. keith brannon
    Bill: So, the Time Lords, bit flexible on the whole man-woman thing, then, yeah?
    The Doctor: We’re the most civilized civilization in the universe. We’re billions of years beyond your petty human obsession with gender and its associated stereotypes.

  31. Exactly my, albeit sarcastically put, point.
    A well written story that features gay, bi, or whatever else you care to name characters is still a well written story and if it’s in a genre I like I’ll probably enjoy it. As one poster said, (paraphrasing heavily here) if the Doctor had awkwardly interrupted Bill snogging her puddle girl in her first appearance we’d have got the message.
    And as another person pointed out, in the area of entertainment the best thing for any community ostracized for who they are isn’t a laser focus on the salient characteristic but rather presenting that characteristic as part of a normal, fully realized character.
    Just an example from a video game I enjoy and I’ll end the wall of text. In The Witcher 3, a game some have criticized for a lack of diversity even though the fantasy world is based on medieval Poland and racially diverse characters would have to have been treated as bizarre outsiders in that setting or it would have been jarring and unrealistic, there is a character who exemplifies the point I’m trying to get across. He lives alone in the woods, partly because of his job as a hunter and part time protector of the village and partly because he’s a bit of a social pariah. He’s a completely normal guy, but if you pursue the right conversation options you find out he’s a bit of an outcast because the local ruler found out he and the ruler’s son were lovers and reacted badly. The main character can choose to simply say, “I’m sorry” when he finds this out and move on to pursue his business with the man. Here’s the important part, the character is exactly the same and Geralt (the protagonist) treats him the same regardless of whether or not you know this. That’s how you do it. He’s gay, and if you treat him well enough that he opens up to you and tells you his story it adds depth to the interaction and both characters but being gay is just part of who he is, not WHAT he is.

  32. LGBTQ people are ‘continuing the species’ as well. Also YOU’RE. Maybe read a book, learn something about humans, and how to write. Lol bye.

  33. Will Davenport Music. Are you really using that as an argument ? Everything is political . Find a better argument.

  34. I agree. It’s just a phase anyway. They’ll be normal in a few years and look back on how strange they were.

  35. Sky Dome children don’t speak the truth they lie all the time. in fact they are the ones most likely to believe anything whether or not it’s the truth as long as it comes from a place of authority i.e. parents,teachers,etc

  36. +Skinny Rat Gaming I haven’t seen the Capaldi series, but hearing about Bill – sorry to sound racist – her partner proclivities isn’t the first thing I notice. Too, noöne as far as I’ve read so far has mentioned the gay lizard woman and her girlfriend.

  37. That means the Time Lords don’t have the issue at all. That doesn’t make him bi. Honestly that isn’t even an answer. For all we know all the Time Lords are straight and they just don’t have any LGBTs. All we have gotten from that is that there is no debate on Gallifrey about it.

  38. Evocatii, I think the reason why there is a video about LGBTQ Identifying people and Dr Who is because the show, wether conciously or not, has addressed such issues that the LGBTQ Community have to deal with, for decades now, issues such as identity, place in society and other such topics.

    As long as it isn’t being rammed down our throats (no pun intended 😉 )like it was in Glee in later series, I couldn’t care less if Bill Potts is gay, straight or even wobbly, as long as her character is written well and acted well, that’s all that matters to me, which so far it is, even with her constant explaining “sorry I prefer girls”, which let’s face it, it’s a problem I expect many gay/lesbian people have to put up with still!

  39. Winston Snow I know, if LGBTQ+ don’t like labels shouldn’t they not be annoyed by the fact that the BBC are addressing this. Doctor who is doctor who. Nobody cares if the doctor is gay,queer,straight etc. We just want a story plot which is good and doesn’t constantly point out what someone identifies as.

  40. I felt triggered seeing this video in my feed, but then I watched it and it was really well made. So thumbs up for this video!

  41. keith brannon right so to you if a male time lord were to marry a female time lord but then one of the two regenerated in the opposite gender what would you label their relationship would it still be heterosexual ? Would it end merely because of gender even though that clearly isn’t an issue ? Or would you simply consider all time lords to be what we would call queer as in without the restrictions of gender or sexuality?

  42. Ned Kelsey Bill is ok, a decent actress and much better than clara (she embodies the Mary Sue), but towards the end I was getting tired of her constantly saying “I like girls”. Now I am just annoyed that they brought her back for the Christmas special! Her arc had a decent end, leave it at that.

  43. Time Lords have been shown to have a choice in what gender they transform into. I refer to River Song. This fact makes your hypothetical situation not really relevant…

  44. evocatii its something the lgbt community is strong in. Just look at the gay pride: ‘lets behave as gay as possible and show it to everyone so people can see we are equal’. Just be gay, but stop rubbing it in our faces. I dont care if youre gay bi straight or make love to apache helicopters, just stop screaming it. Stop shouting that you want equality by pushing a gay agenda.

    Just put in a gay person and dont spend too much time on it. Harkness worked great because it was not made into a big deal.

    Pretend in the show gay is already accepted and it will be accepted. I fear the next season. I hope the new doctor is simply the doctor, dont make it a feminist doctor

  45. Honestly, the only reason the likes and dislikes gap has widened more for the likes in the end is because people saw it and went “we gotta stop the bigot forces of evil from winning this”

  46. keith brannon not all. they have been shown to have varying control of their ability. Romana had the most, The Doctor the least. The Doctor usually doesn’t know what he looks like until he gets a look in a mirror. And Neither did the General.

  47. you don’t understand. We scream, we show it to everyone because for decades we’ve been ridiculized/punished/ laughed at for being lgbt and there’s still so much homophobia. There’s no gay agenda. it’s just gay people being represented on tv shows because in our society there’s gay people.

  48. Somebody Tbf… your problem is more with their PR person then. What does that have to do with the actual production?

  49. so the Doctor (a +1000year old alien who can travel through space and time with a spaceship which is bigger on the inside than the outside) being a woman is so out-of-place? okay dude….

  50. finally someone caught that! that’s exactly correct!! in the episode
    Last of the Time Lords, was when Captain Jack revealed his childhood nickname on the Boeshane Peninsula was ‘the Face of Boe’. not many caught that reference but it was positively brilliant writing.

  51. Dill Gomez actually no, the show is not about DIVERSITY but about Time Travelling Alien, fighting threats to the balance of the universe here and there.

  52. No. The show differs from any other sci-fi type genre due to the Doctor’s acceptance and love for nearly every species. This show, whilst focusing mainly on time travel and alien life, has always had themes of diversity. If you can’t see that then that’s your problem.

  53. Alright that’s your opinion and you have that right to state your displeasure about having a female doctor. But its sounds very silly that the removal of some comments was the final straw of you saying that you won’t watch Doctor Who again and you making it seem that there is a huge conspiracy at the BBC to silence the naysayers. Tbh there were some sexist comments on the reveal of the 13th Doctor which was disappointing so I can see why the BBC felt the need to remove those comments.

  54. Well let’s just hope that he does it right. Going off of Broadchurch, he had no problem making women both strong yet flawed, even though non of the characters had any super powers.

  55. Yeah it’s very possible Chris Chibnall already knew the Doctor’s gender, but I hope series 11 and onwards will be great too!

  56. well, if you don’t care it shouldn’t bother you either, i wouldn’t call it a valid reason then.

  57. Recently had to go to hospital due to pain he describes as ‘like being hit by a bus’.

  58. Dill Gomez NO! It’s about the brilliant storytelling. That’s what people want to see. They don’t want good storytelling to be destroyed by the show becoming an SJW campaign.

  59. Fuzzycat I’m merely pointing out the political fact of the show that has always been evident – the political ‘propaganda’ of the show has always been more inclined to left-wing attitudes and a focus on the underdogs – not the restrictive elite, hence allowing an acceptance of minorities like the LGBT+ society.

  60. Some Random guy I like to think that too when I dream but Chinball has said some stuff which gives the idea that the show may just go all SJW on us.

  61. Bill mentioned likin girls twice.

    Here’s the list.

    Pilot – Bill mentions fancying girl in canteen, later implies to foster mum she’s not interested in guys.
    Smile – not mentioned
    Thin Ice – not mentioned
    Knock Knock – fends off interest of Paul by saying she tends to go for girls
    Oxygen – not mentioned
    Extremis – seen on date with Penny (y’know, like Clara was various times with Danny)
    Pyramid- seen on date with Penny
    Lie of Land – don’t think it was mentioned
    Empress – not mentioned
    Eaters of Light – conversation with Romans
    World Enough – not mentioned
    Doctor Falls – Heather appears at the end, kiss, go off together

    The word “gay” is not mentioned once. The word “lesbian” is not mentioned once.

  62. because it was a stupid idea and they blocked it out, or they just came on when matt started

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