10 People Who Succeeded Despite The Odds

10 People Who Succeeded Despite The Odds

10 People Who Succeeded Despite The Odds

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10 People Who Succeeded Despite The Odds

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10 People who hit rock bottom before making it big!

10 People Who Succeeded Despite The Odds

Many celebrities weren’t raised in the lap of luxury, and some of them were destined to live a life that was less than ideal. But a stroke of fate provided them the opportunity to turn their lives around. Some of them went from living on public assistance and spending their lives behind bars to having net worths of over $1 billion dollars. If you want to hear some of the most inspiring rags-to-riches stories, make sure to watch our video: 10 People Who Succeeded Despite the Odds.

10 People Who Succeeded Despite The Odds

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10 People Who Succeeded Despite The Odds

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10 People Who Succeeded Despite The Odds

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  4. Who else thinks thy Robert Downey Jr. Should have been on this list

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  8. I wouldn’t say any of these struggled… you wanna see struggles go to Africa where the people don’t have clean water… that’s a fucking struggle… these people had normal lives… Go away..

  9. “That he and his mom never had money to eat” this is why commas matter people

  10. Am I the only one who thought of the show Supernatural when hearing Johnny Depp”s Story?

  11. Just because someone out there has it worse, doesn’t mean your or other people’s problems doesn’t matter.

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