Thank You Peter – The Best of the Twelfth Doctor

Thank You Peter – The Best Of The Twelfth Doctor

Thank You Peter – The Best Of The Twelfth Doctor

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Thank You Peter – The Best Of The Twelfth Doctor

To say thank you, here’s a celebration of Peter Capaldi’s best Doctor Who moments as the Twelfth Doctor, released at San Diego Comic-Con 2017. Subscribe to Doctor Who for more exclusive videos:

Thank You Peter – The Best Of The Twelfth Doctor

Thank You Peter – The Best of the Twelfth Doctor
To say thank you, here’s a celebration of Peter Capaldi’s best Doctor Who moments as the Twelfth Doctor, released at San Diego Comic-Con 2017. From his first moments in Series 8 with Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman) all the way through to Series 10 with Bill Potts (Pearl Mackie) and Nardole (Matt Lucas).

Thank You Peter – The Best Of The Twelfth Doctor

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Thank You Peter – The Best Of The Twelfth Doctor

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Thank You Peter – The Best Of The Twelfth Doctor

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Thank You Peter – The Best Of The Twelfth Doctor

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90 thoughts on “Thank You Peter – The Best of the Twelfth Doctor”

  1. Thank you for all the great memories. You’re the last truely great doctor! Thank you and god bless you Peter!

  2. In series 8, I didn’t think he was the Doctor. Peter had always been great but he didn’t fit the character. In series 9, he was better. In series 10, he was amazing. Thank you, Peter. You were amazing.

  3. They didn’t get an actor to play The Doctor…they found the ‘REAL’ Doctor to play himself. We will miss you Peter. You go down in my history books as being the best Dr imaginable. x

  4. I don’t care what other people think, Peter Capaldi has been an outstanding Doctor and has been in some incredible episodes. Jodie Whittaker has huge boots to fill, but I reckon she’ll do fine.

  5. One of my favourite lines from Peter Capaldi:
    “Without hope,
    Without witness,
    Without reward.”

  6. Anyone who says they don’t like Peter Capaldi are fake fans who probably are teenage girls who only watch it for sex appeal

  7. Goodbye, Peter. I won’t forget to subscribe to the official Doctor Who YouTube channel. I promise!

  8. Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    When Peter goes
    I will forget to subscribe to Doctor Who

  9. Peter was one of the best actors to ever grace the show. Sure, his tenure might have had its ups and downs, but what doesn’t in life? It’s heartwarming to think that this man, who has loved the show for so long, got to play the role of a lifetime and you can just tell that he’s loved every second of it. Thank you for all you’ve given to the show Peter and good luck for the future. You will be missed.

  10. When online pundits speculate that Peter was meh in Doctor Who I always wonder did we watch same show. He was brilliant. Worthy continuation from Matt.

  11. DIvizoro doesn’t every era have it’s ups and downs? an era can never be completely perfect 🙂
    Peter Capaldi owned the role through the good, the bad and the wibbly wobby, it’s been one hell of a ride!

  12. That’s what I said: “his tenure might have had its ups and downs, but what doesn’t in life?” :3

  13. 9:
    Before i go i just want you to know you were fantastic absolutely fantastic, and you know what… so was i

    i don’t wanna go

    i will always remember when the doctor was me

    don’t forget to subscribe to the offical doctor who youtube channel

  14. In Return, Clara the worst? I strongly disagree. I liked her. She was interesting, quite a different companion imo in regard to personality, and if nothing else for me she was the hottest.

  15. After the Christmas special, they better have him do it in the next video, but have him regenerate into Whittaker mid-sentence who does it for now on.

  16. Skullexandria Gloomelda “Don’t forget to sub-s…” *Peter Coughs, then falls into the floor, a flash of light then Jodie slowly gets up* “Subscribe to the official Doctor Who YouTube channel.”

  17. TheHaza47 the reason that people assumed you didn’t like Jodie was because you said “he is the last truly great Doctor” which implies that you think Jodie isn’t going to be great, which I can see what they mean it wasn’t good wording, but I also understand that you meant “he” as in he’s the last male (at the moment). They weren’t attacking you, they just didn’t get what you meant (I hope I got it right or else this is pretty awkward)

  18. Michael McGrath I’m a guy, and my favourite Doctor is Matt Smith. You’re clearly not over the age of 10, and should be in an anger management class.

  19. doodoodoooooo doodooo….. dooooooweeeeoooooo <- It's a lame attempt at recreating the scene's score.

  20. Series 8 was plagued with bad stories. I’m doesn’t surprise me that they cut most of it out.

  21. MalikProductions Max I really liked 8, but the relationship between Clara and the Doctor in 9 made it for me, also, the Zygon Inversion and Heaven Sent.

  22. Peter’s helping us remember as we all seemed to have a strange lapse of memory loss before he came along. He is treating us as The Doctor.

  23. I’ve always loved Tennant’s Doctor, but now I think Capaldi’s might be might favourite one. He seems made for that role. I didn’t know him before the series but the moment is was revealed he was going to be the 12th Doctor I knew it was the right choice. But I did have to get used to him once his first series started. Don’t know whether it was bad writing or just his Doctor wasn’t very likeable at first.

  24. Golden Ferret He should just be kept for the outro, for the entire future of Doctor Who.

    By the way, does anyone here know his catchphrase? Like Geronimo! or Allons-y!. It would be something he said 12 times, corresponding to his number like the other new Doctors before him.

  25. The RandonRon
    These lines along with The Caretaker were too reminiscent of similar characterization from Babylon 5: Episode “Comes The Inquisitor” and the character Zathras. I wish Moffat had been more original.

  26. *Doctor sits up; looks around*



  27. I will miss him so much,why couldn’t he stay???Peter,I don’t know if you will ever see this,but you were right up there with Tom Baker(the 1st Doc I saw,my first favorite), Chris Eccelston(spelled his name wrong?)& David Tennant.

  28. Benjamin. People who say they don’t like Peter Capaldi say it because THEY DON’T LIKE PETER CAPALDI, for whatever reason!
    That doesn’t make them fake fans; it just means their opinion is different.

  29. and sometimes that’s the best way to do it, better than dragging it out until people get tired of it, go out strong! I loved Capaldi, i will very much miss his Doctor 🙁

  30. The writing for the Twelfth Doctor in Series 9 was absolutely bizarre. The comedy aspects really didn’t work, and the whole Sonic sunglasses, electric guitar etc. was just stupid.
    That being said, he certainly had many moments to shine in S9 too. Hell Bent, Zygon Inversion, Under the Lake/Before the Flood

  31. cheekyoziechick 100% agree the Capaldi seasons for me represent Dr Who as he is meant to be for me personally. He had the contained madness of Tom Baker and the warmth of Peter Davidson. The two doctors I grew up with. Gonna shed a little tear on Christmas day for him. Looking forward to the first female doctor. As long as Chibnal is up to the task there’s no reason for the series to not go from strength to strength.

  32. Andres Castillo Not true one of the original writers of doctor who stated in the early 80s that he’d love to see a female Doctor regeneration.

  33. I agree, but IMO he only became good as the doctor until his second season, but I don’t blame him but the writers

  34. Dantrick I know but I’m kinda saying that a lot of people hated Colin when his personality is just like the First Doctor.

  35. Anyways i wasnt trying to start anything i just thought u were saying Hartnell was bad and stuff (Hartnell’s my favorite Doctor)

  36. THE BRITISH EMPIRE! Going by the regeneration scene, no. Denzy got it right with “I will always remember when the Doctor was me.”

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