[NEW HERO NOW PLAYABLE] Introducing Doomfist | Overwatch

[NEW HERO NOW PLAYABLE] Introducing Doomfist | Overwatch

[NEW HERO NOW PLAYABLE] Introducing Doomfist | Overwatch

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[NEW HERO NOW PLAYABLE] Introducing Doomfist | Overwatch

Meet Doomfist—a formidable tactician who packs one hell of a punch.

[NEW HERO NOW PLAYABLE] Introducing Doomfist | Overwatch

Play him now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One!
Learn more about Doomfist:

[NEW HERO NOW PLAYABLE] Introducing Doomfist | Overwatch

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[NEW HERO NOW PLAYABLE] Introducing Doomfist | Overwatch

[NEW HERO NOW PLAYABLE] Introducing Doomfist | Overwatch

95 thoughts on “[NEW HERO NOW PLAYABLE] Introducing Doomfist | Overwatch”

  1. here’s to the first two weeks where if you don’t join first you have a 0% chance of playing as him lmao..

  2. Wait, didn’t the lore bit say that Doomfist punched the OR-15 robot into the wall with his bare fist? Why is it the Doomfist gauntlet in the video?

  3. Lautaro Cruz Which she probably is, as she can kill any hero during long distances in one or two shots.

  4. Frimemo man, I cant wait to play orisa!
    Her abilities are so unique and special, totaly not ripped from other heros!

  5. yea after the last nerf i became a winston main because roadhog is too weak now imo.
    he’s deffinetly playable but not as fun as he used to be, and the “one man apocolypse” line doesn’t make sense anymore either since he can’t do much on his own now.

  6. The “git gud” responses are the most stupid answers I have heard. We can just say that about every hero really. “nerf pharmacy!” git gud and learn to aim, “buff sombra!” git gud at hit and run. and so on.

  7. Actually, the reason he didn’t voice doomfist was because he “didn’t want to get in the way of their vision” and ended up getting a job for crackdown 3 instead.

    Still would be the best voice actor ever.

  8. That’s actually an in-game spray now! Although you can only pair it with Zarya’s.

  9. That’s why you should never just go to quick play to try a new hero cause you’ll get rekt

  10. Betrayerlovernum 1 TF2 is actually still fun it’s just not as popular anymore because of overwatch

  11. AdaWongMistress She’s a DPS. She offers a lot to a team comp. In dives, she can easily pick off DPS characters while her team (Genji, Lucio, Winson, D.Va, etc) target the supports. If you can aim, Widow offers a lot to the team and I really doubt she needs a buff. She’s just fine where she is 🙂

  12. OnPS4 I agree with that one. Sometimes or I would say most of the times you lag some mobility. So that would help her. But a dmg boost is not needed so far as I can see.

  13. You don’t even need to record new voicelines. All the characters already have an “I’m on fire!” voice line.

  14. yahia ashraf sure as he’ll hope not that would make it so boring, look how fun tf2 matches were when there wasn’t a Pyro on either team

  15. Soljighi wtf are you talking about. Sombra been on console ever since she was announced on PC

  16. it says in the lore ‘doomfist took out the bots’ and since they called him doomfist, then he would have already had the gauntlet

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