‘L-G-B-T’ – James Corden Sings for Transgender Troops

'L-G-B-T' - James Corden Sings For Transgender Troops

'L-G-B-T' - James Corden Sings For Transgender Troops

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'L-G-B-T' - James Corden Sings For Transgender Troops

James Corden responds to President Donald Trump's decision to ban transgender people from the military with a parody of the classic song "L-O-V-E."

'L-G-B-T' - James Corden Sings For Transgender Troops

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'L-G-B-T' - James Corden Sings For Transgender Troops

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'L-G-B-T' - James Corden Sings For Transgender Troops

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'L-G-B-T' - James Corden Sings For Transgender Troops

Each week night, THE LATE LATE SHOW with JAMES CORDEN throws the ultimate late night after party with a mix of celebrity guests, edgy musical acts, games and sketches. Corden differentiates his show by offering viewers a peek behind-the-scenes into the green room, bringing all of his guests out at once and lending his musical and acting talents to various sketches. Additionally, bandleader Reggie Watts and the house band provide original, improvised music throughout the show. Since Corden took the reigns as host in March 2015, he has quickly become known for generating buzzworthy viral videos, such as Carpool Karaoke."

'L-G-B-T' - James Corden Sings For Transgender Troops

87 thoughts on “‘L-G-B-T’ – James Corden Sings for Transgender Troops”

  1. trumps like that boy friend everybody warned u about …he says he loves u in the beginning but eventually u realized he just wanted to smash!!! make america Single again !!! 😂

  2. As a GAY Veteran I appreciate this show of support. For those of you who think that I have a mental disorder, remember I protected you while you slept in your safe, warm bed. I slept on the ground so you could have freedom.

  3. Transgender “women” have to insert a glass dildo into the open wound in their crotch 2-4 hours a day or it will close up because it’s a cut made into their body. This is not love. This is not tolerance. This is spreading mental illness, pain, and suffering.

  4. So did anyone actually do any research on why this ban is happening, or are we just assuming our president is a terrible transphobe?

  5. I don’t want to pay for people to have a sex change. Am I crazy or completely sensible?

  6. Just commenting before all the trump supporters and anti-lgbt people attack this video.

  7. Sad to put it this way but some women grow a pair of bigger balls than trump which is why he’s taking away their rights

  8. Jesus, no one made a single video thanking our troops and/or veterans but as soon as Transgenders are mentioned in them, everybody all of a sudden supports the troops.

  9. malique buffer your weak joke makes you look foolish. You do realize we are the only country that INCENTIVIZES people for NOT working… but how you dare ask… because the working class get taxed on it (thanks obummer), so if your okay with either not working and letting others give you their money that they worked for, or working and having to give up your money to those who don’t deserve it… then your screwed up in the head. And what if everyone was lesbian, gay, or confused (let’s be honest here), then how would we populate the earth? And if “technology” is the answer… we’ll, who’s going to pay for that? Or who can?

  10. “Trump’s got HATE for me and you”
    Liberals, please remember this next time you try to say Trump is dividing us…

  11. Tony Hartman It’s not possible for everyone to be LGBT. You’re born that way, it’s not a choice so that isn’t a problem we would ever run into, not even hypothetically. That’s like saying what if the whole world was born white.

  12. With that face I hardly believe you pay taxes at all, you are probably on madicare, and if we pay for methadone for the drug addicts and for poor families to keep having babies, why wouldn’t we pay a little something for military services?

  13. From a medical standpoint, transgenders go hand in hand with a lot of strong mood swings. And that can become an unnecessary impediment to military operations. It’s not a personal attack on the LGBTQ community—it’s looking out for our troops out there. Things like color blindness, asthma, as well as psychological disorders may also disqualify from people from the military. Does this mean that Trump hates the colorblind? No. He’s looking out for our troops.

    And no, I’m not a doctor. But I also don’t take for granted this current age of free information. Sure, everyone is entitled to their opinion, even uninformed opinions. But try researching some before making it an emotional thing about “outright” discrimination—it’s not.

  14. It isn’t about safety or patriotism or money either. It is to give his redneck supporters a reason to support him and distract the media and public from the Russian collusion scandal. The army isn’t just fighting and guns, there are many other roles, so it isn’t about protecting other troops and it costs more for Trump to go golfing so it isn’t money.

  15. laura goetz I agree with the last thing, I wouldn’t do it but I believe a private business should be able to discriminate if they please and the market will take care of that business

  16. Roman Watson Why should someone be allowed to deny a job to someone based on their race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, etc?
    What do those characteristics have to do with working? People need jobs.
    It’s a basic protection of civil rights.

  17. Trump is taking focus off all the Russia pandering his family and whole crew are doing. Trump’s been money laundering for the cruelest, most vile leaders of world nations and heads of business worldwide. For that he deserves to be shot as a traitor.

  18. I honestly don’t understand why everyone is asking for acceptance, when homosexuals don’t even accept their own identity as men.

  19. Youtube auto-deleted it in response to people probably flagging it for offensive content. Youtube doesn’t go around patrolling videos, especially not videos with less than half a million views. Don’t be paranoid, and don’t be a fool.

  20. I see all these people in the comment section of every video dealing with this issue talking about the rate of suicide among members of the transgender community and LGBTQ+ community in general. Do you wonder what causes this? Because, and feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, I think bullying, discrimination and segregation are all causes of suicide – this has been proven time and time again to be true.
    So, not to be bossy or tell you all what to do, instead of spreading hate and promoting arrogance and misunderstanding about members of these communities by basically condoning bullying, shouldn’t we show support and just be nice to people – not just LGBTQ+ but everyone – instead? I’m pretty sure that will help.
    God bless you all.

  21. Please shut up. We celebrate Vets and the troops constantly. All I see are people thanking troops. Yes, there are those that are assholes and treat them with disrespect, but don’t bullshit yourself into thinking Americans don’t support the military.

    This is about supporting everyone. We support and love the troops and want everyone willing to join. Regardless…

  22. How can you suggest that there are not videos in honor of our troops? Are you that stupid?

  23. Tantheman93 like all you republicans who will not face the facts that Jesus said to love all no matter who they are.

  24. That’s largely for blood circulatory and heart conditions not erectile dysfunction. Need anything else disproven? Send it on over

  25. also even if it was only for erectile dysfunction at least that’s an ACTUAL medical condition rather than a mental health disease and/or delusion.

  26. Gian Santiago transgender women has more testosterone than an average women.what is your point?

  27. I am only 13 not able to vote yet and it makes me mad not to be able to choose what world the current adults are going to leave behind for my generation. I cried the day trump won i feel he isn’t qualified to be president. He said so many ignorant things. Just remember once is an accident, two a coincidence, three a pattern. I hope there is still hope for america when i get older.

  28. Ivan Castillo Most of them do already. You think literally +15k trans troops only get in just for free surgery? You still have to pass the tests. A tiny percent get the surgery and not my serve but stupid cuntservitards make it a big deal because theyre ignorant

  29. Alexander Russell ain’t nobody got time to worry about how they look or if they look right should they be a man or a woman in the military they already have problems we don’t want these people in there cuz they ain’t nothing but a liability

  30. Gay and trans are completely different. Completely. Good job in your virtue signal beacon though, Stanley. Please refer to what our General James Matthis stated before you start your persecution olympics.

  31. Kenny Doss, they might not be down to do that because of people like you, who surround them with ideas like that, and make them feel like it’s something they should hide, or make it seem wrong to them. That’s most likely why they haven’t come out. Because you surround them with hate to the point to where they either kill themselves, or hide it until they break. Think about what it would be like if you suddenly fell attracted to a man. What would you do? You can’t stop it from happening, and you can’t hide it from yourself, (and religion/conversion tactics don’t work, it just suppresses feelings,) so what would you do?

    And a quick question, how are trans people a liability? If they have finished their transition, they are just like everybody else.

  32. Matthew Sidewater I know all Benjamin Mathews said was an insult but it was kinda funny

  33. Thank you! As a gay man myself, it’s so sad to see people telling us that we are weak because the percentage of LGBTQ+ members committing suicide is so high. Then they proceed in promoting bullying and harassment against us. Keep on promoting the community, it’s such a good thing to see!

  34. If you settle down with a family, you have either a husband or a wife. Therefore, you are no longer “bisexual”, you’re either gay or straight.

  35. I love John Oliver and Colbert is good. I just kinda have them in a different category in my head? They’re more dedicated to political commentary than anything else so I have them off in a separate group from James, the Jimmys [who I can’t stand] and Conan [not bad but meh].

  36. SerDuckington Except here is what you forgot to take into account when you decided to include black people into your argument: black people weren’t disowned by their families for being black. You realize that the reason why suicide rates among trans (and even LGBT people in general) is so high is because most of the time they’re rejected by their families. If their family rejects them (and in some cases harms them either physically or mentally), then they’re more likely to attempt suicide and have a whole lot of other mental problems. If you wanna read more, I suggest you take a look at this: https://williamsinstitute.law.ucla.edu/wp-content/uploads/AFSP-Williams-Suicide-Report-Final.pdf

  37. Lia Scott has nothing to do with sexual preference huh? Odd. Pretty sure that’s all it is. Except for the transsexual, they are a whole group of weird

  38. Dani was invented I see your point, although I do think that they should still get a shot, like everyone else. They are still normal human beings, just like everyone else, after all. I do think that does explain some of the reasoning of ban, although I don’t believe it is right. Thanks for your opinion!

  39. K-Radha Singh The suicide rate is so high because you’re not born with the wrong body… just like the lamp isn’t talking to the hobo with schizophrenia. They’re both mental illnesses people need help with, so stop saying they’re not.

  40. ThatGamerKid 77 im gay and i don’t support mentally disabled people in the military. therapists and psychologists consider gender dusphoria to be an illness and people who are sick have no place in the toughest institution in the country. why not let in color blind people or people missing one finger? i don’t even think gays like us should be in because I know id make my bunkmate uncomfortable and sex is not allowed in the military. dishonorable discharges keep people from getting jobs outside of the military and yoh recieve no veteran’s benefits if that happens. I think it should go back to dont ask dont tell like how it was before obamas second term. there were little to no problems in the army back then. serving is a privilege.

  41. James is a talented showman and that’s a good thing. The ability to effortlessly sing and dance and act adds so much than just being a comedian/political commentator…

  42. The high suicide rate is only comparable to Jews in nazi Germany. I assure you they aren’t half as oppressed as Jews in Nazi Germany. There is more behind the suicide rate. It’s clearly not just bullying and “oppression”

  43. Helen Ashbrook I don’t think these people should be humiliated or mocked but reinforcing their delusions when they can never happen will only lead to very serious problems for them in the future. This is not reality.

  44. Don’t that’s my point. Being a straight white male is normal, but 70% of suicides are from them. That’s the real issue you need to look at.

  45. Eric Mazariegos Eric that’s a painfully ignorant statement you just made. I’m not talking about a “sexual practice” or a part of their sexuality. It’s a very painful, torturous procedure they have to undergo for months if not years if not longer. Now, if I were to take a wild guess I would have to go with problems like that leading to more suicides than people making fun of them online.

  46. Yep, the world ended about a year ago, now we’re just prolonging the inevitable. Wouldn’t be a problem if they never legalized gay marriage and all that sh!t. If you think about it that kinda stuff is just a mental disorder, people thinking they are what they aren’t. It’s science people deal with it

  47. unluckyomen13 They are hurting themselves. Cutting apart parts of your body and turning them into infectious open wounds is harming yourself. If someone was cutting themself with a razor blade would you reinforce it and tell them to do it? No. This is wrong and it doesn’t help anyone. That why the rates for suicide don’t go down after the procedure.

  48. A random Dope guy really its science that being gay is mental ilness sorry its the other way around dumbass

  49. Actually some do its called a beautiful transwomen , they are beautiful butterflies I swear.

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