It’s Like Candy For Your Eyeballs…

It's Like Candy For Your Eyeballs...

It's Like Candy For Your Eyeballs...

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It's Like Candy For Your Eyeballs...

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It's Like Candy For Your Eyeballs...

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It's Like Candy For Your Eyeballs...

It's Like Candy For Your Eyeballs...

It's Like Candy For Your Eyeballs...
It's Like Candy For Your Eyeballs...

79 thoughts on “It’s Like Candy For Your Eyeballs…”

  1. The legend says that if you are early you will see a bunch of kids saying that they are first

  2. When I die I want my ashes to be mixed in a pot of chili so I can tear up my girls butt just one more time

  3. When apple releases this on 2022 everyone will probably go crazy and say how innovative they are

  4. And with iOS 11 apple made a developer api called ar kit so once iOS 11 is released to the public there will be more ar apps on iOS devices

  5. It’s spelled like that because it’s a meme Pewdiepie made in one of his recent videos.

  6. Vr on iPhones would be a shitty experience anyways. The ppi is way too low. The iPhone 7 is only 750p on a 4.7″ inch screen (326 ppi), while the s7 is 1440p on a 5.1″ screen (577 ppi). That’s a massive difference

  7. dayum_itzhim You can use a TV as a monitor, second hand PC parts are very cheap and a mouse and a keyboard can be found for about $2 from some unknown Chinese manufacturer.

  8. maks kuznia They haven’t made it yet because they want to have the best one. Just like the Apple Watch, Samsung made the stupid one first, and then Apple made one and it is the best selling smartwatch on the market. Samsung doesn’t have that, do they? #teamapple

  9. andy& red it’s spelled too* why do you have to misspell things you, you, you, stupid wamen. Just kidding I would never in my life disrespect a wamen.

  10. 10,000 Subs No Videos I have a feeling this shits gonna be for real. Only, sooner than 2022.

  11. dayum_itzhim $1200 gtx 1050 setup? For $1200 you could get a 1070 or at least a 1060

  12. The boobs are only the best part. Every part of a naked attractive woman is candy.

  13. No, they won’t because this is a dead end road. The problem with VR is something that cannot be fixed by any means: You have a screen that is approximately 1.5 inches away from your face. That is the product, which is also the problem. You get eye fatigue incredibly fast and can cause problems with your cornea (blurred vision, imperfect transmission of light). The other reason, is that people who buy these products are one timers. They buy it, they use it, and they are done with it because it’s bland! Once you experience it for the first time, you can’t experience it for the first time again so it’s no longer fun.

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