DIY Dragon’s Breath Cereal – Man Vs Science

DIY Dragon's Breath Cereal - Man Vs Science

DIY Dragon's Breath Cereal - Man Vs Science

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DIY Dragon's Breath Cereal - Man Vs Science

Warning: Liquid Nitrogen and Stupidity don't mix…or do they?
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DIY Dragon's Breath Cereal - Man Vs Science

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DIY Dragon's Breath Cereal - Man Vs Science

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DIY Dragon's Breath Cereal - Man Vs Science

DIY Dragon's Breath Cereal - Man Vs Science

83 thoughts on “DIY Dragon’s Breath Cereal – Man Vs Science”

  1. Rob…do deep fried edible slime (is that stuff even popular Still?)

    Corrine….could you do a full harry potter meal. With this drink I invented
    And sorting hat cupcakes (the icing inside determines which house your in ,look it up on Pinterest). And whatever else is on Pinterest.

  2. You’re not suppose to consume that much liquid nitrogen… And you said you feel a slight sting… You should go to the doctor! (Like So He Can See)

  3. 🚨 IDEA ALERT 🚨
    i have an idea for a new series called “Man Vs Spin” where you put random words/objects/foods that you could diy on a spinner. you spin the spinner 3 times and whatever you get you have to create. for example, you could do fried galaxy pudding, unicorn bacon donuts, rainbow barbecue frappuccinos, etc. i think it would be a really fun series and i’m sure others agree. please like or comment if you would love to see this as well! 🙂

  4. I love ThreadBanger ❤. But Rob, you should really wear safety goggles. A tiny drop of liquid nitrogen in your eye can cause serious and permanent damage.

  5. Ruthie A He didn’t. Because it was so cold the cookie got stuck to his tongue and when he pulled it off it ripped a little bit of his skin. Technically he didn’t cut himself with the oreo. Sorry I’m just like things being specific. I know it canbe annoying so I’m sorry(again).

  6. man vs. pin
    man vs. din
    man vs. instagram
    man vs. fryer
    man vs. science
    man vs. youtube


  7. That Girl Emi – lol it doesn’t matter the only thing that matters is that rob started bleeding from an oreo😂

  8. Thanks to what I’m majoring in I actually get to do stuff like this a lot… There are a couple of good things to practice when playing with liquid nitrogen… One is that you should wait 15-30 seconds before eating anything that’s been frozen with liquid nitrogen… The second is that you should chew quickly to keep the food moving and not in contact with any single part of your mouth for too long… Those steps are how you prevent from ripping chunks out of your tongue… You should really try making liquid nitrogen ice cream or freezing flowers in liquid nitrogen and smashing them… They explode 😃

  9. +nat4200 Luckily, you’re not eating the Liquid Nitrogen itself. It vaporises before you it it. Since nothing can survive in -200C, and you’re not eating it in any case, there’s no such thing as food grade LN. You can get it from anywhere and use it for the same thing.

  10. +bsidethebox I believe it was one case, and the liquid nitrogen hadn’t been boiled off before the drink was quaffed (disclaimer I don’t work/play with liquid nitrogen, I’ve had icecream made with it, but wouldn’t eat something as cold as what Rob was eating)

  11. +bsidethebox If you drink LN while it’s still liquid, the chances are high you will die. That’s why it’s so dangerous to use in drinks, because it’s translucent and can be difficult to tell when it’s all gone (Altough the constant boiling should be a giveaway). Using it for something like this where it’s easy to tell when it’s all gone (or just fish out the food and let it drip off) makes it a lot safer..tho you can still get pretty bad freeze burns from the coldness of the food itself.

  12. Bernardita Riffo Olivos Its liquid nitrogen It obviously is very very VERY cold And it gave him frostbite.Thats why it clearly says “Don’t consume Liquid nitrogen” or drink directly it will freeze your lungs and you will die because suffocation and your body not adjusting to the Cold Temperature.

  13. *Princie* It’s not impossible at all. It takes time to boil off. Otherwise everything would just instantly vaporise the second you took that lid off. There’s also something called the leidenfrost effect that cushions any liquid from any surface of much higher temperature, like a drop of water in a pan or liquid nitrogen in your mouth. You can easily drink liquid nitrogen, it has been done, and yes you’ll die if you do.

  14. It can damage your eyes or skin unless you physically dip a part of your body on it the kink of random did a vid on this go watch it

  15. A AA You can eat it but you’re supposed to let it evaporate from the food first. Hence the original comment saying you should wait 15-30 seconds.


  17. As much as I would love to see that that’s extremely dangerous and I’m pretty sure impossible

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