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JoshuaDTV is a place where you can be yourself and be accepted for it. I believe in love and a lot of my content reflects that. Life isn't always fair or kind…but if we continue to strive for the good…if we continue to get back up after being knocked down… what can stop us from being the best version of ourselves? Don't just survive…THRIVE. Be Nice to People.

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44 thoughts on “Start spreading the news…”

  1. Your ideas and suggestions will DEFINITELY inspire some of the things I’l do while I’m there. LET ME KNOW!

  2. That looks like a BEE! Not a fly…
    I’ve only been to NYC once and only for 48 hours, so I barely did anything, but HAVE FUN! xo, Ace

  3. See Hamilton and Dear Evan Hansen!!!! If I can’t at least you can 😂 or stage door if it’s too expensive

  4. Go to Cookie Do! It’s a cookie dough shop served like ice cream! And hang around Times Square!

  5. you should go the bagel store and get a rainbow bagel and/or go to black tap burgers and get one of their huge milkshakes!

  6. Please please please please do this challenge with the pizza!!!!!!

  7. “It’s in upstate New York. It’s like 12, 13 miles north”
    All of us in actual upstate BRO THAT’S NOT UPSTATE
    I love you but like, that ain’t upstate, I met you in upstate NY bby

  8. Definitely a honey bee…most likely dying since it was out at night…that’s the only time they are. I’m deathly allergic to bee stings, so I have a sixth sense for quickly identifying them. Good shadow for not messing with it too much, as it could still sting, I’m sure! 😉

  9. Banana And Duck OK, so Hamilton tickets are extremely EXTREMELY expensive like, the cost of 1 Hamilton ticket is the cost of 3 Wicked tickets! So that’s not happening, but Wicked is showing on Wednesday the 19 so you should check that out!

  10. R{dot}Bad I know they’re expensive… I don’t know why you’re so mad at me. I’m not trying to be annoying, but I love Hamilton so much, so if I were in New York, I would make it a priority to see. I was just making a suggestion, so I don’t see why it’s such a big deal 😊

  11. Banana And Duck Oh, sorry if I came of at being mad, I was just making the statement! Oh trust me, I Love LOVE LOVE Hamilton!!! Sorry if I came of making you feel like I was mad, sorry

  12. film a funny skit in central park, or sing a ballad of your choice with that beautiful voice of yours

  13. Banana And Duck those are the two musicals I would love to see. they are my favorite

  14. R{dot}Bad its ok, they are crazy expensive. And Wicked was sooo amazing when I saw it, so he should we that if he can too 😂 I’m saving up to hopefully go to Hamilton in a city near me, so wish me luck!!

  15. You should go to a haunted place or something in NY. I’ve been watching too much Shane…

  16. Was about to say the same thing haha! My grandparents are in the Lake Placid area. That is upstate haha!

  17. Please spend time at the 9/11 memorials! I love seeing people do videos on that! But there’s not many out there! You and I were at a tender age when it happened and I want to see your view on it please! Thanks, Love you Josh!!!!

  18. JoshuaDTV go to the Disney store on your trip! it’s fantastic 😃 I loved it and maybe so would you❤️

  19. nicky7831 lol ikr, if they wanna see go to like oneida, oneonta, buffalo, plattsburgh, utica or oswego.. but idk being from long island, i tend to forget about upstate a lot lol

  20. It’s so great to hear that you’re going to New York!! You truly seem so happy there; I was really hoping you’d go back soon! And I think we’d all love to see you attempt to eat that pizza 😂

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