‘Jenelle & David Reach A Boiling Point’ Official Sneak Peek | Teen Mom 2 (Season 8) | MTV

'Jenelle & David Reach A Boiling Point' Official Sneak Peek | Teen Mom 2 (Season 8) | MTV

'Jenelle & David Reach A Boiling Point' Official Sneak Peek | Teen Mom 2 (Season 8) | MTV

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'Jenelle & David Reach A Boiling Point' Official Sneak Peek | Teen Mom 2 (Season 8) | MTV

Jenelle and David are moving into a new home, but reach their boiling point when things go left. Don’t miss the Summer Premiere of #TeenMom2 Monday at 9/8c!

'Jenelle & David Reach A Boiling Point' Official Sneak Peek | Teen Mom 2 (Season 8) | MTV

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'Jenelle & David Reach A Boiling Point' Official Sneak Peek | Teen Mom 2 (Season 8) | MTV

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'Jenelle & David Reach A Boiling Point' Official Sneak Peek | Teen Mom 2 (Season 8) | MTV

Teen Mom is a spin-off of the MTV documentary series 16 & Pregnant. Each episode interweaves stories of four teenage girls who are navigating the bumpy terrain of adolescence, growing pains, and coming of age – all while facing the responsibility of being a young mother.

'Jenelle & David Reach A Boiling Point' Official Sneak Peek | Teen Mom 2 (Season 8) | MTV

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'Jenelle & David Reach A Boiling Point' Official Sneak Peek | Teen Mom 2 (Season 8) | MTV

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55 thoughts on “‘Jenelle & David Reach A Boiling Point’ Official Sneak Peek | Teen Mom 2 (Season 8) | MTV”

  1. jenelle defenders give me such a headache and their defenses are so lame . I don’t even care that they fought, everyone fights in relationships that’s not the problem is the problem is that I still see jenelle threating ” to freak out ” which has been her go to tantrum throwing attitude , I find it pathetic how she can’t even go alone with Kaiser to a hotel , I don’t care if shes pregnant, weve seen jenelle go to beaches go on trips, and ride fake bulls while pregnant with jace and Kaiser so you mean to tell me she can’t lay and sit down for a couple of hours with kaiser ?? and this is the girl who wants full-time custody of her first child. she can’t do anything by herself because she is severely co dependent , her and David don’t fool me, jenelle is just smarter about what she puts out on t.v.. Barbara is not favorite either jace should of been put up for adoption.

  2. How lazy can you be? I know being pregnant with a toddler can be sucky at times, but the realtor went into the office on a Saturday morning to meet up with them and she couldn’t get her sorry butt over there with her son bc it’s too hard? “Dude?” How does she get grocery shopping done ? How does she get anything that requires her to leave the house with her son? I mean, if all she had to do was pick up a key and sign one paper she could have called them from the car and they would have brought it out to her.

  3. If she can’t even handle bringing Kaiser with her to do some errands what makes her think she could have also handled having full custody of jace as well???

  4. Jenelle, Kaiser is your responsibility. Sure David has stepped in but Kaiser is YOUR responsibility whether you’re pregnant or not. How do you expect to add Jace into the mix?

  5. Usually I’m like , “don’t judge.” But girl. Pick up that baby and go get that key. You damn near tossed the baby into the high hair. Toss him into his booster seat and let’s keep it moving.

  6. She’s kinda…. mean to kaiser eh? Bet she regrets him or treats him differently because of Nathan 🙁 Fucking sad

  7. Why is it every boyfriend she gets, this is how things turn out? This is why she’s on her 3rd kid, with her 3rd baby dad. She just never gets it, and these girls on this show act like handling one child is too much, yet keep getting pregnant & having more…

  8. Cynthia Zavala oh my god yes!!! she acts like going to a hotel with a toddler is the hardest thing ever!

  9. Elena Denison I honestly laughed out of how out of touch she sounds ,” the realtor said she would be there at 8:00am ” anyone who’s ever had an actual job knows that on weekends places tend to close earlier, and why would she assume her being there at 8 in the morning automatically means theyre gonna be there all day to wait on her to get there ?

  10. “Yeah… go live in a hotel with Kaiser. That’ll be SO much fun” that part was so sad 😒she doesn’t even like spending time with him. It’s sick. And she brings ANOTHER child into this world 🙄

  11. sa!nts_n_s!nners ! sa!nts_n_s!nners ! As of late, I’ve been very proud of Jenelle’s behaviour but this kinda set me back again. I know it’s filmed months ago, but Jenelle can’t blame David for not looking after her kid. When she says “in a hotel with kaiser it’s gonna be SO much fun”, it’s like parenting isn’t fun lol

  12. I.M Melody Damn I forgot about him his name was Courtland! I can’t freaking keep up with her lol

  13. She shoulda sent kaiser to his fathers while she moved if it was “too much” 😒

  14. she would actually have 4 kids but she aborted the other one which looking back on it now its kind of stupid

  15. Ni O I’m surprised Barbara hasn’t filed to get custody of Kaiser. Hopefully she will.

  16. Aly Nicoco but first! He needs to marry her, hes not going empty handed 🤑🤑🤑

  17. pink1237480 5th kid actually. she claims to have had an abortion & a miscarriage but there is speculation that they were both abortions & only one was shown on MTV.

  18. Wait so was this when she was pregnant with the little baby girl or a new baby!? lol I’m not up to par with this teen mom bullshit

  19. This relationship between these two will crumble quickly. It looks happy and peachy now, because they’re in the honeymoon phase. They moved WAY too fast. They’ve been together for at least half of a year. And already they have a baby, a toddler, and another child from David’s side living with them. And months after they had the baby, they got engaged. This is basically like Kailyn and Javi all over again and you saw how that went. Jenelle is going to repeat her pattern like always. First, it will be rainbows and happiness, then the honeymoon phase will end and they will get sick of each other, then they fight, David will abuse her because he does have a record, Jenelle will cry to her Mother, then after a few months David will either leave or be arrested for domestic abuse, then Jenelle will struggle to care for her two kids and David’s daughter possibly, Jenelle will not be able to handle it alone and will run back to her Mother, and finally, Jenelle will find another man with a record.

  20. Melissa Burd That’s what I see to. He’ll grow up feeling left out and unloved. She just tosses him around and always complains about him. Its sad.

  21. +Tori Richards I agree, she is heavily pregnant and I’m sure her little boy would be hard to entertain in a hotel room as most toddler would be! Everyone knows moving house is stressful and let alone being pregnant. I can’t help but think if this was chelsea getting stressed no one would say a word

  22. But I doubt Chelsea would say that about Aubree. She would make it work & would make the best out of it

  23. Voice Of reason you can’t compare the two. Jenelle treats Kaiser like a burden. Chelsea isn’t like that

  24. +Alexandra Golightly I’m not comparing the two because they have had two completely different upbringings. We see what the cameras allow us to see, I actually follow jenelle on snapchat and I can assure you there is plenty we don’t see. I brought up chelsea simply because she is pregnant but I could use kailyn as a comparison She has been physically abusive to her ex husband. Stopped her eldest sons dad seeing his child and moved state and now has another child on the way. No one questions if she loves her children

  25. MakeupByTaylor exactly! She aborts one kid just to get pregnant a month later with another guy she dated for a few weeks

  26. Simonne Slezak but why couldn’t she go get the key ? That’s what I don’t understand. Jenelle knew the lady was gonna be there at 8. Why not go at 8:30. Why not go at 7:30. Why not go at 8. You waited til 4 in the afternoon to get the key ? Something ain’t clean in the milk, honey bun

  27. And like I said. I usually don’t judge these women. Episodes are 44 minutes with out commercials. Divide that by four and you only get 11 minutes , give or take, to see every side for each girl. And now there is a fifth member so 44/5 = 8+minutes per girl ? So I don’t know what’s going on outside those 8 minutes jenelle gets. But I comment on what’s shown. And what’s shown is that homegirls plays WWE smackdown with her kids in the kitchen. And she can’t do anything by herself. Like get a key for their new place so they won’t be homeless for a night. That bothers me

  28. Simonne Slezak she has a right to be annoyed if he’s not playing his part but if he’s not then while you’re annoyed take care of it yourself. if she wants her kid back from her mam she needs to show she can look after everything on her own without threatening to throw a temper tantrum. she definitely shouldn’t be roaring about the child infront of him. she’s too busy being angry to be a mam.

  29. Kristen Durr Jace is much older and Kai is a toddler, you never want to take your eyes off of them. I understand her because I have a toddler and he can be a handful in times like that (moving).

  30. Cynthia Zavala I would freak out too. you never know if they’d have to pay extra to stay an additional night or anything. You see a snippet and run with it.

  31. Kristen Durr No hypocrisy. You watched a minute clip and came to the conclusion that Jenelle can’t handle her kids. That sounds dumb like I said. I’m not judging you at all. I basically said you made a dumb comment. I didn’t call you pathetic or a loser for your comment I just said it sounds dumb.

  32. Cynthia Zavala I know! And then she has the nerve to say that she’s frustrated with David for taking a break. Ummm, what have YOU been doing?

  33. I completely agree. Also, she has another baby with David and complains that Kaiser is a lot of work and wants all 3 of her kids. 3 kids is way more work than 1 kid.

  34. That is very true to. She thinks Kaiser is too much to handle but wants Jace full time along with having another kid. It’s like how is she supposed to care for 3 kids when she complains about caring for 1 kid.

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