FULL EVENT: President Trump Hosts Made In America (FNN)

FULL EVENT: President Trump Hosts Made In America (FNN)

FULL EVENT: President Trump Hosts Made In America (FNN)

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FULL EVENT: President Trump Hosts Made In America (FNN)

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FULL EVENT: President Trump Hosts Made In America (FNN)

FULL EVENT: President Trump Hosts Made In America (FNN)

FULL EVENT: President Trump Hosts Made In America (FNN)
FULL EVENT: President Trump Hosts Made In America (FNN)
FULL EVENT: President Trump Hosts Made In America (FNN)

26 thoughts on “FULL EVENT: President Trump Hosts Made In America (FNN)”

  1. Made in the U.S.A. used to mean quality and longevity. It’s the reason our economy was so damn great. We need to return to economic independence and self sufficiency.

  2. economic independence and self sufficiency….This is called autarky. Economic policy typical of communism that only fools like you can defend

  3. If Trump wants to “make the industry great again” he must do some things:

    – Stop talking and acting
    – Tax cut. Reduce federal wasting-spending and fire all Obama officials
    – Releasing the socialist politics of Hussein Obama
    – Deleting the unions / leeches

  4. You mean Ukraine, Hillary colluded with them. That’s why Manafort resigned. You criminals democrats are done!!

  5. I love President Trump, I wish that cuckservatives and socialists could get on board for maybe a year and really give his agenda a try.

  6. All closed businesses no longer pay taxes on things like monthly water, phone, electricity, gas.Those are usually local/state taxes which fund local government services; police,fire etc. More brick and mortar stores means jobs for employees of those businesses but also service businesses who maintain other businesses, ie plumbers, electricians, window washers,carpet cleaners, exterminators, you get the picture. There is plenty of opportunity in this program.

  7. That would be nice but it’s no longer possible for that to really come to fruition. Products that would be made from scratch here in America would be far to expensive to make the effort worth it. The only things that may be possible would be items that would be manufactured by automation to keep the costs low.

  8. Hilarious considering Department of Homeland security just approved 15k more H-2B foreign worker visas for FY17.

  9. Louis de Constance, why, because he believes in Noah’s Ark and a 6000 year old creation?

  10. EmoryM Maybe Trump’s made in America agenda should start with his own businesses and his daughter’s company.
    – Trumps clothing line: Made in China

    – Ivanka’s jewlery and clothing line: made in China

    – Trump’s hotels: on average, 21 out of 31 items in the rooms were made OUTSIDE of the US in foreign countries

  11. ruborbla You just said the exact opposite of everything that needs to happen:
    – Tax cuts for the rich (as Trump proposes) will only benefit the rich. Trickle down economics has been proven to be a failure. Failed under Regan, failed in Kentucky, and failed in any state that has imposed it. Its been proven time and time again that money in the hands of the middle class is the greatest economic driver. The middle clas spends a higher percentage of their income than the rich, and they are 60% of the population. They buy dishwashers, cars, fridges, electronics, houses, etc. More money circulated = more money in the economy. The rich simply horde most of the monry and reinvest a tiny fraction of it (most estimates show on average of about 10% reinvestment whereas the middle class is close to 90% reinvestment into the economy)

    – Firing Obama’s appointments will be a failure since Trump still has 700+ appointments to make in key government postions, both upper and lower management. He fires anymore (including Obama’s picks), there will be a serious shortage and severe delays in things such as: permits, land surveys, budget overseers, key decision makers, project reviewers etc. So unless Trump fills the 700+ vacant spots first, firing more will not help anyone and would be detrimental to the econ.

    – Finally. Unions are the only leverage that employees have against employeers, besides government regulations (that Trump wants to get rid of). The golden age of Unions just so happened to coincide with the time period of the wealthiest middle class in US history (mid 50s – mid 70s) and also the greatest boom in Americans economy since the post-civil war period of the 1890s-1920s (that was also happened to be the rise of the Union movement) Well organized and active unions represeted by workers = strong middle class, thats just fact and history. Rise of union movement 1890s-1920s = booming economy and wealthy middle class. 1950s-1970s = booming economy and wealthy middle class. Without leverage, employers will take advanatage of employees, jist look at how thw working class was treated during the indust revolution (low pay, long hours, dangerous work environment, no safety nets for those laid off or hurt)

  12. Randy Green What do you mean by that? What did past presidents do to make you think they hated the US?

  13. Optimus Fine unfortunately, previous administrators locked all business up with China, that’s why President Trump has his business tied up with the Asia country. Now it’s time to change it, eventually, Trump and his daughter will have Thur products made in America. If they don’t do it, people are not stupid and will vote him out in 4 years. Just give this guy a try!

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