WORK AND PLAY | Rhiannon Ashlee Vlogs

WORK AND PLAY | Rhiannon Ashlee Vlogs

WORK AND PLAY | Rhiannon Ashlee Vlogs

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WORK AND PLAY | Rhiannon Ashlee Vlogs


WORK AND PLAY | Rhiannon Ashlee Vlogs


WORK AND PLAY | Rhiannon Ashlee Vlogs

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WORK AND PLAY | Rhiannon Ashlee Vlogs

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WORK AND PLAY | Rhiannon Ashlee Vlogs

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WORK AND PLAY | Rhiannon Ashlee Vlogs

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32 thoughts on “WORK AND PLAY | Rhiannon Ashlee Vlogs”

  1. Every stage challenges your routine and somehow you kind off work around it and get a new one, only for that to then change!😱😂 I remember my girl never really napped a lot in the day so we always did classes in the morning, friends/play in the afternoons and then bed by 6.30/7pm, she would then be up around 6.30/7am and so on, tbh she kept that sleep pattern until teenage years!😂😂 ( well going to bed a bit later but you get what I mean!) you will get there, it’s all about evolving . X

  2. I can’t believe people would give you stick for a childminder! You are a working mum, most people don’t work at home whilst looking after a baby full time! I don’t know how you are so patient with all this annoying parenting advice, hats off to you as I’d probably be leaving very rude replies hahah xx

  3. You can moan and complain how much you want, it’s a vlog and if you would only say the good thing, I would not know half the things I know about pregnancy I do after watching you. So you ignore the people who complain about you complaining, I will still watch your vlogs 🙂

  4. There’s just something so charming about your vlogs — I always look forward to them when they pop up 🙂

  5. To people who think leaving your child with a ‘stranger’ is so unheard of, they need to get real. Until kids graduate school they are forever with strangers. Parents have to work which means their small children have to have child care. That is life.

  6. I love how voluminous your hair looks in the last few minutes of the vlog! #hairgoals 😍😍

  7. What do other people do when they work? Why are people questioning your childminder? She’s a registered professional child care provider, all children with working parents go to either a childminder, have a Nannie, go to family or nursery. Delilah will be fine and you will love it!

  8. Please don’t feel like you have to explain yourself with leaving Delilah with a childminder! It’s a totally normal thing to do, and a lot of mum’s have to do it to go to work – and answering your emails/filming/editing/etc is your job and you need the time to do that! Much love to you guys! xx
    PS: Laughed so much when you were talking about the awkward posing for thumbnails, it’s so true!

  9. Hi, I’m normally a silent viewer but wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your vlogs because your so relatable. Once Delilah is at a child minders you’ll be focus on your YouTube a lot more because it won’t be such a juggling act 🙂 xxx

  10. Can’t believe the horrid comments you get! Why is it they always stick with us as well? I love watching your vlogs. They motivate me to get on with my life in such a simple way. I love watching you potter around and so it makes me potter around. House has never looked so clean!! haha xx

  11. Rhiannon Ashlee Vlogs after so long I was like the video better be for more than 15mins ❤ 😍😍😍 and not at all disappointed! loads of love💕

  12. when you washed the dishes without rolling up your sleeves 😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😘😘😘😘😘

  13. The people who are giving you crap about complaining apparently don’t watch vlogs. All you are doing is TALKING and engaging with us. You are talking about your life. It’s one of the reasons why I love your vlogs. You are so honest and natural and open. The way you talk to the camera is like how I talk to my friends in my life. I never feel like you’re complaining. And even if you are. SO WHAT?? We ALL complain from time to time. It’s human nature. It’s so silly to me how people seem to hold vloggers and Youtubers to weird standards that they probably don’t hold their friends or even themselves to. Long story short: Ignore them! Those of who subscribe and watch every vlog get it. I LOVE your long chatty vlogs!

  14. +Ameerah Muhammad YES! This. I always think ‘but I’m not complaining, I’m just having a conversation and speaking my mind?’ and completely agree with the standards thing!

  15. I think its so unfair that you feel the need to constantly explain that you are not complaining. Everybody has things that they want to talk about, sometimes it is negative or not as positive things and that does not mean that the person is complaining or ungrateful.
    Everybody who has been watching you for a while can see how much you love your family and what you do on Youtube and you should’nt feel the need to apologize for what you say all the time. Especially as I think it must be very difficult to manage family life and working from home and keeping those things seperate.
    Just be your amazing self, I enjoy watching you and your little family so very much.

  16. Delilah will benefit from being at the childminders, she will mix with other children and become more independent. It’s a good thing! People shouldn’t hate!!! Rhiannon your doing great! 🙂 x

  17. My mom used to joke (when I was older) about the fact that once I started walking, I refused to go down for naps anymore!

  18. Hey rihannon you can do a what’s my baby eats in a day on your other channel a lot of people like these videos & I love them 💗

  19. I feel like I know so much about pregnancy, products and baby stuff from watching Rhiannon’s videos haha!

  20. and also what you do to engage her in eating (if you are alone) without people to entertain or distract her

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