War for the Planet of the Apes Review

War For The Planet Of The Apes Review

War For The Planet Of The Apes Review

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War For The Planet Of The Apes Review

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War For The Planet Of The Apes Review


War For The Planet Of The Apes Review

War For The Planet Of The Apes Review

War For The Planet Of The Apes Review
War For The Planet Of The Apes Review

78 thoughts on “War for the Planet of the Apes Review”

  1. I’m actually really looking forward to this movie. We agree on a lot of things but I know you don’t like this Ape Trilogy. Which is a shame. I still love you man. However I also love these damned dirty ape!

  2. “Being first is not an accomplishment” Some guy on an IHE comment section idfklol 2017

  3. How dare you, a human being, have a different opinion than me, another human being. I’m gonna spend 5 hours of my life typing down in the comments the reasons why your opinion is invalid and mine is because I’m apparently better than you

  4. War for the Rise of the Revenge of the Return of the Attack of the Dark of the Age of the Extinction of the Planet of the Apes

  5. Yms can complain and nitpick about this trilogy but it’s still way better than mark wahlberg kissing a ape

  6. you always say “it’s not about what’s in a movie, it’s about how it’s presented” but now it’s about what’s in the movie because it’s cliché? Despite it being tastefully made,beautifully shot,and incredibly acted,you contradict yourself by looking at it compared to other summer movies and basing it on that and how it’s not wholly original

  7. The guy who died wasn’t her father, she didn’t even have a name.

    5/10 seems harsh as well considering you gave The Amazing Spider-Man a 6/10.

  8. I’m very disappointed in you. To not like this movie is to have poor taste and totally invalidate your credibility. This is one of the most powerful movies I’ve seen in years and I have the tears to prove it.

  9. Just saw it. Totally agree. This film has a script that is so indulged in its symbology and tone, none of the intriguing plot points are resolved. Everything else makes no sense or draws the oldest cliches from the book. It’s like the writer keeps shouting at me “get it?”

  10. Jeremy Miller wait, don’t you you mean hishe? I’m pretty sure yourmoviesucks hasn’t made a review of homecoming, but I might be wrong.

  11. Tissan Young I have 6 of them left, want some? Warning, I may not be able to send you some depending on where you live and by the time it reaches you it might be warm

  12. Tywin Lannister cliche is not the same as lazy writing

    You know you can like a movie and not have it be an absolute masterpiece right?

  13. And then I’m going to spend another 5 hours of my life explaining how both of you are wrong.

  14. Thanks everyone that said the movie is good. I’m looking forward to seeing it and doing my own review.

  15. Umm did he not explain it’s the plot that let’s the film down? Cos I can totally see that. Are you telling me the plot is fantastic? I’d agree with you but the film is pretty badly written

  16. That’s like saying “how dare you, a human being, have a different opinion than me, another human being. I’m gonna spend 5 hours of my life creating a video to upload to YouTube so I can invalidate everyone else’s opinions because I’m apparently better than you.”

  17. +Tywin Lannister So, you’re just gonna overlook all the BS in the plot that he pointed out? LOL
    Tastefully made & beautifully shot? Dude, come on; ‘The Revenant’ was _beautifully_ _shot_ ; ‘Her’ was _tastefully_ _made_ … This film simply had high production value.

  18. lol damn, if you don’t like YMS then don’t watch his videos. I enjoy these movies quite a lot but it doesn’t offend me that someone else has a different viewpoint. I can understand valid criticism and still enjoy something, that’s why I still enjoy Will Ferrel’s movies. I know his movies aren’t great but I still enjoy watching them, just because someone dislikes something you like doesn’t mean that they’re wrong or an idiot or just pulling a shtick. Also if you look closely this isn’t his usual YMS review, he’s not saying the movie sucks, he’s just showing and telling why he finds the movie boring. Next time you should use the brain you were given instead of typing something a 3rd grader would use in an argument. @CEWIIH

  19. +CEWIIH In what way is Adam a troll, he points out flaws and rights about movies he likes and dislikes. my guess is that you´re mad that he made a review about a movie you like and didn´t got the result you wanted.

  20. I’m curious, is ‘butthurt’ what you think happens when somebody just doesn’t agree with your opinion?

  21. Eric Blomquist War of the Rise of the End of the Ham of the Sandwich of the Sustenance of the Digestive System of the Ape in the Planet of the Apes

  22. Thot Patrol You are actually right imo. I like the game a lot, but I think people act like it’s the game of the year when it really probably isn’t

  23. Brandon Badgett You’re correct on The First sentence. But, you’re practically acting the same, as him/her by considering someone to have ‘Bad Taste’.

  24. Dragonboy27 Gamer I was being sarcastic. Just making fun of how anybody can say someone has bad taste, that’s why I put quotations so nobody took it too seriously. Adam’s probably my favorite film critic on YouTube.

  25. None of the problems were enough to take most people including myself out of the movie and prevent it from conveying its message or delivering strong characters. It’s still able to make its stance even if not every part of the film works.

  26. Quran Mccoy Of course the first Planet of the Apes is better than War, it’s a masterpiece.

    The modern rebooted prequel trilogy is trying to tell how apes took over the Earth. In my eyes it does it better than the original sequels (Escape/Conquest/Battle).

  27. SomeThings Dont be a menace to south central while drinking your juice in the hood of the planet of the apes

  28. Return of the Rise of the War for the Revenge of the Requiem for a Story of an Interview With the Legend of the Tale of a Journey to the Planet of the Apes

  29. My biggest complaint for this film was they made the humans one dimensional assholes who just want to kill the apes. Apes actually want peace between them and humans but humans are like nope! We want war! So now we have to root for the apes.

  30. Crocmaster McGeezax
    Hi again memelord senpai :3 did your helium hood come in yet?
    Can’t wait to see the livestream ^^

  31. Noah G A 5/10 is definitely average. If you’re not grading movies that way, you’re doing it wrong.

  32. Shane Benjamson but yms isn’t saying “_____’s opinion is wrong” and he even said that it’s okay if you like this series of movies. So what exactly does this comment even mean..?

  33. Shane Benjamson Explain on why every compliant he have on the movie is quickly dismissed if you just think about it.

  34. Ludicrous Shows But we’ve already seen humans not be one-dimensional assholes in the two previous movies. But at this point in time, humans are insanely desperate to survive, and therefor grows more violent. Personally, I think it makes sense.

  35. robosoldier11 The virus was kinda ridiculously specific anyway; it’d have to directly affect certain parts of the brain to take such an effect, and even then, if it were real, it’d probably influence more than what the creators of the film intended it to, since humans and apes, despite not being too distant genetically, are still pretty far from one another

    kurvos I don’t understand how genocide compensates for the experimentation of primates, considering it’s only a select amount of people doing the experimentation anyway. I expected that the antagonizing of humanity was to show that even us as a species are flawed, but I don’t see how the whole of humanity deserved to go extinct.

  36. Yourmoviesucksdotorg pretty much sums up my issue with the movie when I watched it. It really, really surprised me when Chris Stuckmann, Jeromy Jahn and the others critics were singing it praises and calling it the best one of the trilogy, when the other two were better.

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