Thirteenth Doctor Reaction – Doctor Who: The Fan Show

Thirteenth Doctor Reaction - Doctor Who: The Fan Show

Thirteenth Doctor Reaction - Doctor Who: The Fan Show

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Thirteenth Doctor Reaction - Doctor Who: The Fan Show

Christel Dee and Luke Spillane react to meeting the Thirteenth Doctor for the first time, how did you react? Let us know in the comments below!

Thirteenth Doctor Reaction - Doctor Who: The Fan Show

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Thirteenth Doctor Reaction - Doctor Who: The Fan Show

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Thirteenth Doctor Reaction - Doctor Who: The Fan Show

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Thirteenth Doctor Reaction - Doctor Who: The Fan Show

93 thoughts on “Thirteenth Doctor Reaction – Doctor Who: The Fan Show”

  1. Anyway I love Jodie Whittaker, she single-handedly cured my depression, and I can’t wait to see how she does, very excited for the next few years!!!

  2. I am happy with the new doctor a change they did it to the master so why not the Doctor it’s a brilliant choice i know some people are a against it but it’s a brilliant decision i know that the doctor has been a man 54 years Steven did say it that it’s not against the rules so remember in the day of the doctor tenth doctor said “that regeneration is lottery let’s not judge too quickly here please

  3. For me, the bit that really made me go “Okay, she’s The Doctor” was that little smile at the end. That one second showed all of the adventure and the excitement that The Doctor should always have… It’s a big risk, and if it isn’t written right could end up seriously backfiring, but from the little I’ve seen I’m pretty confident that Jodie Whittaker is going to be able to pull it off amazingly. I’m so excited to see her in action!

  4. Wouldn’t women rather have unique characters and heroes of their own rather having to take on traditionally male roles for anyone to be interested? I never understood why the BBC felt they needed to make the Master a woman rather than using Rani, an already existing evil female Time Lord. Makes it seem like female characters are only interesting if they take on male roles.

  5. Ya, im disliking not because i care about The Doctors gender, it’s because these two people are really annoying.

  6. As long as the stories are well written, and she acts the part well. I know she wasn’t the main character, but Lalla Ward as Romana was good. So no worries about a female Doctor Who.

  7. the 12th doctors last words have to be…
    “don’t forget to subscribe to the official doctor who YouTube channel”

  8. I believe it’s the ‘wrong time’ to be introducing a female Doctor. Mainly because of the negative views regarding ‘everything becoming female’ (Ghostbusters for example). It raises the question… ‘What male role is going to become female next?’. Are we going to see a Jane Bond instead of James Bond? Had the 11th Doctor been a female… it would have been do-able. the 14th or 15th? Perhaps a bit too early, but… do-able. as the 13th, when ‘feminism’ seems to be taking over a lot of thing, and political correctness at an all-time high… yea. Not entirely sure about the timing.
    (ALSO… it’s a bit odd to see that the 3 latest regenerations in Doctor who, were all male characters turning female. First the master, then the Gallifreyan commander, now the Doctor. It’s a bit… too much perhaps?)

  9. I wished Missy would have stayed a bit longer, would have loved her interactions with the 13th doctor

  10. I know its unlikely but I’d love to see captain Jack return just to see his reaction to the Doctor’s upcoming gender swap

  11. The bigest disappointment in this is not the female doctor because I love that is the fact the Tardis is a png image and not the actual prop that’s a bad start to a new doctor.

  12. This has been talked about for 31 years (1986, when Sidney Newman first suggested a female Doctor). It’s not as if they have rushed into it!

  13. I really don’t get why people are being so negative I’m reallly excited to to see a change in doctor who and we can’t decide until we have seen her

  14. This may sound like a bit odd, but I like my science fiction and fantasy to have internal consistency. If a fantastical universe has an internal harmony I have no problems suspending my disbelief. Where that harmony breaks down, it grates with me and my enjoyment drops. I cannot abide bad science in my science fiction.

    In Dr Who’s first 50 years there were male time lords and female time lords. Male time lords regenerated into male time lords and female time lords regenerated into female time lords. Never in that time was there a hint of male to female or female to male regeneration.

    Then came Missy…. I think Michelle Gomez played the part brilliantly and was an excellent villain but her being a regeneration of the master always grated with me. Why couldn’t she have been a regeneration of the Rani? Ticks all the boxes about giving a prominent role to a female actress and it would not have disturbed the credibility of the whoniverse.

    Now a female actress has been cast as the Doctor and the inconsistency has been brought to the very core of the show. I will probably give it a go, but I fear it will grate with me and I will stop watching.

  15. rodster6 Missy never saw the Doctor as a love interest. That was clear from the very beginning. She only wanted her friend back.

  16. They can always come up with an explaination in sci-fi to change a character like this. Maybe a Xenomorph mutates Ripley into a man in Alien, maybe the time line being changed in Terminator means Sarah Connor is now a man. Just because they can write a reason for it, doesn’t mean they should.

  17. Those are all “human” or gender specfic characters… As the vid points out, the show introduced the idea around the time of the 4th Doctor. The show brushes the idea again, with Tennant in “the Doctor’s Daughter”, 11’s premiere, (11mentions another timelord who hopped genders, during his run. Don’t remember the name though. In the ep theTARDIS gets or posses female body ) the general, and Missy.
    Since the show did say it was possible, and somewhat random, and giving the Doc a new regeneration cycle (after 12 males and running into a few gender hopping timelords), the show probly felt like it shouldn’t tip toe around the a idea. Hopefully found a good story to get it done .

  18. I don’t see that, I’m just as doubtful as you, but I was doubtful for Matt and Capaldi and I love those Doctors. we haven’t even seen her on screen yet, so shut up. zip your mouth until we see her first episode, I don’t see the pandering either, maybe it’s just you

  19. Lewis Bentley sorry but I believe this is a brilliant decision a female doctor I can’t wait for her First episode I fully believe that she will be a fantastic doctor I’m not against this I’m for this new Doctor

  20. same, but I’m on the fence, it’s natural though, I acted the same way with Matt and I love his Doctor just as much as Tennet. going to wait for her first episode. and I do not see it as well, in Doctor Who Lore, Timelords can change gender, Regeneration is a flip of a coin or a roll of Dice, though if a Timelord is male, there is a higher chance of that Timelord regenerating into a Male, but this Incarnation rolled the opposite, I don’t think the next incarnation will be female after Jodie.

  21. Brenda Roe Yeah. It may have happened anywhere else. It’s kind of sad to see how little the mentality on the subject has changed.
    To be honest, I’m not so thrilled with the change. Seems too forced, but I’m willing to wait and see. She looks good so far, even if it has been 3 seconds only 😉

  22. TheThirdLion, the term whovian is the official name: a fan of the British science fiction television series Doctor Who.

  23. TheThirdLion, the term whovian is the official name: a fan of the British science fiction television series Doctor Who.

  24. I think the problem might be people assuming this is PC motivated. I honestly thought all of this over on my way home after work. The time lords changing their genders is an established part of the continuity now. The master became missy and she was brilliant!! Arguably Matt smith was a hard departure from David Tenant and like many I’d assume, I was hesitant to the change. But I still watched and have religiously watched it since. Capaldi gave us a clear view of the doctors opinion/feelings on regeneration by telling Clara to look beyond his face and realise he was the same person she’d come to befriend. The Doctor is always THE DOCTOR.

  25. For me it was that split-second before it. A thousand mile stare with an alien beneath it. I got a chill. Then a grin when she finally did smile. As a guy, I’m happy.This will add a whole new dimension of fun to the show. Wouldn’t it be funny if Missy regenerated back into a man (because she isn’t dead, because she’s the master) just to see his reaction when HE doesn’t recognise HER this time.

  26. xed alpha teehee yes please this oh what if the romance comes from the master this time round instead of a companion

  27. Negasonic Teenage Warhead Negasonic Teenage Warhead I can only hope that the hoodie is there only to hide her head. I noticed just now that the coat has the same length as a frock coat, and it makes it more doctorly right away. I think the coat is going to stay, it makes too much of a statement.

    I think that a she-doctor and a male companion will look too much like a gender swap and it’d feel too forced. I’d like it if they went for a tardis team instead.
    if they went for she doctor and female companion, I’d be the long awaited reboot of Xena

  28. No they don’t you see this is where the problem is, it isn’t a man’s world what feminism is about is making the point that the world belongs equally to men and women and they should not be treated differently.It’s ridiculous you claim women need to work in a man’s world yet look at all the whining when they cast a women as the Doctor. Maybe once you get over the man’s world stuff we can start to make the world a place where people are treated equally, that is what feminism is about.

  29. That’s the bit I agree with, when you meet and judge someone we judge them on their actions not their gender, so why are we judging this decision solely on gender, this is about evolution, the show has evolved, it’s a women this time, but it’s not permanent, it never is with the doctor.

  30. Exactly my point. I have also asked people, how they’d feel if their favorite female characters were sex changed and retconned into never being female. None have yet to answer.

  31. martinmorles1 I loved Missy and what the character brought to the show(chemistry and such).

  32. jester1470 try telling that to those who like to cause drama at every opportunity. As it’s these ones that give those who want a different way a bad name

  33. You’ve never seen Broadchurch, have you. If you had, you’d know that she is MORE than capable, which is why she got the part to begin with. Do you really think that they were just going to throw ANY woman at this part?? Don’t a daft numpty.

  34. obviously they wouldnt have been able to shot the thing live, in public, with both the new Doctor and a TARDIS

  35. Kika B but it’s equal rights ain’t isn’t that what you want?

    Works both ways

    Wakey wakey

  36. Jester1470…..of course  women should be treated equally to men and have equal rights and opportunities. But in this case, which is fiction, maybe the boundaries of equality do not apply so.

  37. kanton4108 Ah, I see now, it’s a known PNG you can compare against the video and see that they’re the same, thank you, that was very helpful.

  38. NerdyCampbell Who’s been male for so long I can’t help but think he’ll be altered by being female, ergo becoming something NOT the doctor. Maybe a new kind of doctor. But not THE doctor

  39. focuselp There’s nothing wrong with a female doctor. The way to do it is to not have it be at the core of the story so that it doesn’t feel forced, but rather no different than having a male. That’s equality. That being said. I’m excited to see what Jodie brings to the table.

  40. Stephen, I never said that there was anything wrong with a female doctor. I was trying to maybe start a sensible discussion as to whether all forms of isms…..sexism, racism, etc. …..are mandatory in works of fiction. Personally I too look forwards to see what Jodie can bring to the game.

  41. He is altered with every regeneration – that’s the point of it.
    So, you might say, that there was really only one original THE Doctor and that was Hartnell. Everyone else was NOT the Doctor, only new kind of it.

  42. At first I read it and thought ha, then moved on for a second. Then I pictured how it would go and my body jolted with excitement for something that probably wont happen.

  43. Missy remembered everything.she lied to the Master…I am sure that she will have regenerated because she knew that she was going to get shot.

  44. You mean a male version of Wonder Woman or the actual Marvel character called Wonder Man who I know nothing about other than the name?

  45. Why it’s not like Captain Jack cared about a person’s gender anyway and he kissed the male Doctor. Plus, the times that Captain Jack has been shown with a lover nine time out of ten they’ve been male.

  46. That could bring interesting copyright issues because male version of DC’s Wonder Woman would have same name as already established Marvel hero.
    Or it could stay named Male Wonder Woman as an insult to misogynists. 😀

  47. if the female doctor continues, I’ll be cool with an old female doctor if she’s olenna Tyrell from game of thrones. that lady has sass. that or Judy dench

  48. ‘First 50 years’? Really? First time a Timelord changed sex at regeneration was in Big Finishs ‘Exile’ from back in 2003 and then in the show proper it was first referenced back in the Doctors Wife in 2011. In behind the scenes stuff the ideas been talked about every. Single. Time. The Doctor regenerates ever since Tom Baker floated the idea that 5 might be woman back in the early 80s.

    All well before Missy and snuggly inside the first 50 years. Maybe you’re not as big a fan as you thought.

    Timelords changing sex is a natural expansion of the concept of regeneration, its no more ridiculous than the character changing hair colour, they already change their whole genetic code when they regenerate. Now, the kissing/ romantic stuff with the Doctor that the ’96 movie brought in and New Who ran with is far more foreign to how the show was for the first 26 series’s and the fanbase got over it, they’ll get over this too.

  49. I’m sorry to say this has saddened me no end.It seem’s that the maker’s are pandering to the pc lot,the doctor has always been male.and should have stayed that way,now i know i’m going to blasted as sexist but to me it feels wrong,not becouse i think a woman can’t handle the role but becouse some think they have to change the Doctor’s gender to please feminists.I will not be watching anymore.

  50. +Anthony Price Us lads have ogled 10 & 11 too, y’know, or at least I have, lol, anyway I really like 13, so yay! 😛

  51. I agree, Missy also bothered me as I thought it made no sense at all! I feel like the Doctor is gone forever, it’s sad they felt it necessary to do this. Gender changing Doctor, I don’t like it.

  52. Not really a thing, a “male Wonder Woman” doesn’t FIT in to the origins. They have a female Thor now, they have She-Hulk, they have female Wolverine. In the “what-if” comics they have a few “if genders swapped”. Some how, the world kept turning, as I expect it’ll do the same with a sci-fi show missing a twig and some berries.

  53. She always had her reasons… but as she stated many times, she knows the Doctor uses words as weapons, so instead of revealing her MASTER plan at every given moment, she just said “I”M CRAZY”. Classic Hamlet strategy.

  54. 12th Doctor: Before I go… I must say…one thing….
    (Unknown person witnessing): What?
    12th Doctor:

  55. MAC Android I swear if they keep the TARDIS looking the same and just turn it any color I’m done

  56. I mean the yellow tube things inside the glass if they just turn it green or any color I’m done

  57. Diamond Show us the male-female regeneration on screen.

    Put a date on it. We’ll wait.

    Meanwhile.. gee it was referenced in 2011?
    So that’s makes the first reference 48 years, not 50.
    Wow that showed ’em.

    Otherwise… no one cares what was discussed off camera, or in audio stories. You may as well complain that the Expanded Universe is different to the Force Awakens. Every time any role is changed there’s discussion, bookies love it.

    Whether they change the whole genetic code or not ( and clearly they don’t since the same character and memories stay ) this is still a huge change. Oddly enough, the 96 movie came at time when they were trying to relaunch the Doctor… this is much the same.

    Telling people to ” get over it ” doesn’t avoid the problems.
    This is a marketing ploy. We’re all stuck with it now.

  58. Daniel Rattenbury I don’t think that’s entirely the reason. they’ve never had a female doctor, and the show is about change, it only really makes sense to have a woman in the role. I don’t think the writers depend entirely on demographic to tell a story. I will say again give her a chance.

  59. It’s the fact that the only reason why they’re doing it now is due to political reasoning and pleasing a specific group.

  60. I was the 1,000th like and I must have clicked it a few hundred times thinking i wasn’t actually.

  61. There’s no evidence she lied to him… but regardless, there’s a lot of ways Missy could return at some point in the future but in the meantime we can still have more Master even without Michelle or John without putting an end to their potential appearances.

    Michelle has said in interviews she doesn’t rule it out completely but at that point she didn’t think it would be for quite a while at least.

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