It’s Almost Time – Doctor Who

It's Almost Time - Doctor Who

It's Almost Time - Doctor Who

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It's Almost Time - Doctor Who

It's almost time to meet the Thirteenth Doctor. Are you ready?

It's Almost Time - Doctor Who

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It's Almost Time - Doctor Who

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It's Almost Time - Doctor Who

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It's Almost Time - Doctor Who

102 thoughts on “It’s Almost Time – Doctor Who”

  1. Why can’t we just wait til christmas to see who it is?? Kinda ruins it if you announce it

  2. Oh my god.I am not ready to say goodbye to capaldi but I wonder who the thirteenth doctor will be..

  3. oh gosh there’s a 10 turning into a 13, all those rumors about tennant coming back were actually true

  4. Where’s Capaldi?! “Don’t forget to subscribe to the official Doctor Who YouTube channel.”

  5. Before the sonic Glasses
    Before the Bow tie
    Before the 3D glasses
    Before he Danced
    Before the War
    Before the Watch
    Before the Umbrella
    Before the Colorful coat
    Before the Question mark
    Before the Scarf
    Before the Magician cape
    Before the Flute

    There was a Man in the Junkyard

    And Now someone else will come after him…….

  6. If the new Doctor isn’t a transgender black woman in a wheelchair that’s in her 20s and has a bisexual and biracial teen girl as a companion I’m quitting the show.



    Harriet Jones; former Prime Minister.

  8. Please do a regeneration video from Moffat to Chibnall! That would be hilarious!(This is not my idea, i am just spreading it)

  9. Everyone’s saying “please be a man,” or “please be a woman,” meanwhile I’m just like “please be a great actor.”

  10. The worst part about this little trailer is there’s no Capaldi asking us to subscribe to the official Doctor Who YouTube channel.

  11. Marcooly15 no your twisting their word they said they don’t want a woman to portray the character the doctor

  12. If a woman is cast as the Doctor, it doesn’t matter how good the actress is, or how great her performance is, It doesn’t matter if gender-fluid regeneration’s are canon or non canon , it doesn’t matter how many brownie points the BBC will get from the progressive media, or how many SJW’s on twitter punch the air – The show will be cancelled within 2 years.

    The people who don’t want this unnecessary change vastly outweigh the few that do. Old fans who grew up with the classic series don’t want it. The kids who grew up with Tennant & Smith don’t want it, even most women when asked don’t want it.
    Casting a woman would be a disaster, unfair on the actress in the role and an end to the nuwho era.

  13. I agree entirely, with the character that the DOCTOR is, seeing him as a female doesn’t make sense, it dis when it was missy because her character was vindictive and sneaky which, in terms of biological and psychological terms (which are correct BTW) suits the role of a female character better than a hero (Don’t get triggered please XD)

  14. GossipVal1 Because there’s always been a male doctor, perhaps an actress who is older would suffice, but other than that a female doctor just wouldn’t fit his character for me, or any other whovvians

  15. I agree, the actor should be human, that will avoid Theresa May to be the next Doctor. 😀

  16. Slathe The Space Marine the TV Movie, that the creators of Doctor Who didn’t make….

  17. Big Finish is your friend . Charle Pollard , Ace and her Type 160 and skippy . MAdam President Romana , Iris Wyldthyme !!!

  18. I think it’s good idea if we would knew about new Doctor-actor only in that episjode in which he will show up.

  19. His character traits are not specifically male or female, his personality could be played by any actor or actress who fits the role well and it shouldn’t have to do with gender. Women weren’t allowed to be real doctors or to be considered smart for years because it was just “the way it’s always been”.Change can be good and sometimes it’s necessary. I think if the show is smart there will eventually be a female doctor.

  20. I hope so too. If people want female leads so badly, create new female leads. Don’t take something successful and force yourself into it. One, it never works. Take Ghostbusters for example. One of the worst movies of the year. And two, it shows how lazy you are. It shows that you just want to take over the ionic movie or show instead of starting from the ground up.

    Doctor Who had had a lot of amazing female leads. The companions. And it’s not that hard to instead want a new character to come in that is a time lady. Or to petition to bring Romana back.

  21. Except sadly there is a stupid Catch 22 , where by money men and commissioners want to see successful female lead series … errr which they won;t commission ?? Hopefully Wonder Woman will nudge it more !

  22. How quickly a story leaks is dependent upon how many people know the secret. At the moment, only a handful of people know who the next Doctor is. As time goes on, more and more people have to be let in on the secret in order for various parts of the episode’s production to be completed.

  23. NextGeneration // _NGNick_ It all started as a mild curiosity in a junkyard, now it has turned out to be a quite great spirit of adventure, don’t you think?

  24. Ok. I agree with you. But there is one way to deal with this situation. To shoot the performer of the role of Thirteenth at the very last moment for the Christmas special. In a huge secret. That minimum people knew who he is.

  25. WillDa Great Yeah of course, I though about putting actor/actress but thought it’d be unnecessary

  26. Programming on BBC1 generally ends in the early hours of the morning, at which point it cuts to whatever is on the BBC News channel, sometimes mid-report, until programming starts again with BBC Breakfast at 6am. So there is leeway if programs overrun. If something runs short, they usually find some random documentary to slot into the schedule.

  27. Gale Feels Good
    Capaldi has filmed HIS part of the regeneration. The next actor to post the role hasn’t yet

  28. yeah, I probably won’t care, but if you quit a show because of the race of the main character, than you’re not a true fan..and I know you want and need respect, and good representation in media, but constantly begging for it probably gonna start a backlash.

  29. but nah you’ve all got it wrong the new doctor is OBVIOUSLY going to be played by Dalek Thay, who else could possibly more suited for such a role?!

  30. +Adriana Frunza The announcement hasn’t been officially made yet. Won’t be until sometime in the mid to late afternoon British time, unless the two guys in the Wimbledon men’s final decide to take their sweet time playing.

  31. Аким Асланов, that sounds simple, but reality isn’t simple. Shooting a TV series is expensive. If the production were to shoot every scene except for the final one with the new Doctor, they would have to bring all of the performers and crew in for just one day of filming. All of the equipment has to be brought back in as well. It would cost a fortune. Filming the scene while everyone is already there, with all of the equipment already set up, is far cheaper. Plus, everyone may not be available after shooting wraps. They usually go looking for other work between one series of Doctor Who and the next.

  32. Bryan Braddock I just don’t get it. You are saying that you are fan for almost 50 years and didn’t you notice that this show is constantly changing? Change of The Doctor gender would be far less change than for example first regeneration or Third Doctor’s exile to Earth or idea of Time War.

  33. Doctor Strange the valeyard is an amalgamation of the Doctor’s darker sides from between his twelfth and final incarnations not an actual incarnation of the doctor

  34. LightningLJS i saw your comment, took off my headphones, thew my phone on my bed, flew out of bed, punched my self in the face, and then gave my phone the double bird.

  35. see, that is an over reaction (even though i actually did so), dude his wife died and doctor who helped him, doctor who must mean alot to this guy, over reaction i think not

  36. He is by far the worse Doctor of the recent era and why Doctor Who’s ratings are horrible.

  37. Oliver linklater , but the boring tennis is usually DULL and hum drum any way 🙂

  38. I AGREE also please show all of the most important parts of the doctor that we love in an original way

  39. I can see what you mean. Bad writing could have made Peter’s performance seem more annoying than it would have been with better scripts.

  40. The Grand Champion If DW did go for a female Doctor, that would be an amazing callback and throw everyone off. Fan theorists would go wild trying to explain how no one realized she was a Time Lord.

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