Coldplay & Big Sean – Miracles (Someone Special) – Official Lyric Video

Coldplay & Big Sean - Miracles (Someone Special) - Official Lyric Video

Coldplay & Big Sean - Miracles (Someone Special) - Official Lyric Video

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Coldplay & Big Sean - Miracles (Someone Special) - Official Lyric Video

Taken from the Kaleidoscope EP, out now (digital) / August 4 (CD & vinyl). Get the EP now: .

Coldplay & Big Sean - Miracles (Someone Special) - Official Lyric Video

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Coldplay & Big Sean - Miracles (Someone Special) - Official Lyric Video

Final Credits:
Production Company: Pulse Films
Director: Ben Mor
Executive Producer: Alli Maxwell
Producer: Adriana Cebada Mora
Cinematographer: Todd Heater
B-Cam: Jamie Lagerhausen & Simon Steuri
Editor: Patrick Tuck
Post Supervisor: Dina Ciccotello
VFX supervisor (Los Angeles) – Uzi Mor
VFX supervisor (Tel Aviv) – Yaron Yashinski
Visual Effects by Yashinski Studio: Shay Wax, Elad Naim, Or Terry

Coldplay & Big Sean - Miracles (Someone Special) - Official Lyric Video

Coldplay & Big Sean - Miracles (Someone Special) - Official Lyric Video

90 thoughts on “Coldplay & Big Sean – Miracles (Someone Special) – Official Lyric Video”

  1. I don’t think I will ever see Aliens, Unless a miracle happens. Since they live in a Sky Full of Stars, we’d have to go Up&Up to find them… Since I have a Head Full of Dreams, we could be Birds during and Adventure Of A Lifetime… But, All I Can Think About Is You, so maybe I will get Hypnotised… I hope I can have Something Just Like This! It would be like Paradise…

  2. i’ve watched a lot of motivation videos in my life but none of them motivated me like coldplay did. You are the best thing that happened to 21th century. Now come to my country (cause you have never been to here😤😤) or i will punch you in the face ❤

  3. If you’re here before 1 million…then my friend…you’re a true Coldplay fan.

  4. I really cannot stop crying listening to this song and watching this video,my friend will not understand why.i just feel so much love for the world and the whole human being while I watch this Video,which is very seldom.especially the nostalgia feeling it brings to me,just look at those old photos,our ancestors have been through the same thing just like us,everyone in the past and everyone in the present is just all striving for a better life,going up and up.Coldplay is love!💙

  5. I know Klaidoscope is an EP and really short, but if it was an Album it would be the Best Coldplay album. It’s full of love, peace and comfort!!! Everything that people need right now.

  6. Just rilax.. use the headphone.. close the eyes.. listen coldplay song.. Now u in peace..

  7. I’ll proudly tell my children one day I watched a Coldplay video before it reached 100k views.

  8. As someone who spends heaps of time listening to music, I can easily name lots of musicians that are at least ten times as talented than Coldplay.
    But still, these guys are my favorite band of all times and I don’t think that’s changing soon.
    In my opinion, enthusiasm and relatability trump virtuosism any day of the week, despite how simple your message might be.
    That’s one big truth that I re-learn everytime I listen to Coldplay.
    They really are someone special. 😀

  9. You already know how it goes:
    1. Yellow
    2. Viva La Vida
    3. Talk
    4. Trouble
    5. Rainy Day
    6. Always In My Head
    7. How You See The World
    8. A Sky Full Of Stars
    9. Adventure Of A Lifetime
    0. Miracles (Someone Special)

  10. XiaoJia Guo right ?? It’s amazing how Coldplay inspires us in such powerfull way….this song makes me feel like i could really be special…never felt so motivated in my life, perfect song to teach us to never doubt ourselves, Coldplay is love and magic ✨

  11. Coldplay the type of band which brings all the people from around the globe and they culture together! #respect

  12. This is the first time I’ve seen a song with a rap feature where everyone isn’t saying “The rap ruined the song” or “this would be better without the rap”.

    Only Coldplay.

  13. The worst thing in life is when you realize that you are an Iraqi and live in Iraq and you can’t watch your favorite band play their amazing music live and in front of you 🙁 I hope someday I can see them 🙁

  14. Gotta disagree, as much as I like this EP (And been in anticipation for it along time), A rush of blood to the head will always be their best album 👌

  15. Charlie George Sexton yes a Rush full of blood is huge! it used to be my favourite too. But I think Klaidoscope is much more positive and bringst people together, I dont know…

  16. very good point. it’s alot like A head full of dreams and mylo xyloto in the way that it’s colourful and bright. But from my opinion I will always prefer Parachutes/ AROBTTH era for the indie rock. I still do love all the albums and both AHFOD and MX have songs that I listen to alot.

  17. pooja hazra inviting everybody in my house made you laugh i guess? you can come too 🙂 🙂

  18. I’ve bought every single coldplay album ,but I’m honestly not exited about the new one …

  19. Nope. Coldplay – Lost ft Jay Z. I like Jay Z too especially the early albums but he just ruined the song.

  20. RyanFerdinand I’m the opposite. I’ve never been a fan of Jay Z but felt his verse fit perfectly in that song.

  21. If I have enough money believe me, I will travel just to see them. This band gives me hope.

  22. If I have enough money, believe me, I will travel just to see them. This band gives me hope.

  23. H not entirely sure what “freshy” means but as for with an accent,

    Yeah thats true

  24. MARCOS SF by that profile pic I’m pretty sure no one is going to have children with you

  25. I don’t care about Imagine Dragons. Replace them with The Script and I would love that!

  26. MARCOS SF and I will say I was here before 20k.
    but I didn’t comment because I m not hungry of likes.😊

  27. Okyd FRERE dragon and republic never ever can go together ppl who think justfool themselves…coz republic allows you to do what Dragon restricts…& Dragon by itself is Dangerous…Dragon would always want to rule or destroy

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