BAD BITE! – K9 Attack

BAD BITE! - K9 Attack

BAD BITE! - K9 Attack

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BAD BITE! - K9 Attack

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BAD BITE! - K9 Attack

In this segment of On Location, Coyote and the Brave Wilderness crew take on the bite from a specially trained K9 Malinois!

BAD BITE! - K9 Attack

While it was all in good fun, these dogs have one seriously powerful bite force and are amazingly intelligent. Trained for various tasks, dogs like Maya do some of the most amazing work in todays law enforcement and are on the front line every day in an effort to keep people safe all across the world.

BAD BITE! - K9 Attack

One thing is for sure, the Brave Wilderness crew have tremendous respect for these incredible dogs and their trainers. Thank you so much for what you do!

BAD BITE! - K9 Attack

Get ready to witness a seriously Bad Bite from a K9 Attack!

BAD BITE! - K9 Attack

HUGE THANKS to Makor K9 for making this video possible and for all the amazing work they do to train first class K9’s that help keep our world and our citizens safe. To learn more about their dogs and practices please visit –

Special thanks to Maya for spending the day practicing her amazing skills with us, you’re the best Maya!

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73 thoughts on “BAD BITE! – K9 Attack”

    Cameraman(Mark): What does it feel like?
    Coyote: AHHH IT HURTS

  2. Coyote Peterson never clickbaits so if the title says jumping into a volcanoe you best better get ready for his funeral.

  3. I’m coyote Peterson and today I’m going to get mauled by a bear.

    Coyote “Ahhhhhhrrrrggghhhhhhhh ahhhh………………………………………

    Mark: did it get ya

  4. I love how she understands German. It also helps so the criminals can’t tell her to stop.

  5. Mike: coyote you ok?
    Coyote: yea I think so
    Mike: guess you could say it was a bit ruff
    Coyote: MAYA ATTACK

  6. coyote: I’m about to enter the zone of a horse

    camera man: okay ready

    horse: stomps on coyote and broke 167 bones

    camera man: you okay man

  7. Jonti Mcgee i just love when coyote screams “ahhhhhhh it hurts!!!!”😂😂😂😂 i be like wtf u mean it hurts did u think it wouldnt lol

  8. they teach the dogs german commands as the harsher sounds of the words are easier for the dogs to pick out from background noise.

  9. Hannah beeman coyote: I’m about to enter the trample zone with a horse
    Coyote: *breaks neck*
    Mark: You ok man?


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