Random Horror Reaction Compilation #12

Random Horror Reaction Compilation #12

Random Horror Reaction Compilation #12

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Random Horror Reaction Compilation #12

Oh wow! It's another hilarious horror compilation! How about that?
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Random Horror Reaction Compilation #12

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Random Horror Reaction Compilation #12

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Random Horror Reaction Compilation #12


Random Horror Reaction Compilation #12

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Random Horror Reaction Compilation #12

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Wounded ►

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61 thoughts on “Random Horror Reaction Compilation #12”

  1. ALL GIVEAWAYS ARE SCAMS!! This is what a real comment from me looks like! Don’t click ANY links in the comments!

    Now that that’s out of the way, this video was so much fun to make! The whole team editing like crazy to make it something really special and I’m proud to have these compilations back!

  2. Thanks! This one probably has the most editing of any compilation we’ve done yet. We were experimenting with a lot of different styles and it was a really fun time!

  3. Mark I have a favor to ask of you……………all I ask is that you let Darkiplier take control of your body. Stop resisting him embrace him and your true self. Then let the age of darkness begin…………………

  4. Whoever did the editing on this video went just a liiiittle over board, the text and images are so distracting I couldn’t pay attention to what was actually happening to Mark

  5. I enjoyed watching Mark saying random stuff In horror situations. This is going in my liked videos. I enjoyed this video. Bibbity Bobbity Banana…

  6. Considering the ending where they said “New compilations every Friday(maybe)”, it sounds like they are saving the more recent ones as they’ll get to them soon-ish.

  7. This has to be one of the funniest compilation… WOW!

    Also random horror reaction compilation by: Brandon

  8. I’m gonna take that tuba, I’m gonna shine it up nice and bright, and then I’m gonna turn it sideways and shove it

  9. I REALLY appreciate all that Mark, Kathryn, Ethan, Amy and Tyler do with these horror compilation videos! Judging from my own horror compilation on my channel, it takes a TON OF TIME AND WORK to find the funny clips let alone edit them with annotations! *Thanks, Team Markiplier!*

  10. idk i just dont think Tyler literally edits the video.. maybe keeps them on track but probably not editing

  11. Aaron Guldenpfennig I’d agree with you if it hasn’t been for your profile picture which made my day.


  12. Taylor Kane I said the age of Dark meaning the age of non stop horror games. Number two if you feel the need to write that long of a comment you must have been born with the worlds cruelest handicap my naïve friend. This is my thread but you can leave if you like. Spend some more time with your girlfriend oh wait,………….never mind I forgot about the handicap

  13. From now on every time I hear the inception tuba I will see that child… and I will laugh…
    It will be awkward if I end up in a horror game with a bunch of those….

  14. you’re a bit mean, i mean it’s alright dude. we all have different opinions and sorry if people are defending themselves but at least they aren’t being mean or anything. personally i was just kinda confused because i know a lot of people love dark and his egos but they are characters, nothing else. and yeah they could appear on the channel at any time, but mark is mark, a guy with a big imagination and they are just like something else to do with the channel yknow. but i get why you love him, dark is a really interesting character!

  15. The text thing is the same in all of the highlight videos he’s ever done… Why is this still a problem? If you didn’t like them in the older ones, they haven’t changed!

  16. To know what’s REALLY happening to Mark, find out in the original videos listed in the description! 😀

  17. Who in the editing team had the idea to put the “Smoke weed every day” remix at 4:20? Because they deserve a _high_ five.

  18. Markiplier holy sh*t ….this comment made my night, just got home from a long day of work and a 6 mile bike ride home to see this…..gotta enjoy the little things. Keep up the awesome work man appreciate all you do.

  19. Andrew Ryan maybe but be the smartest one in these situations. being nice to people is the best thing you can do everyday and even if the person is being mean. ANYWAY HAVE A NICE DAYY.

  20. Luna love naruto uzumaki Your profile pic gives me life. Ed is my spirit animal 😂😊.

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