Doctor Who Theme – #DWFinaleCountdown – Doctor Who

Doctor Who Theme - #DWFinaleCountdown - Doctor Who

Doctor Who Theme - #DWFinaleCountdown - Doctor Who

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Doctor Who Theme - #DWFinaleCountdown - Doctor Who

The BBC National Orchestra of Wales perform the Doctor Who theme from the live Q&A with Pearl Mackie and Steven Moffat, you can watch more on the full stream here:

Doctor Who Theme - #DWFinaleCountdown - Doctor Who

This was originally live streamed on the BBC One Facebook page on Saturday 24th June 2017.

Doctor Who Theme - #DWFinaleCountdown - Doctor Who

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Doctor Who Theme - #DWFinaleCountdown - Doctor Who

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Doctor Who Theme - #DWFinaleCountdown - Doctor Who

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Doctor Who Theme - #DWFinaleCountdown - Doctor Who

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52 thoughts on “Doctor Who Theme – #DWFinaleCountdown – Doctor Who”

  1. Always great to hear the theme, especially live! Although I did wonder why they played the 11th Doctor’s theme as opposed to the 12ths.

  2. I love the theme so much, it makes me forget all the bad things in life, and pulls me into the time vortex.


  3. Why the 11th Doctor’s theme? I’m not complaining, I prefer this one over the 12th Doctor’s by far, but it’s a bit odd choice.

  4. Missed opportunity to play 12’s theme and give Peter a chance to shred it on his guitar!

  5. Thanks for accuracy! Personally I liked the somwehat “calmer” (less drums) series 7a (?) version.
    But on topic: I wonder why they picked this one. I’ll always associate this particular versions with Eleven, and I particularly like the wind instrument (?) thingy dominating instead of the Theremin in the 8-10 themes…

  6. I suppose you can’t really do Series 8-10 theme as an orchestra because it’s all electronic.

  7. There was a *lot* of electronics in 5-7 and in this live version…I suppose that yes, brass + strings had a little more to do in 5-7 than in 8-10, but to arrange 8-10 for orchestra wouldn’t have been too hard. Most of all I miss that ‘crying wind instrument’ in place of the theremin. Sounds like a bagpipe or something, and to me that was the most unique thing about the 8-10 theme…

  8. Steven: let’s bring in a new companion
    *some time later*
    steven: ok almost everyone should like the companion let’s kill or get rid of it
    everyone: *crying*

  9. So what they used 11’s theme instead of 12’s. It’s still the Doctor Who theme, and this was perfection. Although I haven’t seen season 10 yet, I’m curious to learn who the 13th Doctor is…
    But you guys who make DW happen are amazing. The actors, the writers, and many more of you have taken me on an awesome journey. I was always interested in the show, so when my dad introduced me to it, I fell in love. I had no regrets when people called me weird for liking it. This show has shown me that life isn’t so bad!
    One of my goals is to be an actress, just so I have the tiny, tiny chance of being on the show…

  10. In the first half of this concert World Enough and Time was shown complete with live orchestra and the Opening and End Titles were orchestrated and accompanied the electronic version as the episode ran. Performing it again for the Q&A second half would have been the third time that evening for the audience of that version and probably not such a strong finish to the event.

  11. Alexander Erben I feel like it’s used a lot as this was the 2013 version and like the 50th version

  12. Dear Doctor Who channel,
    please please film a regeneration scene from Moffat to Chibnall! Gonna keep commenting until it happens!!

    Regards, the fans

  13. FleightYT both of you just have opinions on the best version because everyone thinks differently thus there is no factual best version

  14. +Doctor Who But there was a time when you always forgot the subscribe bit at the end.

    (Or was it the Silence..?)

  15. I keep going to say “No, I prefer…” but I can’t decide which I prefer; they’re all amazing, from 1963 to 2014

  16. The :40 mark tells me it’s a mix of Doctor themes, as that bridge has only ever been heard during the Tennant era.

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