3 Months Postpartum Baby Update | Alessia

3 Months Postpartum Baby Update | Alessia

3 Months Postpartum Baby Update | Alessia

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3 Months Postpartum Baby Update | Alessia

Alessia's 1st, 2nd and 3rd month updates, all rolled into one 🙂 Plus a bit about me postpartum and a tummy shot.

3 Months Postpartum Baby Update | Alessia


3 Months Postpartum Baby Update | Alessia

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3 Months Postpartum Baby Update | Alessia

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3 Months Postpartum Baby Update | Alessia

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3 Months Postpartum Baby Update | Alessia

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57 thoughts on “3 Months Postpartum Baby Update | Alessia”

  1. Anna your spent 9 months growing her dont stress about losing the weight and numbers on the scale! geez my oldest is 17 and I still haven’t lost the weight 🤣🤣

  2. Anna you would never be able to tell that you find having 3 children challenging! You and Jonathan both take being parents in your absolute stride!! You are raising 3 beautiful intelligent caring children – you and Jonathan should be so so proud!! I love your little family so much and can only hope that I am so lucky so have a beautiful loving family like yours in the future! X

  3. I really would appreciate someone telling me something positive my cat just died today and he was my best friend he meant the world to me and I could really use some reassurance from people please 😭😭😭

  4. You are a fantastic role model for breastfeeding Anna and it’s wonderful to see somebody persevering through the early pain as it is rough. Wolfie had awful baby acne too and it lasted a couple of months, bless Alessia she is beautiful no matter what. Your hair is looking fantastic, gorgeous length xx

  5. Honestly so much respect for you talking about still struggling with an eating disorder and than showing your belly! You look amazing!!

  6. Why don’t you dress her and put pretty headbows on her like you did with Emilia ? 😔 Emilia always looked so cute

  7. My LG is one month younger than Alessia and I love watching Alessia grow up alongside Olivia. Watching your videos and vlogs gives me some normality knowing that you feel some of the same things as I have. Keep doing you Anna, you’re doing so well!!! I’m also Breastfeeding too and at 21 I find that there’s not much support but I’m determined to not give up ❤️

  8. *Aww. Mother and baby are both looking gorgeous! I found out the other day that I’m gonna be an aunt, so watching things like this are making me even more excited to meet the little one!*

  9. My LG is one month younger and I’m 22 and BF as a FTM and I really agree! There’s not much support at all. All we can do is our best 🙂

  10. Poppy Reflects, Love that she promotes breastfeeding! and isn’t she just glowing?! 😍

  11. nessa m She started putting Emilia in bows when she was older, and she usually puts bows on her when they go to certain places that are “fancy”

  12. nessa m I might be mistaken but wasnt there something mentioned about bows being Emilias thing and Alessia having something else? Could be totally wrong though haha!

  13. Bekka May She bring herself down with her own comment. Having baby weight that long is just her choice and that tells me that she is just lazy. Bye.

  14. Rachel Channel so sorry for loss. RIP kitty, chase those lasers in kitty heaven 🌈 🐱

  15. barbiediva231 they’re natural, it’s called a stork bite! it happens to most babies, i remember eduardo having one too. some just take long to fade than others, my 4 year old cousin still has hers!

  16. nessa m I think generally speaking Your first gets all these extras. Your 2nd gets quite a few. Your 3rd gets a little less & so on. As you have kids your time be comes more limited and because of that your priorities change. Getting all 3 kids fed, dressed and to school on time is more important than the hair bow.

  17. Heather Colton I just had my third 3 weeks ago, and can DEFINITELY attest to this. The necessities are your priority. Everything else is extra 😊

  18. I wish we could have seen her face while you were telling us about her. She’s a sweetie.

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