10 Alternate Music Covers For Middle East Censorship

10 Alternate Music Covers For Middle East Censorship

10 Alternate Music Covers For Middle East Censorship

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10 Alternate Music Covers For Middle East Censorship

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10 Popular Album covers that were altered for the Middle Eastern countries. Subscribe:
In the Middle East, their culture requires women to dress modestly. This means bare shoulders, legs, and exposed tummies are a big no-no. This way of life causes major issues when our favorite artists release their albums.. So instead of banning the music entirely, the album artwork is censored in a major way. If you want to see what your favorite albums look like when they’ve been revamped for other cultures, make sure to watch our video: 10 Alternate Music Covers for Middle East Censorship.

10 Alternate Music Covers For Middle East Censorship

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10 Alternate Music Covers For Middle East Censorship

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10 Alternate Music Covers For Middle East Censorship

10 Alternate Music Covers For Middle East Censorship

94 thoughts on “10 Alternate Music Covers For Middle East Censorship”

  1. I’m Muslim and I think this changing covers in Saudi Arabia is bullshit. I don’t think women should have be covered up and not be able to flaunt their bodies if they want it, just because of our crap culture tbh

  2. covering our bodies doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy life it’s mean respect each other

  3. I’m from middle east but the country that I’m from they dont cover the albums I have so many albums and they are all the same as the singers made them..so😶😳

  4. Well it’s in Saudi Arabia only because Saudi Arabia has the holy mosque and It will be disrespectful to the religion but in UAE and Kuwait they are the same as the whole world

  5. I’m Muslim and honestly this censorship is stupid. I mean, yes women have to cover and they should do it, but when other non-Muslim women are flaunting their bodies then what is the point of censorship?

  6. I’m watching this video and I’m so ashamed. Women has the right to dress anyway they want. Men call it “modesty” to add a positive vibe to it, but It’s an act of shaming the girls. It’s another example of how women are being objectified, or seen as a property.
    Men set those norms only because they fear of other men “stealing” “their” girl. But guess what? women are not property. Women are equal to men. We do are biologicaly different but we are all humans with the basic need of expressing ourselves, and the way you dress up is one way. Embrace women for who they want to be and encourage them to be free and independent instead of shaming them and “own” them, because if you won’t it will come back to your ugly patriarcial faces.

  7. Dear the talko this video is disrespecting Muslims, you don’t even say why they’re doing this or even where !
    Not all of your fingers looks alike, am I right? There’s so many womans in The Middle East who could wear whatever they want and show their skin freely. You’re just giving the wrong picture about Arabs. Muslims are like any other religion they believes in different things, however I’ve never seen this covers anywhere so yeah.

  8. +irzam mushtaq Little to no rape cases here, and i am sure you got more, but in your cultures its the womens fault if they get raped. So they wont tell anyone. So please, stop defending a religion that build upon hate and exlusion and executation of people who are different. The Koran was written by pedofiles, rapists and sexist men that had a thirst for power. Your book thinks its okay to kill homosexuals, your book think its the womens fault if they get raped, your book think its okay to marry under aged children. So don’t come here and compare your excuse for a country here.

  9. Some arabic countries see skin, tummies, naked legs etc.. as disrespectful and degrading for women. So they censor it that’s all

  10. Are you from Saudi Arabia? I suppose this censorship thing only happens there if you’re not

  11. Because women always need to show their boobs to be relevant. I honestly don’t mind them covering up, but the western culture “lets show our whole body naked” doesn’t speak out for me either. There should be some decency when not all women dress as hookers on streets.

  12. Rourou Roura Someone drinking the Kool aid I just pointed out ur stupidity and u got Triggered for no reason

  13. PowahSlap Entertainmint actually it’s the whole Middle East like Israel etc not Saudi Arabia where the don’t generally listen to music too much so … not to be rude but get your facts right please

  14. hi! if you want a store who sells to the uae only then visit this store on ig! its called uae.slime_4u

  15. Llama Cornmeal we have the choice to either be wearing the hijab (be modest) or not to wear it. also it is considered wrong to force someone to wear the hijab

  16. Lol wow! For a second there I thought all of the Middle East is one big North Korea. Good to know it’s just Saudi Arabia.

  17. U didn’t I’m telling everyone who is complaining to go do something more productive with there time instead of moaning at you and to just keep your opinions to yourself . This is not debate club


  18. if u really really know islam you won’t say this and you can’t judge our religion by rumors our religion never disrespect us allah is great the one Who studied it for real will be fascinated by allahs power love and care for his creatures

  19. Emi c; edits well because we Muslims think to be in a cycle. a little bit of new generation will ruin the future generation mind in regards to Islam.

  20. Shaira Sultana the point is that when Muslims will see those they will feel fine as they are non Muslims after 2 or 3 generation the new Muslims won’t mind any these type of clothes difference and will start to wear themselves.

  21. lin chebbi you are absolutely right i live in Jordan and i have never seen an altered album cover photo

  22. Llama Cornmeal If modesty is a choice and it is bullshit your saying that choice is bullshit.

  23. Yup only in Saudi Arabia we saw the original covers and i live in an middle eastern country

  24. Rourou Roura ya3ni 3andak ha9 makanash slak manhom 😂😂😅 mbasah ma9olti hata haga ralta

  25. Tomisin Adigun all Arab countries are the middle eastern . U thought Middle East was a continent??? Haha 😂, no . It is all the Arab countries.

  26. Yousra ElKersh I never said that I meant I don’t think Egypt is Middle East as it is in Africa ( a continent )

  27. don’t put wrong information if you are not sure about it, I’m Qatari and they don’t force us to cover up u can wear a bikini and go to beach they don’t cover girls in photos unless they were completely naked! if u here from the crappy media don’t just keep sharing it to other people

  28. like I’m so done of people sticking other countries things to Qatar, like when did Qatar start beheading people??? they be writing stuff like that and related everywhere like seriously stop

  29. Zain Beno I always thought Muslim women HAD to be covered up.
    (Just wondering. I’m not hating or anything)


  31. Tony Bitches i agree with some of your ideas but then you blame all of the problems on men and “patriarchy”. radical feminism at its best 😝

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