They Call It The Bass Egg…

They Call It The Bass Egg...

They Call It The Bass Egg...

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They Call It The Bass Egg...

This Might Be The Coolest iPhone Case Ever –

They Call It The Bass Egg...

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They Call It The Bass Egg...

The BassEgg is a cool contraption that turns any object into a speaker. It generates a surprising amount of sound for such a small gadget.

They Call It The Bass Egg...

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They Call It The Bass Egg...

83 thoughts on “They Call It The Bass Egg…”

  1. Robbie Tobin pretty much everything inside your computer runs in a certain frequency too -> it is also measured in hertz. dumbass.

  2. Many say those who go on the inbox therapy are awkward, but maybe lew is just so extreme he makes everyone else seem awkward…

  3. Shannon this was given to me 3 years ago by a family friend and this thing is crazy later I saw that it was over 100$ I guess the price hasn’t changed in 3 years

  4. 1 woke up
    2 kissed my crush
    3 won a lottery
    4 became popular

    But sadly the order is 4 3 2 1

  5. I’ve owned one of these for a couple years now, tried on everything including my skull. Strange sensation. Sound quality is pretty dampened to the outside listener.

  6. Google “Household income by ethnicity” and learn your new place in Society, White boy.

  7. because they are not used to be infront of a camera with indirectly sometimes milion of viewers?

  8. Nah, tom at least had this confidence thing where he was like “hey whats up losers tom’s here” will is like “oh, hey guys ha ha”

  9. You guys don’t understand. Will is there on purpose. He’s literally the opposite person (character wise) from lew. Think about it, if there is a product that can surprise people that are two polar ends of the spectrum it has to be good.

  10. Tommy Wiseau it’s sorta hard when Lew makes you feel uncomfortable the whole video

  11. Look at lot of these youtubers today, and compare them to years ago when they first started.
    Not everyone is comfortable with being on camera.

  12. Immortals PVP he seems so laid back that when he sits on a chair, he’s actually lying down

  13. He’s literally that random asian guy that doesnt belong because he doesnt do anything yet profits

  14. Hamzak old account that I have all my subs and liked videos on so I just use this one 😂

  15. He’s nice, just shy I guess… What if you entered a job and your boss told you you had to be on his youtube channel which has more than 8M subs… I bet you’d be shy too…

  16. Well he’s better than Tom anyway and Jack doesn’t even exist, plus you know what they say- opposites attract.

  17. Night Fury yeah, I dont understand why Lew chose him, he doesnt seem to know a lot about tech.

  18. GRAW4223 Does it make you feel good about your sorry life that you just were rude to someone who unlike you had something constructive to say.

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