The UNBELIEVABLE Price Of Being Most Beautiful Kid In The World

The UNBELIEVABLE Price Of Being Most Beautiful Kid In The World

The UNBELIEVABLE Price Of Being Most Beautiful Kid In The World

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The UNBELIEVABLE Price Of Being Most Beautiful Kid In The World

The crazy things it takes to be one of the world's most beautiful kids!

The UNBELIEVABLE Price Of Being Most Beautiful Kid In The World

Lately, the world has had an obsession with beautiful children. When these kids are plucked from obscurity and pushed into the spotlight, it can cause some major issues. From having haters to going on strict diets, this is the unbelievable cost of being the most beautiful kid in the world.

The UNBELIEVABLE Price Of Being Most Beautiful Kid In The World

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The UNBELIEVABLE Price Of Being Most Beautiful Kid In The World

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The UNBELIEVABLE Price Of Being Most Beautiful Kid In The World

73 thoughts on “The UNBELIEVABLE Price Of Being Most Beautiful Kid In The World”

  1. Since everyone is beautiful and unique, than I guess we should all be famous then, huh?

  2. I wouldn’t consider any of these kids to be “beautiful”. Sure they’re pretty, but like how are they the most beautiful kids? Like how can you judge that?

  3. wow. Must be nice to have that kind of extra cash to throw away. Especially just to keep a kid happy. They wonder why kids nowadays become more Mental Health. and it just goes to show that if you’re a pretty female your life is pretty easy. unfortunately most of these people when times are rough won’t be able to handle it like the rest of us who have to handle it everyday

  4. Can we just stop with the whole beauty is on the inside moral! Not that i have problem with it but can we just watch the video and appreciate these kids hard work?!

  5. Why was beautiful even invented? Like who cares? What’s going to happen if we’re “not beautiful”?!

  6. Of course the girl who took the crown for the most beautiful kid in the world has blue eyes… WTF is wrong with our world… Who cares about the MOST BEAUTIFUL kid/tween/teen/adult !?

  7. How are they the most beautiful? I mean yeah, there gorgeous, but unless they went around and saw every child in the planet, they haven’t really made a fair judgement. Just mainly “the most attractive child model”

  8. Not only these kids are beautiful. Everyones beautiful so make all of us famous. Don’t judge people of how they look like. Every kid is beautiful

  9. I actually think all of the children’s will be bitches when they are grow up ………..

  10. rhyanna x3 goats are children now lol sense when human beings have baby goats lol you call this beautiful

  11. BlackMambaZANE what Lindsey meant was that there is nothing special about them that would differentiate them from other kids, and that make up made them look like 60 year old women who are trying to stay young

  12. I know that only 1% will read this but whoever is reading this i just want to say that

    This kind of videos discourages the ones who think that they r not beautiful. God made us equally beautiful and we should be happy by the way we look we do not have to change our appearance for others because they have to except us the way we are and we r all BEAUTYFULL and this videos like the most beautiful girl in the world and blah blah blah are just rubbish

  13. your right being beautiful won’t be enough to have an easy life, these kids prove that and I had experience that myself

  14. Mhm. One question is it just me or like… some kids in this list ugly? not to be mean or anything

  15. The Older kids ARE so CUTE but I feel life the younger kids from Toddlers and Tiaras are kinda mmm ugly.. not to be rude or mean or a hater just sayin

  16. I once killed A man with my shoe well i have this slow learning thing I can’t spell correctly

  17. Beauty is not an invention. It is a word to describe something that is extremely pleasing to the eye.

    Beauty is not inherently negative, it is our relationship to the word and what those described as such do with this attribute that defines the perception of beauty.

  18. trinitygodsaint, so…an invention. Since the word itself had to be “created” (by using roots in Latin and what not).

  19. No that is not correct.

    We do not need to devalue the extraordinary to appreciate the uniqueness of our fellow man.

    Though I do not think the majority of these children classify as extraordinary in looks or “Beautiful”, some can.

    Some individuals are so beautiful that they do not need rich personalities.

    Some individuals have such beautiful personalities that it does not matter what they look like.

    We can be cognizant of both.

  20. they’re getting hate the right way. They’re lucky they’re special to be a celebrity.

  21. wellll…beauty adapts depending on what “healthy” and “successful” mean in a particular era. It’s evolution. In some places, where it is difficult to get food, being overweight is considered beautiful. Being overweight means that one has enough money to get this food. Since this overweight person is beautiful, this person may attract a significant other who seeks a wealthy woman. Beauty is an evolutionary advantage. People who are “beautiful” are better off to be able to have healthy children and a healthy life, something that evolution is supposed to do. Now days, with advanced healthcare, it isn’t 100% necessary to pick a beautiful mate, but the idea of “being beautiful” is stuck in our heads because evolution takes a long time to happen and this obsession with beauty probably won’t disappear for a long time.

  22. Metal Never Ends I’m not liking because I’m beautiful just the way I am you all should be proud god made you unique in your own body your all beautiful it kills me to see how many likes there are 🙁

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