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I hope you like CLOWNS because this game is FULL OF 'EM!!
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78 thoughts on “PLAY TIME”

  1. has anyone else noticed that Mark has been playing a LOT of horror games lately? Could this be a sign of Darkiplier?! Edit: you can call me cringe all you want if it makes you happy.I honestly don’t care what people say about me.

  2. commen commenter:
    how to make a proper jumpscare
    step 1: put up a random image
    step 2: incorporate a loud noise

  3. Theres a series of pixelated point and click horror games (more like thriller though) called The Last Door that you might like.

  4. Pika Pika I don’t care about being the top, go click jcthom4’s to get it there. I just want people to not be jerked by this lug.

  5. “There’s a scary clown in this one.” Man, I remember when I liked clowns.

    Which was never.

  6. for a reading your comments suggestion I dare you to run outside in your underwear like if you agree

  7. Mark: I’M double dead!!!!!

    Me: I’m triple dead!!!!!!
    Sister: I WAS ALWAYS DEAD!!!!!!
    Me: WOW?!?!?!?!

  8. Bring Me The Black Veil Brides hey I’m not judging I’m just saying that what it means

  9. I had put this in one of the last videos but just in case… 😊 Don’t reply to those scam comments because that just tells the robots creating those comments that real people are receiving them and so they’ll continue to create those comments. 👍 also, if there are any comments under the scams that say “awesome!” “Wow” “thanks!”, or stuff like that, those comments might be created by robots too so don’t trust those either.

  10. When you like a comment about no one liking it and make a comment about the comment about the comment saying it’s relatable because you feel like it’s relatable.

  11. Lorenzo Rivera Is that all you can say? Wow, make other people’s day better and respect others opinions+thoughts. Each of us is an individual, having our differences.

  12. Chickie The dog They’re friendless misanthropes and manchildren that scour the comments just to find someone to gang up on and tear down. It’s pointless asking why, cause the reason isn’t that complicdated – they hate seeing people happy, cause they don’t know what that is. Just ignore them.

  13. Report most comments for pornography and explicit behavior,
    That’ll get Youtube’s attention.

  14. buckle up buddy because you’re bout to get a butt blast of bozos

    well this is the shittiest comment ever i’ll just watch the rest of video in silence bye

  15. BigSteppinSam i don’t think cose some of my neighboors will desagree, ya know… because i’m a girl, but damt i will not gona do it! No when i’m still alive! 😅

  16. Sara Technically, *nothing* is a noun so it can be remembered. So, I remember nothing too well.

  17. I’m more of a watcher than a player normally I watch mark play games. and maybe listen to music afterwards? I watch mark because he make me laugh in every single video.

  18. Youtube is falling apart around us, we need a new site for people like Mark. They once tried to kill MineCraft, look where it got them…. Lots of MineCraft porn…

  19. That book and the movie are terrifying. I watched the movie when I was a kid and read the book now. Both the reason why I hate clowns so good luck!

  20. +Derpy ‍ lol no the report system is automatic and can deal with millions of reports in a day at least that’s what it should be if the creators of YouTube weren’t greedy douches

  21. Even though your comment was a joke, I wish more people would take that kind of advice.

    Also, holy flip I see you EVERYWHERE.

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