I’ll Be Happy | Markiplier REMIX

I'll Be Happy | Markiplier REMIX

I'll Be Happy | Markiplier REMIX

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I'll Be Happy | Markiplier REMIX

Will you be happy with this new remix by Day By Dave?
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I'll Be Happy | Markiplier REMIX

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I'll Be Happy | Markiplier REMIX

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I'll Be Happy | Markiplier REMIX

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I'll Be Happy | Markiplier REMIX

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I'll Be Happy | Markiplier REMIX

64 thoughts on “I’ll Be Happy | Markiplier REMIX”

  1. ALL GIVEAWAYS ARE SCAMS!! This is what a real comment from me looks like! Don’t click ANY links in the comments!

  2. I wonder how many of these scammers are actually scammers. Because I’m pretty sure you MUST be Indian to scam.

  3. Hey mark, you probably won’t see this but there’s a YouTuber that goes by the name of RobertIdk and he made a song for you and he absolutely adores you! I had just seen the video and I loved it and I think it would warm his heart if you watched it and maybe commented😊 He’s made a couple of songs for you, jack, pewds, and many more and he has such a love for you it’s so crazy so if you see this I think you should check out the video

  4. 🎶Im waaaatching Markiplier🎶
    🎶I looooked into the comments🎶
    🎶i saaaaaw alot of spammers🎶
    🎶And noooow imma report it🎶
    🎶Than ill be happy🎶
    -I’ll be happy | Spammers Remix
    ~By, Kamya Biggins
    ~Stop all spammers guys, report them

  5. Me on my birthday:

    Give Give Give Give Give Give Give Give Give Give Give Give Give
    Give Give Give Give Give Give Give Give Give Give Give Give Give
    (srsly my bday is coming up, happy bday to meh :D)

  6. I am about to write a comment that everyone will think is a hate comment, BUT IT”S NOT. Before I you read this comment, please understand that there is a difference between a hate comment and a comment giving constructive criticism.

    I keep seeing these remix’s pop up on YouTube, for various YouTubers. As a musician, I can say that these songs are BORING! (Again, this is not a hate comment, hear me out) This is how this song in particular goes: Verse: 2 chord progression, one phrase repeating over and over again. Chorus: 4 chord progression (The most overused form of 4 chord progression ever, for that matter) and a different phrase repeating itself over and over again. If you’re reading this and you’re one of the people who makes things like this, please take what I have to say into consideration.

    1. Add more lyrics. Two simple phrases repeated for two and a half minutes is extremely boring. it’s fine to keep the rhythm the same, but change the lyrics.

    2. Have more then just a verse and chorus. Add an intro, interlude, bridge, and outro. It will make the song more interesting.

    3. Have more complicated chord progressions. This is not as important as the first two, but it can still make for a better song if you have enough knowledge on music theory

    I’d love to see a good quality remix that sounds like a song. I know there are some out there (like the ones by Schmoyoho) but I’d like to see more. Please don’t take this as a hate comment to Day by Dave or anybody else who makes these. If you disagree or want to contribute something else, please be polite and mature.


    Me: I’ve been waiting for this day
    Mom: Well it’s your sisters birthday too
    Me: I gotta to keep an eye out
    Mom: For who
    Me: For my sister, obviously
    Mom: Ok and I also made you guys a green cake
    Me: ok, I’m going to shove my green thing inside my sister’s mouth
    Brother: OH! Let me help you!
    Mom: Why would you do that?
    Me: Cause if I do that I’ll be happy
    Sister: AHHHHH
    Mom: Now some presents
    Me: Give give give give give give give to me

    Have A Nice Day Everyone

  8. this comment will never be found, but in case it is… this remix makes me want to watch him play subnautica again (:

  9. I imagined the people who made the bots were just scrawny white guys living in their parent’s basement and hoard all the money to buy more action figures.

  10. o
    i can help
    on the right side of the comment section is 3 squares click it and report the spam

  11. Awesome10pickles I see your point, no offense taken 👍🏾:) remixes aren’t really supposed to be a song, they are catchy, small remixes. I think it’s just different ways of making them is all.

  12. I thought the chorus on this one was fun. But especially that “I gotta keep an eye out”. That was really bad and I thought to myself “there’s no way he’d say it more than 4…. oh wait. Okay well there’s no way he’d do more than 8…. oh never mind”

  13. as another musican …dude chill it’s a remix of a let’s play , it’s not a arranged peice to he critiqued it’s literal is to just be funny

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