Bill’s Theme – #DWFinaleCountdown – Doctor Who

Bill's Theme - #DWFinaleCountdown - Doctor Who

Bill's Theme - #DWFinaleCountdown - Doctor Who

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Bill's Theme - #DWFinaleCountdown - Doctor Who

The BBC National Orchestra of Wales perform Bill's Theme from the live Q&A with Pearl Mackie and Steven Moffat, you can watch more on the full stream here:

Bill's Theme - #DWFinaleCountdown - Doctor Who

This was originally live streamed on the BBC One Facebook page on Saturday 24th June 2017.

Bill's Theme - #DWFinaleCountdown - Doctor Who

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Bill's Theme - #DWFinaleCountdown - Doctor Who

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Bill's Theme - #DWFinaleCountdown - Doctor Who

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Bill's Theme - #DWFinaleCountdown - Doctor Who

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65 thoughts on “Bill’s Theme – #DWFinaleCountdown – Doctor Who”

  1. I’ll miss Bill. She’s by far the most human companion of NewWho, and Pearl was incredible ❤️

  2. Bill has gone so soon. Even Martha came back for another season. But I suppose Bill does not have that chance yeah?

  3. Dear Doctor Who channel,
    Please film a regeneration scene from Moffat to Chibnall! 🙂

    Regards, The fans
    PS: Gonna comment this on every video until it happens!

  4. I think what I liked most about Bill was that she didn’t absorb the time vortex and become a god, she didn’t spend her life obsessed or in in love with the doctor, she wasn’t the most important woman in creation or the impossible girl- she was just someone who wanted to see the stars with the doctor

  5. Shyam yeah I realize that. But I feel like it will not happen any soon. But I’m also sure we’re gonna see her in Christmas episode

  6. Shreekanth Bhat I like Bill’s theme more. But maybe that’s because I hate Clara as a companion. She became useless after she did her job as the woman who saves the Doctor.

  7. AlessandroTheCynical speak for yourself unlike Amy, Clara and River she wasn’t a A grade sex pest who did nothing but dote over the doctor

  8. She didn’t die, well, her old body probably did. It’s just another way of living.

  9. AlessandroTheCynical I edited the comment, I hope you’re happy now. I didn’t mean to speak for you.

  10. I’ve heard some talk that Murray Gold will no longer be composing for Doctor Who after the Christmas Special and I’m really sad to hear that, I hope it’s not true. As a musician and music lover, I adore his compositions and he’s one of my favorite composers. The music he’s written for Doctor Who over the last 12 years has been….absolutely fantastic!

  11. Mr. Blobby, for Moffat, the women are just in the Tardys to flirt with the Doctor.
    But Bill…. have something different…. but not so much

  12. I hope that’s not true! I adore Murray Gold’s music and I’d hate to see him go too!


    If you’re a Gravity Falls fans you should know what joaje is.

    Miss. Aim. It’s a pun.

  14. And Moffat is killed by Tennant fan girls. (Gonna post this on every comment of yours on Doctor Who videos until it happends.

  15. Can we please, please have a Series 9 and 10 Soundtrack? The fans, and myself, really want it and Murray Gold’s music deserves a commercial release.

  16. To me the main reason I liked Bill is because we had something in common (besides being gay) was that she was just in awe and wanted to see the stars and everything.

  17. I’m just here to remind everyone that if Bill is really permanently gone, she lasted a grand total of TWELVE episodes. I’m pretty sure that’s the shortest run ever. She deserved way longer.

  18. Pudding Brain To put it one way, she was Bill Potts, an ordinary but brilliant human being.

  19. Why is it that the two most human companions of NuWho, Donna and Bill, lasted only one season/series?

  20. Amelia Pond That would be a breath of fresh air, actually. Next season would probably be the best time to change up the production like that too with the new Doctor and showrunner. Don’t get me wrong, I like Murray Gold, but I wouldn’t blame him for leaving the show at 10 seasons.

  21. Teared up the second it began. I just love Bill so much and I watched The Doctor Falls only today, so I’m still not over it! *sniff* gonna miss my girl a whole lot.

  22. Robert Green how could her old body die Heather just pulled Bill out of the cyberman and turned her body into that water thing right

  23. Same here, I’m not gay but I’ve always had a fascination with space and sci-fi and stuff.

  24. Robert Green i just remembered that the cybermen threw away the bodies and only kept the heads/skulls/brains. I guess her body is dead

  25. The writers probably didn’t think it was necessary, especially when they already did the same thing with Rose. Again, not unrealistic when you consider Bill’s personality.

  26. Fenrir the Rrowdy I’m talking more about scenes where they try too hard to show how strong and sassy the character is, like Clara’s response to Vastra’s veil speech where Jenny actually applauded her. Kinda cringey.

  27. Had the doctor never showed up, she would of met water girl and became an all powerful water being in the first place.

  28. I bet she will come back for christmas, she never got to tell the doctor it all worked out.

  29. Tell that to Sara Kingdom. She’s generally classed as a full companion, despite not even lasting a whole story. Although said story was the twelve-part _The Daleks’ Master Plan,_ but episodes were shorter in those days. Then of course there are the one-off companions, plus Mickey and Captain Jack. But even River Song appeared in 14 episodes, plus one other cameo and three minisodes.

  30. EJS Broadcasting so she’s officially gone? Damn that sucks! She was so good!! I would’ve loved to see her deal with a regeneration

  31. +Mr. Blobby clara didn’t rip off Donna’s ending. the whole point was that they were opposites. Donna thought she was nobody but she was actually really special. clara thought she was really special when she really wasn’t. Donna forgot the doctor, the doctor forgot clara.

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