i don’t even know…

I Don't Even Know...

I Don't Even Know...

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I Don't Even Know...

I don't even know how to describe this game!
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I Don't Even Know...

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I Don't Even Know...

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I Don't Even Know...

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I Don't Even Know...

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I Don't Even Know...

80 thoughts on “i don’t even know…”

  1. ALL GIVEAWAYS ARE SCAMS!! This is what a real comment from me looks like! Don’t click ANY links in the comments!

  2. As I’m watching this, I’m loading my fictional shotgun for all the bots that will be coming. The ammo? Reports.

  3. *sees claw hand*
    me: well that makes it hard to eat normally.
    mark: well that makes it hard to masturbate

  4. did anyone else see a giant trail of spit leave Mark’s mouth at 5:17………. LIKE IT WAS HUGE- MARK ARE YOU OK?

  5. When people replying to the spam bots they’re literally making it go up higher in the comment section, don’t go to the links AND DON’T COMMENT ON IT

  6. Soldiers, we have almost eradicated them. Victory is at hand! At least for now, the botbusting squad never rests.

  7. hey Mark I just wanted to say Happy belated Birthday!!! I was on vacation and I did not have my laptop so I couldn’t say anything 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 But Happy Birthday! please like so mark can see… PLEASE???????!!!!!!!!

  8. Archieonic – Gaming Revolution Community We’ll have to do this all over again on Mark’s next upload.

  9. Everybody look what I stumbled upon on twitter! redeemed mine on Netflix without any problems! Im so stoked right now!!! More info here t.co/JmSITizL1y

  10. Mark you need to block “http” from your comments and the spam bots will go away. I hope you see this.

  11. im not addicted to chocolate!!!
    *is eating a piece of chocolate*
    *takes another bite*
    its not chocolate. its a CARROT

  12. See a scam or a link in the comments?
    Hit “Report”
    “unwanted advertising or spam”
    Done. o>

  13. honestly i think having claws for hands would make eating cooler because you can just rip things apart with your claws!

  14. It was funny, weird and somehow adorable, showing how much he loved the hilarity of the game…at least to me XDDD

  15. Um first of all why’d you go to this video why not his birthday video? Did you see it?

  16. Everyone gonna love me for sharing this! I activated mine today! Like my comment when you got one! t.co/e4Vnct9nGL

  17. Out for Summer it’s funny how people who don’t like your comment help it by replying on it 😆

  18. wow, harry potter is such an obscure book series, I’d be surprised if anyone else knew about it

  19. Yes! The team is growing! (btw thanks to all,this is cool,so coooool,my cellphone cant handle the rendering)

  20. Zachary Paradoa maybe because he wouldn’t respond and know one would like it since it’s an old video

  21. Jerome Cormier you realize you just told me to do something right? Maybe think before you make a comment contradicting yourself

  22. Byolomon Star i just got back on YT from a while ago and omg this got so many likes and comments

  23. *Kit* I felt so bad,its just usual to see Markiplier or Markiplier team,and just report it like nothing cause you already know its spam

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