A Good Man (Twelfth Doctor’s Theme) – #DWFinaleCountdown – Doctor Who

A Good Man (Twelfth Doctor's Theme) - #DWFinaleCountdown - Doctor Who

A Good Man (Twelfth Doctor's Theme) - #DWFinaleCountdown - Doctor Who

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A Good Man (Twelfth Doctor's Theme) - #DWFinaleCountdown - Doctor Who

The BBC National Orchestra of Wales perform A Good Man (Twelfth Doctor's Theme) from the live Q&A with Pearl Mackie and Steven Moffat, you can watch more on the full stream here:

A Good Man (Twelfth Doctor's Theme) - #DWFinaleCountdown - Doctor Who

This was originally live streamed on the BBC One Facebook page on Saturday 24th June 2017.

A Good Man (Twelfth Doctor's Theme) - #DWFinaleCountdown - Doctor Who

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A Good Man (Twelfth Doctor's Theme) - #DWFinaleCountdown - Doctor Who

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A Good Man (Twelfth Doctor's Theme) - #DWFinaleCountdown - Doctor Who

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A Good Man (Twelfth Doctor's Theme) - #DWFinaleCountdown - Doctor Who

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92 thoughts on “A Good Man (Twelfth Doctor’s Theme) – #DWFinaleCountdown – Doctor Who”

  1. Oh I’m gonna miss Peter. He’s a father figure, a hero, a genius and a mad man with a box. Love you Capaldi ❤️

  2. Murray Gold is a music genius. Doctor Who is not going to be the same without him if he ever leaves.

  3. U wanna here a joke? 😀 Well here it comes

    Q: Why are chefs worried about a shortage of herbs over Christmas?
    A: It’s because many people are predicting we’ll see The End of Thyme.

  4. Capaldi was too good for this trainwreck of a series.

    Heaven Sent was one of the best episodes I have ever seen, but most of Capaldi’s run has been bogged down by horrible episodes, horrible creative decisions, horrible overarching plots, and abhorrent side-characters.

    Such a damn shame.

  5. although the writing has been quite questionable over capaldis run which hasn’t been fair on him, the music hasn’t been a let down at all

  6. I really don’t want capaldi to go. He and Tom Baker are my favourites. really will miss him whoever is next has big shoes to fill

  7. A good man is amazing – Please can the soundtrack for series 9 & 10 happen – breaking the wall & so many amazing sounds are from sereis 9 & 10 – I love doctor who music

  8. Question, why does the doctor always say, “Sontarans perverting the course of human history” every time he wakes up? He says it in ‘Listen’ and again in ‘The Doctor Falls.’ Are there any other times he says it?

  9. It’s in reference to the first words spoken by the Fourth Doctor after his regeneration.

  10. Screwdriver Man I don’t know whether I should laugh because of the joke, or cry because of the probability of the prediction becoming true…

  11. BigDoctorWhoFan Yes, Tom Baker’s doctor (the fourth doctor) said those as his first words. The fourth doctor is one of the most popular doctors, perhaps including those words in the script for that reason.

  12. Really? the first two seasons of his were terrible, there were only probably two/three good episodes xD This season has been good though

  13. Rohan Pansari In one of the episodes, there was this one line that sucks the life out of me. It went something like: “I don’t want to x your y” “Well, I don’t want to y your x!” It was dumb, but the rest of everything else was amazing.

  14. People may say the quality of the show has gone down (and while I really love Capaldi as the Doctor, I am nclined to agree) but one thing which has remained consistant throughout is Murray Gold.

  15. コイノ/ Koino and he will always be. Just because he will regenerate it doesn’t mean that he will stop being your favorite. Just like my favorite Doctor was, is and always will be Matt Smith 💙💙

  16. But he still managed to shine through it all. If everything, that makes me even more impressed with him. While I love Matt Smith, for example, I’m not sure he would have managed some of the bad scripts as well, just by the nature of his doctor.

  17. ‘It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen.’- Which is quite pertinent, as the episode, ‘The Lie of the Land’ reminded me of 1984. Anyone else?

  18. XezeMaster not really when Peter is more highly regarded and series 9 and 10 for the most part was well written well compared to Colin’s era anyway. The only series I felt was Colin bad was series 6b 7 and 8

  19. Is anyone else ticked about Capaldi leaving? He is such a great incarnation of the Doctor. He is “Absolutely loved”

  20. +Surajs Shetty Dude I am 11 and from India And a big the whovian. Where do you watch doctor who

  21. ZZCubing ! I used to watch it in FX HD after it got deleted at season 7.6 I watched it in the internet

  22. his first impression was just a old doctor. but, his method play just crushed my mind. especially on zygon invasion(my really personal judgement:)) whatever you are, you are the real doctor

  23. I love all of the different Doctors, but Capaldi’s Doctor resonates best with my personality. Just wish he had been given some better stories.

  24. I’d be more than happy for the BBC to make that a goofy little tradition where the show runners always regenerate into the next show runner in some sort of web featurette or behind the scenes video. It’d be dumb and goofy, but great.

  25. He still feels new to me. I’m not ready to see him go. “Denial fase”, here I come!

  26. You’re right, this just has more passion, after he is a “powerful and passionate timelord” in the words of Ashildr

  27. Kill the moon, Death in Heaven, Sleep no More, Hell Bent, the Return of Doctor Mysterio, Thin Ice, The Eaters of light.

    they are probably the only Capaldi weak episodes I didn’t enjoy and even then I enjoyed Capaldi’s acting in them.

  28. The BBC sold all the soundtrack rights to BMG last year. You’d think they’d be eager to release things they actually paid for.

  29. The quality hasn’t gone down, people just prefer certain eras to others, which is fine and human. Series 9 and 10 were critically acclaimed and a step up from the previous couple of seasons.

  30. +Brides of Cthulhu Lol that’s a great name. While it’s true that people do generally prefer different era of Doctor Who (heck you’ll even find the John Nathan Turner fans out there) most people who I know in my secluded little area of England are rather consistant in expressing that the quality of the show has gone down. I do have to agree about the past few years of Doctor Who though. I have found myself enjoying some Capaldi stories a lot more than Smith stories. Time Heist, Mummy on the Orient Express and Heaven Sent were fantastic.

  31. And I can see from your channel that you at least agree with Mummy. O_O I’ll give you a subscribe, always nice to see a fellow Whovian try to start a youtube channel. With TARDIS Archives going down there seems to be less and less nowadays.

  32. People are maybe just getting bored or less impressed through familiarity? I probably like the Smith and Capaldi eras about the same overall (series 5 & 9 best), but I was definitely most excited and engaged during series 5-6 when the series got its major revamp and Moffat started telling his complex stories.

  33. Possibly but for a time the only way I could watch Doctor Who was with my family, and my dad in particular never shut up. It allowed me to grasp the show from the perspective of a casual viewer firsthand before rewatching it later whenever I could. From doing so, series 6 made no sense in the slightest. I could not tell you any plot points from the Wedding of River Song at all because it was all just confusingly interlocked. However you do have modern stories such as Heaven Sent which was complicated but did not alienate casual viewers which is most impressive. That’s why I personally find series 6 to be a complete mess. Admittedly I am an RTD fanboy simply because I was 8 when Doctor Who came back in 2005, so nostalgia as well basically.

  34. Brides of Cthulhu Have you heard any news about when they’ll release them? If they come out together, as a season 9 and 10 album they’ll cut some of the songs out 🙁

  35. Veikko Elo But a lot of 50th anniversary tracks were based off older tracks as sort of references and specials, to old who.

  36. Peter is great and always had been, its just sad that they didnt give him more/better stuff to work with. I think the main problem was keeping Clara on for as long as they did

  37. britishbuffoon series 10 may have had 0 bad episodes, but it only had 2 great, memorable ones… First 10 episodes were incredibly average

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